kill people in your mind

*shrugs* maybe people point out OP is a terf/terf-supporter because it can change the context (or rather, make it more clear) of the post, or maybe some people just really don’t want to interact with someone who supports people who are actively against them/hate them for who they are and I mean you can think whatever you want about that but dismissing them as childish/derailing is kinda naive

Silence Pt.3

Warnings: ANGST, language (is that even a warning? it just says bitch.)

Request/Summary: After Sam and Dean read through their sister journal they uncover something they didn’t want to know. Dean confronts her in a not so passive way.

Characters: Sam and Dean Winchester, Sister!Reader Winchester.

Word Count: 1,001

Y/N: your name

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Silence PT.1  Silence PT.2

The question pounded into your head over and over again, “Did you kill those people?” the five words repeated themselves in your mind like an echo that never died down. Your eldest brother drilled holes into your eyes, while the other didn’t know where to look, his eyes switched from looking at you his baby sister, to Dean his older brother. You, you just stood. You didn’t know how to react, he had found your journal. He had read through your journal, what were you supposed to do. A million questions raced through your mind but once you took a hold of one it would just slip away, it was like trying to grab smoke with your hands.

Finally after a long unbearable silence  you managed to grasp a question. “What?” You spluttered out. Your voice came out quiet and hoarse. You saw as your brothers faces changed from worried and mad to surprised, and you had to say you were surprised too, this was the first time you spoke in nearly three whole months now. Although it was just a word it was a big step. You were so overwhelmed you forgot about the deep fear of speaking you had had for the past weeks. Dean stood there ogling at you, until his face contorted into one of disgust and hatred. You felt as your heart sank, never had he looked at you the way he was now.

“Great. You can speak now.” He spat walking closer to you, he gave you the journal which had little indents of where his fingers where grabbing it tightly “You seem confused, let me explain. See the other night after you had your little break down Sammy found your oh-so-precious journal of yours and realized that maybe that might tell us what had happened to you, but then of course we found something you probably didn’t want us to see.”

Sammy? You knew he had something to do with all of this but Dean was one thing, you’d expect this from him. He looks through your stuff all the time, but Sammy? Sammy respects your privacy, he’s the one that listen to you and is patient and simple cares for you, or so you thought. You looked over at him, and he just avoided your gaze, his face was one of pure guilt. You shook your head disappointedly and looked back at Dean, who maintained his strong stance and stared at you.  

“Now I’m gonna ask you one more time. Did. You. Kill. Those. People?” He said, punctuating each word, you glared at him as you slowly began to walk backwards as he moved towards you cornering you. You were such a coward, hiding from your brother. You were strong, you saved the world, but right at this moment you felt like an idiot.

“No.” You said in a monotone voice and stood your ground. Although you looked brave, in the inside you were nothing but a complete mess.

“No? That’s all you have to say? I don’t believe you.” He said lowering his voice so only you could hear him, he seemed so mad you could swear he was going to hit you, “I don’t even know why you’re still here. You’re nothing but a lying bitch.” Dean, your Dean said. He wasn’t possessed, or a shift shaper or something like that. This was your older brother, who has protected you with all his life, now telling you to leave.

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(Requested by Anon)

Alec was thirstier than he thought possible. He wasn’t alone though, all of his coven mates were angsty and impatient for Heidi to return for today’s catch. It was a miracle that Gianna had managed to stay alive amongst the thirsty vampires.

The second Heidi appeared through the door, Alec’s coven mates all lunged for the nearest body. Patience was nothing but a memory at the moment. All that mattered was thirst. 

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Fix me

✖ Characters/relationships: Newt Scamander x Reader

✖ Genres: Mentions of abuse, death, angst, underage reader, completely platonic

✖ Summary: Reader is Obscurus but she hasn’t realized it. When her father dies she let’s go of her bottled up emotions and begins a rampage through the city. Newt is quick enough to find her, follow her, and convince her to let him help her. @Anonymous

✖ Disclaimer: All characters are at least 21 y/o unless stated otherwise.

