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Shakespeare Pokemon Go Teams?

I’ll get us started:

Beatrice picked Valor, and Benedick chose Mystic (because there is no way he’d ever pick Beatrice’s team). Hero and Don Pedro are both Instinct. 

Marina is Mystic. Pericles is Valor. Thaisa is Instinct.

Paulina is Valor. Perdita is Instinct. Leontes is Valor. Hermione doesn’t play, but she would pick Instinct if she did.

Somerset (from 1 Henry VI) is Valor, while York/Richard III is Mystic. Henry VI is instinct.

So, am I off at all? Do you have any Pokemon Go headcanons of your own?


Lionel Messi receives the ball on the edge of the box and passes into Pedro before collecting the one-two and taking a touch before sliding an incisive finish into the bottom right corner! FC Barcelona have now successfully won the La Liga title for the 7th time in the last 11 years, thanks to Lionel Messi in this 1-0 victory over Atletico Madrid on May 17, 2015.


As we remember those lost this week, let us also remember Anthony Nuñez and Pedro Villanueva, both shot and killed by police this week.

Anthony, 18, was suicidal and 14 minutes into talks with officers, went to lower the gun he had pointed at his head, officers mistook this as him moving the weapon to point it at them, so they opened fire, killing him.

Pedro, 19, was one of dozens of people attending a rally to show off their custom cars and trucks, officers set up a sting operation and busted the group. Two undercover CHP officers set off, chasing him for 5 miles in an unmarked car with no lights or sirens. The officers were not in uniform. The chase led into a dead end street and as Pedro tried to flee, officers opened fire, killing him and injuring his passengers.

The conversation we are having about community policing, police brutality, excessive force, deadly force, race relations, and gun violence, must include these names and faces. Neither one of these young men should have been killed, one was reaching out for help and the other was clueless that he was being pursued by law enforcement. This bloodshed must end.