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*shrugs* maybe people point out OP is a terf/terf-supporter because it can change the context (or rather, make it more clear) of the post, or maybe some people just really don’t want to interact with someone who supports people who are actively against them/hate them for who they are and I mean you can think whatever you want about that but dismissing them as childish/derailing is kinda naive

Silence Pt.3

Warnings: ANGST, language (is that even a warning? it just says bitch.)

Request/Summary: After Sam and Dean read through their sister journal they uncover something they didn’t want to know. Dean confronts her in a not so passive way.

Characters: Sam and Dean Winchester, Sister!Reader Winchester.

Word Count: 1,001

Y/N: your name

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Silence PT.1  Silence PT.2

The question pounded into your head over and over again, “Did you kill those people?” the five words repeated themselves in your mind like an echo that never died down. Your eldest brother drilled holes into your eyes, while the other didn’t know where to look, his eyes switched from looking at you his baby sister, to Dean his older brother. You, you just stood. You didn’t know how to react, he had found your journal. He had read through your journal, what were you supposed to do. A million questions raced through your mind but once you took a hold of one it would just slip away, it was like trying to grab smoke with your hands.

Finally after a long unbearable silence  you managed to grasp a question. “What?” You spluttered out. Your voice came out quiet and hoarse. You saw as your brothers faces changed from worried and mad to surprised, and you had to say you were surprised too, this was the first time you spoke in nearly three whole months now. Although it was just a word it was a big step. You were so overwhelmed you forgot about the deep fear of speaking you had had for the past weeks. Dean stood there ogling at you, until his face contorted into one of disgust and hatred. You felt as your heart sank, never had he looked at you the way he was now.

“Great. You can speak now.” He spat walking closer to you, he gave you the journal which had little indents of where his fingers where grabbing it tightly “You seem confused, let me explain. See the other night after you had your little break down Sammy found your oh-so-precious journal of yours and realized that maybe that might tell us what had happened to you, but then of course we found something you probably didn’t want us to see.”

Sammy? You knew he had something to do with all of this but Dean was one thing, you’d expect this from him. He looks through your stuff all the time, but Sammy? Sammy respects your privacy, he’s the one that listen to you and is patient and simple cares for you, or so you thought. You looked over at him, and he just avoided your gaze, his face was one of pure guilt. You shook your head disappointedly and looked back at Dean, who maintained his strong stance and stared at you.  

“Now I’m gonna ask you one more time. Did. You. Kill. Those. People?” He said, punctuating each word, you glared at him as you slowly began to walk backwards as he moved towards you cornering you. You were such a coward, hiding from your brother. You were strong, you saved the world, but right at this moment you felt like an idiot.

“No.” You said in a monotone voice and stood your ground. Although you looked brave, in the inside you were nothing but a complete mess.

“No? That’s all you have to say? I don’t believe you.” He said lowering his voice so only you could hear him, he seemed so mad you could swear he was going to hit you, “I don’t even know why you’re still here. You’re nothing but a lying bitch.” Dean, your Dean said. He wasn’t possessed, or a shift shaper or something like that. This was your older brother, who has protected you with all his life, now telling you to leave.

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(Requested by Anon)

Alec was thirstier than he thought possible. He wasn’t alone though, all of his coven mates were angsty and impatient for Heidi to return for today’s catch. It was a miracle that Gianna had managed to stay alive amongst the thirsty vampires.

The second Heidi appeared through the door, Alec’s coven mates all lunged for the nearest body. Patience was nothing but a memory at the moment. All that mattered was thirst. 

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Timmy Todd - Part 4

Yay!! Part 4!! Timmy and Jason finally meet!


Driving to the Manor was one of the most terrifying things you have ever done. It was more terrifying than taking on the Joker while pregnant, then facing Bruce’s wrath, more terrifying than seeing the love of your life for the first time in almost four years.