✖ Word count: 2214

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With the post you reblogged about how an empty syringe can kill you (sorry I've been creepin) it doesn't bubble your blood, it just causes an air bubble in your heart which (because of pressure bullshit) causes it to spasm like a heart attack and then you get death Trust me I'm friends with a med student

Okay I definitely knew an air bubble was involved lmao

to the person who I watched commit suicide today

I’m sorry that this world
could not shield you from the hurt
your mind delivers your heart
I’m sorry that this life
could not offer you more
than pain and aching in your soul
I’m sorry that you felt as if
nobody would care while in reality
two schools saw it happen and
hundreds of people are scarred for life
I’m sorry that you thought that it would
pass by with the wind while in reality
I’m still thinking and crying about this
stranger because I may haven’t known you
but I know the world has lost a star
I’m sorry that your mind took ill
and led you to the train tracks and
made you jump and made
you a soulless body lying on
the pavement surrounded by
ambulances declaring you dead
and covering your body with a white
I’m sorry that you thought that
nobody cared while in reality there are
a few hundred people who saw as
you were run over and killed by
your poisonous mind
I’m sorry that you thought that it
would pass by with the wind while in reality
i am writing this piece for the stranger who died
crying as i envision your body over
and over again
all i can do is hope that you have found
what you were looking for
i hope, dear innocent soul
that you have been freed from your
mind, your poisonous mind
i hope you know now that you were cared about
and i hope you know that you are forever
in our hearts
whoever you are
and to everyone reading this, please know
that death is nothing but a wave
hitting and killing everyone it reaches as an aftermath
there are two schools
and tons of people who know about you now
and who think about you now
i’m sorry
i’m sorry
i’m sorry
it had to be this way.


(Requested by Anon)

You approached the doors of the throne room, a shiver shooting down your spine. Here goes nothing Y/N. You did want to be a part of this after all. Just don’t mess up and then they won’t eat you.

The doors opened and you entered, keeping your head down so you didn’t seem too confident. The number one rule of being a human in the Volturi castle was not to piss off the vampires who dwelled there.

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Nick Clark x Reader- Lullaby For A Soldier

I love this one personally. Always wanted to write something like this.


Hi! I saw you ask for Nick requests, so could I please ask for a Nick story where the reader is his girlfriend and she keeps having nightmares about Nick dying so she stops sleeping and becomes even more attached to him and she makes herself really sick because of the stress and she won’t listen to Madison or Travis about taking care of herself so finally Nick confronts her about it. But it ends on a good note. Please and thank you!

*** If you’re not okay with war or blood, this is a warning for you.


Ever since you were a little girl, you were adamant that one day, you would be holding a gun in a desert, defeating an enemy and fighting for the freedom that your country deserved. When you were 18, you shipped off to Afghanistan for a year until the beginning of the end of the world, when you were shipped back to Los Angeles on a six week leave. You never returned.

The images of the people you killed never left your mind. You would always remember the one man who stepped on a bomb you had rigged above seven hundred yards away, not much older then you with a pale face and stunning blue eyes. Next time you saw him, he was strips of flesh and bone scattered in the sand. Your comrades comforted you when you went back to base, even cracking jokes when you threw up outside your tent.

When you came across Nick Clark, he was sick and locked up inside of a chain link fence with the rich man the others called ‘Blackie’  but you knew his name was Victor. You bargained for Nick when the other male soldiers tried to force him out of the compound, making lustful gazes at you as you took him back inside the gates.

Your big escape of the compound was saving Nick from a walker since you were one of the few soldiers left. Strand took you under his wing, and a month later you were dating Nick and aboard the Abigail, headed for Mexico.

Nightmares were a common occurrence with soldiers who had experienced first hand what the front was like. You had narrowly avoided death so many times that you couldn’t comprehend actual danger anymore. Fear was non-existent to you. “Y/n, it’s late and I’m tired. Come sleep out on the deck with me.”

Nick motioned to you with tired brown eyes, smiling weakly as you took his hand and stumbled out onto the Abigail’s deck, collapsing in your sleeping bag beside him. “I love you, doofus.” You murmured, tracing his jawline with your fingertip before kissing him softly. “Goodnight.”

You were back on the front in Afghanistan, M-16 clutched in your sweaty palms as you fought through a sea of walkers. Nick was fighting beside you, face spattered with blood and arms trembling with exhaustion. “NICK!”

A piercing scream broke the sound barrier of growls as two walkers bit into Nicks arms before he was swarmed, your last image of him as you gave him a mercy killing and put a bullet in his head while the dead tore him apart.
Sinking to your knees in despair, you dropped your rifle and buried your face in your hands. “Nick, Nick no.. Don’t leave me!”

But he was already gone.

You woke up screaming, your voice carrying on the water as you shot up in your sleeping bag, a thin sheen of sweat covering your chilled skin. “Y/n- Hey, I thought you were having an nightmare. It’s alright baby.. Just lay back down.”

  “Nick?” You cried out frantically, gripping the fabric of his white teeshirt as he sat up beside you. “You’re still alive?” He cocked his head, pressing his lips to your temple as you hid in his side, hot tears rolling down your face. “I watched you die.”

  “I’m not dead, and neither are you. We’re living.”

You didn’t sleep for days after that, spending most of your time navigating the Abigail and writing in your journal from high school to distract your thoughts screaming at you inside your head. Strand was grateful for the company of a service woman, but never pestered you about what happened on your year tour. You respected him highly for it.

When Nick found something to do for entertainment, you normally sat in his lap and participated in it with him, Chris and Alicia. A smile was always on your face, but your boyfriend knew by the dark bags under your eyes and the fearful look that was always in your eyes, like you were afraid to admit that one of you would die, and even if it wasn’t now, it would be soon in the future. You didn’t make it anymore without someone you love dying.

You’d lost your best friend in Afghanistan.

You couldn’t take losing Nick.

The one night Nick managed to actually get you to sleep, you had drank several glasses of whiskey to calm yourself down and sang one of your favorite lullabies. “May your dreams bring you peace in the darkness.. May you always rise over the rain.. May the light from above, always lead you to love. May you stay in the arms of the angels.”

Your stomach churned as you shot up from your dozed off nap, hair sticking to your face as you sprinted out of the main room and leaned over the railing to empty your stomach into the ocean. Travis and Madison were both awake at the time and heard your whispers underneath your breath, the same words you repeated to yourself everytime you were in a panicked daze. “Afghanistan-Jemma-Blood-Killed-Innocents.”

  “Y/n, you can’t keep doing this.” Madison murmured, wrapping an arm around your shoulders as Travis went downstairs to get Nick. “I know you have meds in your bag for this stuff, and you need to take them. You’re progressively getting worse and your screaming carries out on the water. You’re dying.”

You couldn’t tell her she was wrong. Every night you stayed on the Abigail, you were constantly wondering why you hadn’t died on tour. Why you hadn’t just put a bullet in your head when the dead started waking up.

Before Madison could continue scolding you, Nick came up from below deck with his arms crossed over his toned chest. “Mom, I’ve got this. Go back to bed.” Madison Clark nodded weakly and waved goodnight before vanishing below deck. “Hey sweetheart. I know you’re scared, and I know you want nothing more then for all of this to end. But you wanna know why you became a soldier, y/n?”

  “A-Amuse me Nicholas.”

  “You’re strong,” He pulled you to his chest and began running his fingers through your hair. “And brave, and courageous, and you want the best for everyone. You’re a hurricane, resilient and ferocious. You’re going to get better, because you’re going to make yourself better. You’re going to find a reason to live again.”

You lifted your head from his chest, the ghost of a smile on your lips as he rocked on his heels and began singing. “Will you sing to me Nick?”