“Are you okay, mommy?” Timmy asks from the back seat

“Yeah, pumpkin. I’m just a little nervous about having everyone together”


“Well, because it’s been awhile since your daddy saw Grandpa, and this will be the first time you have ever seen him”

“Why haven’t I ever seen daddy before? Doesn’t he love me?”

Pulling over on the side of the road, you turn around to face your son, “Of course he loves you, sweetheart. I don’t want you to ever doubt that. We all love you so, so much, Timmy. Your daddy had to go away for a while, so he didn’t get to see you, but he’s back now”

“You said that daddy was dead” Tim looks at you, confused.

“I know, I thought he was dead for a very long time, but he isn’t, he’s alive, and he wants to meet you”

“Why didn’t he tell you?” You son tightens his arms around his bear, the same bear that Jason had when he lived at the Manor, “Why did he stay away? He hurt you lots, mommy”

“I know he did, baby, but we have to forgive people that we love.”

“You still love, daddy?”

“Yeah, I really do love him, and I love you”

Tim grinned and leaned forward, wrapping one are around you, and giving you a peck on the cheek, “Love you too, mommy. Can we go now? I wanna get to Grandpa’s house ‘fore Uncle Duck eats all o’ Papa A’s cookies”

You chuckle, “You promise to make sure I get a cookie too?”


“Alright, then we can go! We gotta beat Uncle Duck!”

You were the first to arrive at the Manor, and as soon as Tim was unbuckled Dick pulled up on his motorcycle. The two boys took one look at each other and took off toward the house.

“Don’t run inside!! That goes for you too, Dick”

Bruce is the one to greet you when you finally make it into the house, “I received a call from Jason last night”

Feigning innocence you glance up a Bruce, “What did he want?”

“You are a terrible liar, I know you talked to him. He said that he would be coming to dinner tonight, and that he wanted to have a talk. He hasn’t even wanted to be in the same room as any of us since he got back, and now all of a sudden he wants to talk”

“I don’t know what to tell you, B. Maybe he’s finally ready to man up. I mean he said htat he wanted to meet his son, and I had a few conditions. Just be grateful and try not to mess any of this up”

You walk away, you really don’t want Tim to eat too many cookies, it would spoil his dinner.

Dinner was almost ready and there was still no sign of Jason. You were starting to doubt that he would even show up when there was a knock on the door.

“Mommy, is that daddy?”

“I don’t know, sweetheart. Wait, Timmy!!!”

Your son took off toward the front door, skidding around the corner, and barreling into the back of Alfred’s legs. “Master Timothy, I do believe that your mother has told you not to run indoors, correct?”

“Yes, Papa, ‘m sorry”

“You were eager, I will allow forgiveness just this once, but in the future be mindful of the rules”

You look past Alfred and your son to see Jason standing awkwardly on the front porch, “You should know that you don’t have to knock, Jay”

“Wasn’t sure how welcome I was” he mumbled trying to see around Alfred.

“Mommy, is it daddy?”

Jason’s eyes widened when Timmy stepped out from behind Alfred. Seeing the two next to each other made their similarities much more noticeable. Anyone could definitely tell that Tim was Jason’s son, and you watched as that realization hit Jason.

“Yeah buddy. I’m your daddy”

Tim gives Jason a shy smile, before hiding behind you. You crouch down, “Why don’t you go and give your daddy a hug, sweetheart? I think he would really like that”

Your son nods and turns toward his father, “Can-Can I have a hug?”

“Of course you can, you can have as many hugs as you want”

The joy on Tim’s face breaks your heart. You hadn’t realized just how nervous and afraid your son was until he wasn’t anymore

Jason looks up at you over your son’s head, “Thank you” he whispers. Quickly scooping Tim up, Jason heads into the house, pausing when he sees Bruce, Dick, and Damian, but giving them a nod and a small smile.

Dinner was, thankfully, uneventful. Timmy ended up sitting between you and Jason, and had decided to bring his father up to speed with everything that he had missed.

“Sometimes mommy gets really sad, and Uncle Duck and Uncle Dami have to come get me so we can have a sleepover. Grandpa says that mommy is sad because you died. But you’re not dead, so now mommy doesn’t have to be sad anymore!”

“What did I tell you about talking to people about mommy’s sad days?”

Tim immediately averts his eyes and mumbles out, “’m not supposed to tell people that mommy gets sad when she doesn’t take her candies”

“That’s right. Now, since everyone is done eating, why don’t you and Uncle Duck and Dami go watch a movie, while daddy and grandpa talk.”

Tim sniffles, “’m sorry, mommy”

You sigh and pick Tim up, “I know, but you know that I don’t like to talk about it, and I’m so sorry that you have to see me like that sometimes” ducking your head down you catch Tim’s eye, “but I love you”

“Love you too, mommy. Can you cuddle with me?”

“I have to help Papa clean up, but after that we can all watch whatever movie you want. Does that sound good?”

Timmy sniffles, “yeah” He reached toward his Uncles, “Come on Uncle Duck, you promised to help me build Legos!”

You can’t help but chuckle at how easily distractible your son is. Turning back to the two men still sitting at the table, you raise one eyebrow, “So am I going to have to lock you in a room together, or are you going to talk out your problems like civilized adults?”

Jason is the first to speak, “Well, old man, it looks like we are going to be having a pow-wow.”

“Something that is long overdue, Jason”

You nod, watching as the two men walk into Bruce’s study and close the door. You really hope that they can get their problems solved. Timmy needs his father in his life, and Jason needs to start expressing his anger is constructive ways, ways that don’t involve killing people. Because you have already made up your mind. If this family doesn’t start fixing itself, you are taking your son and you are leaving Gotham. You would do anything for Timmy, even leave behind the only family you have ever know, and the love of your life.

See her | Part 1

Summary: You are Wanda and Pietro’s older sister. The three of you went to Hydra for experimentation hoping to gain powers and destroy the Avengers later. But it all goes wrong.

Word count: 900+

Pairings: Bucky x reader

Warnings: I think it’s just my bad writing.

A/N: This just came to my mind and well… :D The reader is younger than Bucky(when he was first brainwashed), but older than Wanda and Pietro, which is probably something like 23 - 26? Idk.

Masterlist | Series Masterlist

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Fix me

✖ Characters/relationships: Newt Scamander x Reader

✖ Genres: Mentions of abuse, death, angst, underage reader, completely platonic

✖ Summary: Reader is Obscurus but she hasn’t realized it. When her father dies she let’s go of her bottled up emotions and begins a rampage through the city. Newt is quick enough to find her, follow her, and convince her to let him help her. @Anonymous

✖ Disclaimer: All characters are at least 21 y/o unless stated otherwise.

✖ Word count: 2214

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(Requested by Anon)

You approached the doors of the throne room, a shiver shooting down your spine. Here goes nothing Y/N. You did want to be a part of this after all. Just don’t mess up and then they won’t eat you.

The doors opened and you entered, keeping your head down so you didn’t seem too confident. The number one rule of being a human in the Volturi castle was not to piss off the vampires who dwelled there.

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Pairing: Chanyeol x Reader

Genre: Angst

TRIGGER WARNING: Mentions of depression, self-harm, and suicide attempts. You have been warned.

AU: Mafia AU!


“He’s the best shooter we have, He never misses his target. I would hate for you to be one on the other end of his gun, baby girl.”


Originally posted by kyungsuhos

 You awoke to light shining in your eyes. You let out a groan of annoyance and tried to cover your eyes with the blankets, but someone pulled them away.  You begrudgingly sat up and rubbed your eyes, hoping the person that awoke you was Jongin. As your eyes adjusted to the light, you noticed a new figure.

 He wasn’t tall like Chanyeol, he was about average height. He had rounded features, his eyes sharp and emotionless, he looked quite young. He had defined muscles that you could see under the shirt he was wearing. Despite his young features, he looked intimidating, a sleeve of tattoos ran up his left arm. His blond hair seemed to glow in the light.