  “Sure, if you promise to go to sleep.” You nodded weakly, curling your fingers into his teeshirt as his soft, melodic voice drifted into your ears. “May you always be brave in the shadows..”

Your reason worth living for was in the ex-drug addict who thought he was worthless. But to you, he was worth it.

Remember me- Bucky Barnes

Hey guys! Hope you enjoy this one! Requests are open!

Word Count: 2.2K

Warnings: none (?)

(Y/N)’s POV

When your mom found out she was pregnant with you, she was the happiest woman alive. Sadly, it all changed when you were born and she discovered that her precious child wasn’t normal. On the other hand, when your dad realized that you were a mutant he was really interested in your powers and how can you use them to help people. Your mother completely disagreed with the idea, so when your dad died when you were just five years old, she took you to some weird organization. That was the last time you heard of her.

Little did you know, she took you to a Nazi organization, the name was Hydra. You met a man there, Aleks Fossi. He raised you like a soldier, but you never believed his words. You knew Hydra was not working to make a better world since the first moment you putted a foot on the base. But, you also knew that if you didn’t agree with them, they will kill you. So, you killed all the victims they gave you. All the innocent ones, all the kids, all the elders. Everyone that they told you.

Luckily for you, in your eighteenth birthday, Nick Fury himself came to the base and took you away from Hydra. When the Avengers were formed, he thought you could fit in with them, so he putted you in the team. You learned that your powers could be used to help people and not just to kill. The ability to move things with your mind and be able to know what everyone is thinking allowed you to save a lot of lives. Still, the nightmares and memories chased you after a long time since you left Hydra.

Now, it’s been eight years since you became a part of S.H.I.E.L.D. You still remember all the things Hydra did to you, but the nightmares stopped one year ago or so and finally, you were able to sleep again. It also helped you the fact that the team always kept you away from all the Hydra information and missions.

Right now, there was something bigger going on. Tony and Steve had a big massive fight that, of course, they kept you away from. You know that the whole fight was because of some man that is really good friends with Steve. You also know that he was captured by Hydra, but you have no idea who he is or what did he do. Tony and Steve are in good terms now, but lately they have been more anxious than usually. Specially Steve. You asked Nat about it and she told you that Steve’s friend was coming over to live with us in the Tower.

You still don’t understand the big deal, sure, he served Hydra but so did you. If you could recover from everything, he also can. You tried to talk to Steve about it, telling him to let you know more about the mysterious man, but he completely refused. Eventually, you gave up knowing that the Cap can be really stubborn.

You lazily sit on one of the sofas while the movie starts playing. You groan, knowing that you forgot your popcorn. You move your left hand, blue rays coming out of your fingers, and a few seconds later a white bowl full of popcorn is sitting on your lap. Smiling to yourself, you look at the screen. You can’t really focus on the movie tho, you know the boys are about to arrive and that means that Steve’s best friend is also about to arrive. You are curious about him, you want to know how does he look, what did Hydra do to him and if he still has nightmares. You sigh already feeling bad for the poor man. He had to go under and basically froze himself. That’s the only thing you know, he went cryo because he thought he was too dangerous. A chill runs down your spine when you think about all the things he had to do to make him feel this way.

You hear the big doors open and you quickly get up, running towards the living room. You see the team slowly making their way into the leaving room. Finally, Steve enters, a man following behind him with his head down. You bit your lip, feeling nervousness washing all over your body. The man raises his head and when your eyes connect with his, your face drops. The memories start to come back at you and you have to hold yourself into a chair to not fall down. You see his brows furrowing and you know that he is probably remembering something about your past.

“(Y/N), this is-” You cut Steve off, looking into the man’s blue eyes.

“Bucky.” Everyone looks weirdly at you, but before they can question you, you run to your room.

Your hands are rubbing your head, the flashbacks flowing through your brain.

“Agent, meet your new partner: The Winter Soldier.” You look at the man and see a beautiful pair of blue eyes.