  “Hurry up and get ready. You’re going to be spending the day with me and Jongdae. We’re going to figure out what you’re good at.”

 You nodded and quickly got up, not wanting to get on his bad side like you had done to Junmyeon. You sighed at the memory, cringing internally at how you completely fucked yourself over. You unzipped the duffel bag that you had packed, quickly pulling out some comfortable clothes. You didn’t even bother with your hair, knowing that you’d get sweaty anyways. 

 Once you opened the door to your room, you were met with the male from earlier and Jongdae. Jongdae had his hand on the blond’s waist, a smirk on his face. Jongdae removed his hand from the other male and introduced him as Minseok.

 “He’s the best shooter we have, He never misses his target. I would hate for you to be one on the other end of his gun, baby girl.”

 Jongdae’s words had a hint of warning as he spoke. “Okay, well what are we going to start with first?” You asked, wanting to extinguish the tense atmosphere. Minseok pointed towards a closed door on the first floor of the building. “We’re going to let you meet Yixing, he’ll talk to you about what he does and test to see if your fit for it or not. If not then we move onto Baekhyun.”

 You bit your lip and nodded, slowly stepping down the stairs as to not trip in fall. You could hear their footsteps following you, you could feel their eyes burning into the back of your head; they were watching you, thinking you would try to run. The closed door was surprisingly close to the front door, making you wonder what was inside. Your hand hovered over the metal of the doorknob, you breathed in deeply and opened the wooden door.

 The room was very clean. There was a metal table with medical tools on top of it, the metal shining from the bright lights of the room. A hospital bed was located in the middle of the room, cabinets filled with medical supplies lined almost all of the walls of the large room. Two chairs were in front of the metal table, A dark-haired male was sitting in one of the chairs comfortably, his head shot up as he heard the door open. He quickly walked over to you, his body was muscular, his face was soft and kind yet you knew that he had killed people just like the others.

 “Hello, I’m assuming your Jongin’s friend? It’s a pleasure to meet you, I’m Yixing.”

 You were surprised by how polite he was compared to some of the others you had encountered. You nodded your head to answer his question and he smiled, the corners of your lips curved upwards at his contagious smile. Yixing motioned for you to join him at the table, wanting you to sit with him. You quickly scampered to the wooden material.

 “Jongin told all of us why you wanted to join, but he just skimmed the surface of it. Something else drove you here other than being a disappointment to your family.”

 Yixing spoke, his eyes staring directly into yours intently. You gulped and looked down at your hands, not wanting to make eye contact. You sighed and sat up straight, trying to make yourself seem confident as you spoke.

“I constantly live in the shadow of my sister, I could never show how I could shine. I was forced to live up to everyone’s expectations and it eventually got too much and I just broke. After hearing insults constantly, they were ingrained into my mind and I believed them. I was diagnosed with depression and anxiety after going to the doctor, I had broke under the pressure. Even though my parents were informed they still compared me to my sister constantly. I couldn’t control the storm inside my head, and instead of taking it out on my parents, I took it out on myself.”

You looked up at Yixing through your lashes, expecting him to look at you with fear like others, instead, he was intently listening to your every word.

“I took a razor from a pencil sharpener and ruined my body, I cut my thighs, hips, waist, and wrists so much that I felt pain in my whole body. I continued it almost every day, until one day I made up my mind; I decided that I was going to jump off the Hangang bridge. That’s where I met Jongin, we were in our first year of secondary school when Jongin found me getting ready to jump. After that I grew close to him, he was the only person that never looked down on me, He protected me and cared for me when I couldn’t care for myself. That’s the other reason.”

Yixing nodded, and smiled at you, surprising you greatly. He gently ruffled your hair and leaned back in his chair. You could feel a blush creeping up your neck and your face at the affectionate gesture. From what you had seen of Yixing so far he was extremely kind.

“Y/N you are very strong for staying alive despite the mental torment you are going through.”

You nodded at Yixing, yet you couldn’t help but feel curious about multiple things. You couldn’t help but ask the question running through your mind, “How many people have you killed?”

“I’m in charge of torturing those that we capture until they give us information; once we don’t need them anymore I shoot them. I’ve killed about ten or fifteen.”

“Do you do anything other than that?”

“I’m the medic basically. I take care of the others when they get hurt. I used to be a medical student but I got caught up with the wrong people and that’s what led me to this position.”

You nodded, satisfied with having your questions answered. You knew that you weren’t made for helping people’s wounds, you’d most likely vomit. You told Yixing about your fear of surgery, thankfully he was understanding and walked you over to the door while conversing about music.

 “Don’t you dare fucking talk about her like that, you man-whore!”

to the person who I watched commit suicide today

I’m sorry that this world
could not shield you from the hurt
your mind delivers your heart
I’m sorry that this life
could not offer you more
than pain and aching in your soul
I’m sorry that you felt as if
nobody would care while in reality
two schools saw it happen and
hundreds of people are scarred for life
I’m sorry that you thought that it would
pass by with the wind while in reality
I’m still thinking and crying about this
stranger because I may haven’t known you
but I know the world has lost a star
I’m sorry that your mind took ill
and led you to the train tracks and
made you jump and made
you a soulless body lying on
the pavement surrounded by
ambulances declaring you dead
and covering your body with a white
I’m sorry that you thought that
nobody cared while in reality there are
a few hundred people who saw as
you were run over and killed by
your poisonous mind
I’m sorry that you thought that it
would pass by with the wind while in reality
i am writing this piece for the stranger who died
crying as i envision your body over
and over again
all i can do is hope that you have found
what you were looking for
i hope, dear innocent soul
that you have been freed from your
mind, your poisonous mind
i hope you know now that you were cared about
and i hope you know that you are forever
in our hearts
whoever you are
and to everyone reading this, please know
that death is nothing but a wave
hitting and killing everyone it reaches as an aftermath
there are two schools
and tons of people who know about you now
and who think about you now
i’m sorry
i’m sorry
i’m sorry
it had to be this way.


Misc. Fandoms - John Cleaver series by Dan Wells

“I killed people. Not as many as other people, I’ll grant you, but that’s not much consolation is it? If someone sat next to you on a bus, held out his hand and said, “Hi, I’m John, I’ve only killed a couple of people,” that wouldn’t exactly put your mind at ease. But yes, I’ve killed, and some of them were demons, true, but some of them were people.”

keyframe | 1

Originally posted by jackseunie

Part 1/3


Hello! This just quick little side note before you start reading, this is my first chaptered series and this will have three parts to it. Disclaimer, this chapter is mainly about Jaebum though this is a Jinyoung scenario, and this about Got7 being murders. Please read this with caution and I hope you enjoy reading!

Word Count: 5436

Pairing: Jinyoung x Reader

Genre: Angst, Thriller, Serial Killer AU

“I’d like to be held by you through the night”

The taste of bile bubbled up your throat and into your mouth. Sickness was an understatement in this context, there was more to it than the nausea swimming in your gut. No, it was the paranoia, the nerves, the anxiety, that was eating you inside out. The saying that curiosity killed the cat was more than suited for this moment, no, it was like Fate weaved it right in this moment for you. Your feet couldn’t carry you fast enough to the toilet, vomit spilled from your lips to the porcelain bowl. Once the last bit of bile that was in your stomach was emptied out and you were left dry heaving, you rested your head on the toilet seat. Though you looked like Death himself, your mind was reeling with what to do, if you should confront Jaebum or pretend as if your boyfriend for three years wasn’t an escaped convict for multiple third and first degree murders. The paperwork and the newspaper clippings that you found in his office out of coincidence was still on the floor where you dropped the box. You could always put the box back where it was, along with the deadly papers, but Jaebum would notice, he would surely notice. Of course he would, he’s not stupid at all. Obviously since he has been on the run for four and a half years. Your throat clenched when you started dry heaving again, thinking about how you meet him only a year and a half after he escaped. New questions formed in your head, sending more alarm noises to go off in your head. What if he was planning to kill you? What if he was only saying he loved you to get close to you? What if you’re going to be his next victim? Maybe not today, or tomorrow, or even next week, but it will happen eventually.