He doesn’t say a word to you, but he keeps looking directly at you. He has a metal arm that scares you and you don’t dare to look at him. Swallowing hard, you think that Hydra is probably wiping out all of his memory repeatedly to make him comply with the orders. When the agents try to rebel against their superiors, that was always the method they use. You normally heard the screams from your room and you wonder if last nights screams were his.

“This is your mission, no witnesses.” You nod and start walking away.

Feeling his steps behind you, you look over your shoulder to see his face again. Your eyes grow wide, his beautiful face is now partially covered in a black mask. You ask yourself how is he able to breath with that on and you realize it’s to keep his mouth shout. Your skin shivers and you turn your head back, walking faster.

The mission goes by quickly, you don’t dare to talk to him. When you arrive back at the base, the guards grab him, carrying his body to a room they don’t allow you to go in. It’s almost midnight, so you head to your room and try to fall asleep.

Covering your ears, you try to block the loud, painful screams. You know it’s him who is screaming, The Winter Soldier. After what feels like forever, the screams stops and are replaced by heavy footsteps. The door of the room next to yours opens and they throw a body on it. It closes with a heavy sound, the silent filling the corridor once again. A few minutes go by and you can’t take it anymore. Slowly, you get up and go to your door trying to not make a single sound. Finally, you are able to reach his room and you open his door. He is laying across the floor, his eyes open looking at the ceiling. You doubt, but then you decide to lay next to him, leaving a big space between the both of you.

“Do you remember me?” Your voice is soft and really low, as if you are talking to a little kid.

He just looks at you and moves his head to let you know that he doesn’t.

“You can talk to me, it’s okay.” He doesn’t say a word and you take a deep breath. “My name is (Y/N).” You stay there in silence for a couple of minutes. You consider getting up and leave, but his voice stops you.

“You are really young.” It comes out as a whisper, but you heard it perfectly. “How old are you?”

“I’m seventeen. I will be eighteen in two weeks.” He nods while memorizing the information.

“Your face is familiar to me.” You are surprised he is talking to you.

“We were on a mission together some hours ago.”

“I can’t remember that.”

“Do you remember anything from your past?”

“I think I’m from Brooklyn… I know I lost an arm before coming here. But that’s it.” He turns his head, his blue eyes looking at yours. “What about you?”

“I’m also from New York, but I’m from Queens. I am a mutant, I have powers.” You raise your hands showing him the blue rays coming off your fingers.

His eyes grow wide and he gets up really quickly, grabbing your hands in awe. You let out a little laugh and he looks back at you, a scared expression on his face. He realizes what he’s doing and he lets go of you, mumbling a little sorry. Your heart brakes at his expression, and you grab his hands back in yours, a comforting look on your face. An idea pops up on your mind, your eyes glowing with excitement.

“I think I could help you with your memory, if you let me, of course.” He just nods at you quickly.

You put your hands on both sides of his head, letting the little blue rays travel to his brain. Trying to go pass everything that Hydra put in there it’s difficult, but you feel like you are beginning to scratch the surface. Suddenly, a pair of hands grab your wrists, pulling your arms away. You look at him, your wrists on his hands.

“I’m sorry, did that hurt?”


“What?” You look at him, your brows furrowed.

“Bucky.” He looks at you, a little smirk on his face that melts your heart. “My name is Bucky.”

Sighing, you lay on your bed, all the memories hitting you hard. During the two weeks you were with him, you visited him every night, trying to put his memory back together. You bit your lip, feeling the tears filling your eyes. You thought he was dead and now he is in the room next to you, all over again.

There are some knocks on your door but you just lock it and close your eyes. You want to sleep, forget about the world and Bucky and everyone out there. Tomorrow you are going to deal with this, not now.