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Dean Winchester x Reader

2350 Words

Story Summary: Requested by @fangirlingfanatic2442  Love you are your writing, you are super sweet ahh. So I have a one-shot request for you. The reader has always had a strange ability, to tell how dangerous a person was on a scale of one to ten, so a trained man with a rifle would be an eight while a seven-year-old child would be a three. One day in her school a boy walks into her class with a ten above his head. She is curious and terrified, and soon finds out why he’s so dangerous.

Your life wasn’t like everyone else’s. It was hard to live a normal life when you had a set of skills no one else had even heard of having. At first they had thought you had been lying, but when you continued, they had marked you off as having a mental illness. Finally, when you were starting high school, you had pretended it had gone away, just for a little piece of mind. It was hard having people staring at you, talking about you when they thought you couldn’t hear. Saying how weird you were, how you would no doubt end up in a padded room before you even graduated.

It wasn’t like you could kill people with your mind, or even thought you could read their minds. You could just see a red number hanging over people’s heads. At first, when you were a lot younger, you hadn’t even realized it was there, or what it was. But as you grew up, growing smarter, you wondered why everyone had a number, from one to ten. It took you a long time to realize those numbers measure how dangerous a person was. When your sister was born, she only had a two over her head. And she sure proved that she wasn’t dangerous at all. As sweet as she could be, she was the type of girl everyone loved, even you. Then there was that boy in seventh grade that had a six over his head. He ended up breaking your heart by dating your best friend behind your back.

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Blue: Pt.3

Originally posted by monsta-x-cuties

Previous part: [Pt.2]

Warnings for this part: mentions of blood, language

Weeks passed and he didn’t appear even once. The thought “maybe I finally got rid of him” made you excited but you also felt somewhat anxious. You found yourself thinking about him every night when you walked alone in the dark.

You let out a long sigh. Eunkyung sat down next to you in the bus and when she heard you sigh, she looked at you.

“What’s with the long face?” she asked and you looked out of the window.

“Something is bothering me,” you said, not turning to look at her.

“Do you want to talk about it?” she asked.

You smiled a little. “No, I’m okay,” you turned to look at her. “Thanks for asking anyway.”

She smiled a little too and then you two started talking about random things and in the end you found yourself talking about her girlfriend.

“You still haven’t talked about it?” you asked, referring to a fight they had had a few weeks earlier.

“I don’t feel like talking about it over the phone,” she sighed. “Besides, she’s coming back from her trip in a few days anyway. We’ll talk about it when she gets home.”

“Have you been in contact with each other during the past two weeks?”

She shook her head and looked at her phone. “She hasn’t called or texted so I assumed she was busy all the time. I didn’t want to bother her…”

You looked at her sad expression and put your arm around her shoulders to comfort her. “I’m sure you’ll make up.”

You picked up the bowl that had been filled with popcorn when you had started watching the movie. Now it was empty and the movie was over. Eunkyung had fallen asleep at one point and since you hadn’t dared to wake her up, you had just watched the movie by yourself. Then you cleaned up the living room before covering the sleeping Eunkyung with a blanket. You took the bowl and the trash to the kitchen and put the bowl in the sink and got rid of the trash. After that you switched off all the lights in the spacious apartment but instead of going to lie down on the mattress Eunkyung had pulled out for you, you stopped in front of the door that led to the balcony of the apartment.

It wasn’t dark outside thanks to the bright lights of the city below. You carefully opened the door and went outside.

You breathed in the chilly air. “That felt good,” you said after exhaling.

The air felt fresh even though it probably wasn’t very clean, considering the fact that you were breathing the air of a huge city. The city looked lively with people walking on the streets and lights flickering everywhere. You leaned on the railing in front of you and looked down.

Where are you…

You sighed and let go of the railing, ready to go back inside the apartment and go to sleep. You turned around but froze before you could take even one step towards the door.

You stared at the unfamiliar figure that was standing in front of the door, as if he was guarding it. You looked at the person’s face and got chills, just like when you had looked at his face.

The guy tilted his head a little, staring at you. “So, it’s you.”

“W-what?” you couldn’t help but stutter.

“Nothing,” he calmly answered.

“Who are you?” you asked.

He shrugged. “Who do you think I am?”

You looked at his face. He looked normal, except for his eyes. They were blue and icy just like his. “Are you… his friend?”

“He hasn’t told you his name?” his grin was mischievous. “Hilarious. Six years and you still don’t know his name.”

“It’s not my fault,” you defended yourself. “He hasn’t told me.”

“Of course he hasn’t,” the guy said, still grinning. “Why would he? There is no reason for it.”

“Then why did you-“

“Seeing how interested you are in him, I automatically expected that you would know. But I guess you are just as helpless as he said.”

You had a million things to say and ask but only one sentence came out. “Where is he anyway?”

“How would I know?”

“Aren’t you his friend?”

“Sure,” he calmly answered. “But that doesn’t mean I know where his ass is.”

You looked at him, confused.

A smirk appeared on his lips. “Friendship between our kind is very different from what you are used to.”

“How so?”

He paused for a bit and just looked at you before continuing. “Well aren’t you a curious little girl.”

“Do you kill people?” you blurted out the next question you had on your mind.

“No,” he answered immediately. “Unless they are vampires. Those creatures disgust me.”

“So you aren’t a vampire?”

He scoffed. “Oh, please. Do I look like a blood-sucking weirdo to you?”

“Yes,” you answered immediately.

He was taken aback by your quick response. For a bit he just stared at you before clearing his throat. “Well I’m not. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ll get the hell out of here before you insult me again.”

What a weird guy, you thought subconsciously. He suddenly looked like a lost puppy instead of a cold, threatening creature. Did my words really hurt him?

“Aren’t you going inside?” he asked, looking at you a little cautiously.

“I would but you are blocking the way,” you pointed out calmly.

He flinched away from the door. “Oh, sorry.”

You couldn’t help but stare at him. Less than a minute ago he had been a frightening, cold guy and now he had changed totally. His eyes didn’t look icy anymore despite their color. They looked like small pools of water. You almost chuckled but held it in. You approached the door next to him and stopped after grabbing the handle. You turned a little to look at him.

“If you happen to encounter that guy, tell him to drag his ass over to me. I want to talk with him.”

“Sure thing,” he mumbled and you went inside the building. When you turned around to close the door behind you, the weird guy was no longer on the balcony.

There was blood on your hands. Blood. You could smell it. You could feel it. It didn’t look like blood but it was most certainly blood. The color was weird. It wasn’t red at all. It was… blue.

You looked up from your hands but couldn’t see anything. It was dark wherever you were. You looked up and saw the stars light up the dark sky.

I’m outside?

You kept looking around but no matter how many times you turned your head or blinked, you couldn’t see anything. Eventually you looked at your hands again. The blood was still there.

This is a weird dream…

“Shit…” someone hissed and you flinched when you heard the voice.

You looked around again. It was still very dark but you could see better than before. You noticed you were standing on a dark street. No one else was there and you shivered a little. There was something wrong. The place looked extremely creepy and the silence creeped you out even more.

I want to get out of here, you thought.

Suddenly, a sound that made you jump in surprise shot through the silent street. It sounded like a crow yet there was something very disturbing about it. You couldn’t quite point it out but the sound was extremely disturbing.

You turned around and froze to place. There was a crow on top of one of the streetlights. The streetlight was very different from the others that were lining the street. This one was actually lit.