Bucky sits on his new, comfortable bed. It feels weird, but at the same time it feels really good. Still, he can’t stop thinking about her. (Y/N), he still remembers her. Well, how could he forget her? How was he supposed to forget the only person that treated him like a human being during his days in Hydra? How could he forget the woman he end up loving and caring more than anyone else? Although his mind had been wiped a thousand times, she always managed to stay in his brain with him. And he was genuinely thankful for that.

Steve told him to go to sleep, that he was going to talk with her and that everything will be better in the morning. Bucky lays in the bed, trying to sleep, besides all the nightmares he constantly has. He wishes he could go to her room, that so happens to be next to his. He keeps his eyes open, hoping that in some moment the door will open, revealing the girl he wants to see so bad.

It’s been a few hours, his eyelids beginning to shut, when a big tremor makes him get up quickly. It’s like a big earthquake is shaking the whole building, but when he looks out the window, all the other buildings seem fine. A loud scream fills his ears and he runs to the bedroom next to his room, knowing that the girl he admires so much is in pain. He bangs at her door, but nothing happens. Sighing, he throws a big punch with his metal arm, breaking the door and finally stepping in. The mirrors are broken, the clothes are on the floor and blue rays fill the air. Bucky sees her in the bed and approaches her, grabbing her shoulders and shaking her slightly. She screams and then her eyes shot open, her breath heavily and her body covered in sweat.

(Y/N)’s POV

Your eyes shot open, your breath heavily and your body covered in sweat. Bucky is holding you against his chest, his arms hugging you and rubbing your back. You feel the tears running down your cheeks and you can’t avoid sobbing into his shoulder. Bucky just picks you up and sits you on his lap. You nudge your head on the crook of his neck. It’s been a while since your last nightmare, and you suppose that seeing Bucky again brought them back.

He draws circles on your back with his fingers while you feel yourself relax into his touch. You never were so closed during your days in Hydra, but he feels good. “I’m sorry I woke you up.” Your voice is low and soft, like the first time you talked to him.

“It’s okay.”

“Do you remember me?”

“I do.” You feel a little smile on your face at his words. “I’ve never forget you.” He pulls you closer to him, like he is scared to lose you.

“I missed you.”

“I’m here now, and I’m not leaving anytime soon, (Y/N).” He slowly lays in the bed, pulling you with him.

You take a quick glance around and bit your lip. In the middle of all these mess, there’s the two of you laying in bed as broken as the mirrors, but you smile to yourself, knowing that Bucky is finally home with you.

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introverted slytherin please??

* being able to sit in the common room, because everyone will respect your privacy
* staying inside during quidditch games and enjoying the time in the empty dorms
* sitting in a corner of the common room and reading while sipping tea
* coming across as a lot calmer and maybe even nicer as some extroverted slytherins, but actually killing people that annoy you in your mind at least seven times
* finding great friends in slytherin anyways, because no one here values loudness too much and will respect your wish to be alone
* library = second dorm room
* having a hard time around christmas and other holidays, and crawling into bed to escape from all the people
* having a special place all to yourself
* sometimes seeming bitchy, but really you just want to be left in peace
* having a wonderful time at hogwarts anyways, because everyone loves it there

- Céline 💚

Twenty One Pilots   {Sentence Starters}

  • “Wish we could turn back time, to the good ol’ days.”
  • “It will not let me sleep. I guess I’ll sleep when I’m dead.”
  • “I was told when I get older all my fears would shrink.”
  • “You say I’m not alone, but I am petrified.”
  • “You don’t know what I’ve done. I’m wanted and on the run.”
  • “You will hide from everyone, denying you need someone.”
  • “I don’t know why they always seem so dismal.”
  • “And you will never know what I’m thinking of.”
  • “Where are you going and why are you here?”
  • “We all know somebody who knows somebody who’s doing great.”
  • “I will make you queen of everything you see.”
  • “I kind of like it when I make you cry.”
  • “You say that you’re fine, but you have lost your sway and glow.”
  • “Yeah, I think about the end just way too much.”
  • “Haven’t you taken enough from me?”
  • “But now I’m insecure and I care what people think.”
  • “'Cause sometimes to stay alive, you gotta kill your mind.”
  • “And you will never understand what I believe.”
  • “I look outside and see a whole world better off without me in it.”
  • “Don’t know what’s inside of me.”
  • “You fell asleep in my car. I drove the whole time.”
  • “So bold and fearless in the risks we take.”
  • “I’m not sure if I can see this ever stopping.”
Some things I think people need to understand about Killing Stalking