Looking at the crow, you had chills running down your already spooked spine. The bird looked threatening. It looked like it was planning something.

You noticed something on the ground under the light that came from the streetlight. Subconsciously you walked towards it. The closer you got the more it started to look like a person.

Why would someone be laying here?

Your heart skipped a beat and you stopped walking. The streetlight cast a light on the person’s face that you recognized immediately.

It’s him.

You looked at his body that was laying on the cold street. He was holding his side. You cautiously took a step closer to him. There was blood on his hands. It wasn’t normal blood though.


Suddenly, you were sitting down, gasping for air. You weren’t outside anymore, you were in Eunkyung’s apartment, on the mattress she had prepared for you to sleep on.

Just a nightmare, huh?

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Some things I think people need to understand about Killing Stalking

To start, I was to preface this by saying this is coming from someone who typically doesn’t like these types of stories (I like psychological thrillers, but not too big into gore and such) and, this is coming from a gay person (a girl who likes girls). So please, Don’t say I like KS for “””yaoi””” 

It seems many on tumblr have an innate hatred for KS…without having ever read it. “It’s problematic!” you scream, “It’s abusive!” yes…yes, it is. And what many fail to understand is that these are main parts of the story. The relationship between Yoonbum and Sangwoo is never shown in a positive light, every interaction is menacing and foreboding (even the “lovey” seeming ones) it’s all portrayed in a manner that just screams “Stockholm Syndrome” and the more the story goes on, the more we as readers see the deterioration of Yoonbum’s love for Sangwoo and his desperation to escape (he even has thoughts of killing him, for christs sake). It’s an abusive relationship….portrayed as an abusive relationship. I will admit, some fans do romanticize it, but that’s no fault of the stories own or the author, that’s a whole other conversation. Abusive relationships are real, and it should be no surprised to see one portrayed in a story, especially a story such as this. 

“It’s homophobic!!” …what? Are people suggesting that because it’s a gay abusive relationship, that makes it homophobic? I’d say to think that every gay relationship is bright and happy and healthy is slightly homophobic in it’s own right. We’re just like anyone else, gay relationships can be just as toxic and unhealthy as another relationship. And sure, Sangwoo says some homophobic things, but he also comes to accept that side of his sexuality too (he’s also a serial killer so….what are you really expecting)

KS is a psychological horror featuring a gay toxic, abusive relationship. It doesn’t glorify these things. Are there some problematic KS fans? Definitely, but just because someone reads KS doesn’t automatically make them a shitty abusive scumbag like some of you seem to be thinking (looking at you, rude anons in my ask box). Look, I get it if KS isn’t your cup of tea, it’s definitely not for everybody. But don’t go around assuming things and attacking people when you don’t truly understand what you’re talking about. KS portrays abusive and problematic things, but does that make it problematic itself? I don’t think so, it’s a horror story, and has a plot and characters to fit that. Sangwoo is a merciless serial killer, is he sometimes portrayed sympathetically and given a background? Sure. But Criminal Minds does the same thing with it’s serial killers, why arent you complaining about that? Jojo’s Bizzarre adventure does that with Kira and he’s one of the most believable and effective villains i’ve ever seen. And Sangwoo is just that, a villain, just because he can be portrayed sympathetically and given a personality doesn’t detract from that. It’s never really been implied that Sangwoo is a good person that deserves good things. Do some fans seem him that way, or see him a positive light and want him and Yoonbum together all lovey dovey? Sure, theyre out there. But that’s them and their prerogative, not the story (I don’t agree with that but that’s them, not me) Do some people only read for ~yaoi~ they sure do. But again, that’s them, NOT the story itself. 

But you can’t blame the story for some of the fans or your own assumptions about it. KS is a psychological horror, it’s plot is well thought out, its characters are believable and everything is portrayed amazingly through the writing and art. If you think of KS as a “love story” then yeah, it’s “problematic” but that’s not what it is. It’s HORROR, and it’s horror done right.