To start, I was to preface this by saying this is coming from someone who typically doesn’t like these types of stories (I like psychological thrillers, but not too big into gore and such) and, this is coming from a gay person (a girl who likes girls). So please, Don’t say I like KS for “””yaoi””” 

It seems many on tumblr have an innate hatred for KS…without having ever read it. “It’s problematic!” you scream, “It’s abusive!” yes…yes, it is. And what many fail to understand is that these are main parts of the story. The relationship between Yoonbum and Sangwoo is never shown in a positive light, every interaction is menacing and foreboding (even the “lovey” seeming ones) it’s all portrayed in a manner that just screams “Stockholm Syndrome” and the more the story goes on, the more we as readers see the deterioration of Yoonbum’s love for Sangwoo and his desperation to escape (he even has thoughts of killing him, for christs sake). It’s an abusive relationship….portrayed as an abusive relationship. I will admit, some fans do romanticize it, but that’s no fault of the stories own or the author, that’s a whole other conversation. Abusive relationships are real, and it should be no surprised to see one portrayed in a story, especially a story such as this. 

“It’s homophobic!!” …what? Are people suggesting that because it’s a gay abusive relationship, that makes it homophobic? I’d say to think that every gay relationship is bright and happy and healthy is slightly homophobic in it’s own right. We’re just like anyone else, gay relationships can be just as toxic and unhealthy as another relationship. And sure, Sangwoo says some homophobic things, but he also comes to accept that side of his sexuality too (he’s also a serial killer so….what are you really expecting)

KS is a psychological horror featuring a gay toxic, abusive relationship. It doesn’t glorify these things. Are there some problematic KS fans? Definitely, but just because someone reads KS doesn’t automatically make them a shitty abusive scumbag like some of you seem to be thinking (looking at you, rude anons in my ask box). Look, I get it if KS isn’t your cup of tea, it’s definitely not for everybody. But don’t go around assuming things and attacking people when you don’t truly understand what you’re talking about. KS portrays abusive and problematic things, but does that make it problematic itself? I don’t think so, it’s a horror story, and has a plot and characters to fit that. Sangwoo is a merciless serial killer, is he sometimes portrayed sympathetically and given a background? Sure. But Criminal Minds does the same thing with it’s serial killers, why arent you complaining about that? Jojo’s Bizzarre adventure does that with Kira and he’s one of the most believable and effective villains i’ve ever seen. And Sangwoo is just that, a villain, just because he can be portrayed sympathetically and given a personality doesn’t detract from that. It’s never really been implied that Sangwoo is a good person that deserves good things. Do some fans seem him that way, or see him a positive light and want him and Yoonbum together all lovey dovey? Sure, theyre out there. But that’s them and their prerogative, not the story (I don’t agree with that but that’s them, not me) Do some people only read for ~yaoi~ they sure do. But again, that’s them, NOT the story itself. 

But you can’t blame the story for some of the fans or your own assumptions about it. KS is a psychological horror, it’s plot is well thought out, its characters are believable and everything is portrayed amazingly through the writing and art. If you think of KS as a “love story” then yeah, it’s “problematic” but that’s not what it is. It’s HORROR, and it’s horror done right. 

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Your ignorance of what a flag represents to a person is shameful. People work their asses off and support their family off of government money. So when a government employee leaves this earth, their family receives a flag. Your post not only disrespects the country, but the people that worked their asses off to support their families and everyone they love. Get out of your ass and have some respect for people in general.