kill of a lifetime

Okay Shiro loves his bf a lot, but he’s also a bit of an asshole so if they’re cuddling and he gets the chance, he will 100% stick his freezing cold feet on any part of Keith’s skin that he can reach and it makes Keith scream. Someone is almost always walking by when this happens so they bust in, thinking Keith is being murdered only to find Shiro doubled over laughing and Keith looking betrayed


Slash in Paris

So I pop into twitter for a moment and I see that as per usual, this missy here is creating more drama.

First off, I just to say that yes I buy her books. I buy her books for the sole purpose of hoping that she shows a common shred of decency and improves from the mess that was TMI. Admittedly, TID was much better written and didn’t have incest, f/f hate towards each other and biphobia. So kudos to her for that.

Secondly, she’s been known to drag the show when she feels like she’s been fading out of the spotlight. She’s also known for being extremely petty. She’s been granted a show about her books (or plagiarized works if you want to look at it that way) and yet she has to be petty about it and complain every chance she gets. If anything, the show has improved her books, making it more realistic. Simon isn’t going to cheat on the show. Alec isn’t biphobic and is very respectful towards Magnus. Malec isn’t sidelined. As for the incest, we’re not sure where they’re going with that but hopefully it doesn’t get too serious.

The show is a refreshing upgrade from the books. It feels fresh and vibrant and full of life situations that many people can relate to. I felt a better connection with the show than I did with the books. Book lovers can shit on this post all they want but I’m only speaking the honest to god truth here. Your precious author isn’t as godly as she seems. She has a history of pettiness. She’s bullied someone online to the point where they deactivated. She makes money through unnecessary outlets (see this post for more info. Some excellent points are made here

My advice to Cassandra is to just shut up. Know when to open your mouth and know when to keep it shut. Be thankful that you’ve been given an opportunity for your work (or in this case someone else’s) to come to life on the small screen. You’ve been given a gift that most authors would kill for and never get to see in their lifetime. So stop being so goddamn petty and narcissistic because honey, the nomination for the GLAAD award had nothing to do with you. That’s the show’s doing. You’ve done nothing to deserve that award.

This is my favourite moment between the Colonel and his Lieutenant.  More than Roy saving Riza from Lust after cauterizing his own wounds with his alchemy, more than him hugging her to his chest after she almost bled to death right in front of him, more than her admitting she would choose death over living without him.  This moment - blind Roy performing the now familiar motions of his flame alchemy as Riza steers him - this moment steals my breath and heart.

This one shot encompasses so much of the spirit of FMA, the spirit of fighting when you have nothing left, giving everything you’ve got even - or especially - when you’re at your most broken.  He’s blind.  She just almost bled to death.  And still, they won’t let it stop them.  He can still transmute.  She can still stand.  And together, they can still fight.  

And of course, the Royai implications.  This side of Mustang must be part of why Riza is so devoted to him (God knows it’s why we’ve fallen for him) - he’s selfless when it matters, resolute in the face of the possibility of death, and, in this moment, every bit as determined as Edward Elric.  

Their expressions are a whole story in themselves.  

Riza is staring resolutely ahead.  You can read, in her gaze, the pain and fatigue from her recent injury, her utter refusal to let that stop her, her steely focus, and her immutable faith that, blind or not, her Colonel can still perform miracles.  

And Mustang’s face - good Lord, the emotions in that expression.  Frustration at his own weakness, rage over his helplessness, guilt, fury, hatred, fear, desperation… and, somehow, despite all that, trust.  He must hate having to lean on someone else, literally, but he’s willing to do it if it means he can still contribute to saving his country.  And he trusts her.  Remember when he unleashed his fire on the ‘inferi’ fighting Ed & co underground, and he made the flames swerve around his allies?  His alchemy is based on control.  That’s how he transmutes, because he knows his alchemy kills.  And he’s done his share of the killing, enough for a lifetime.  But now he can’t see to aim, can’t see to control, can’t see to direct the flames around his friends, his allies, his soldiers.  Can you imagine the terror he must feel, blindly unleashing his fire and knowing that he has to hit one man out of the hundreds on that field?  And if he hits anyone else, their deaths would be on him.  But he’ll still do it, because he trusts her to guide his aim.  

She’s the only one left he trusts enough to be his eyes.

firerulezz116  asked:

Sans says to you (during genocide fight) that he "knows your type" (shortly before he falls/pretends to sleep), and that "you're, uh, very determined, aren't you?" I know it's likely he's referring to Flowey, but is it possible one of the humans (or maybe someone/thing else) when he's saying that? Maybe in the past he killed a human, and had to keep going until they lost the determination to come back? (the point is the original statement, "i know your type/you're determined")

(undertale spoilers)

Perhaps, but there is no strong evidence that Sans has killed a human before. It’s known that Papyrus encouraged Sans to get his sentry job, yet Papyrus has no idea what a human looks like. Similarly, their boss Undyne has never seen a human before. This is likely because a human has not fallen down recently during their lifetimes.

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the same

pairing: taehyung x idol!reader

summary: kim taehyung was your best friend, but when you both entered the kpop business everything seemed to change. luckily for the two of you, one thing remained the same.

details/genre: altered timeline from real world (rv and bts didnt perform at mamas, etc.), fluff

word count: 1.7k

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  • you: yeah cole was cool, so sad he died tho
  • me, an intellectual: the death of Cole Stewart was quite possibly one of the most tragic moments in the entire TDM series. Not only did he die completely believing he was a monster who didn't deserve to live in the first place because of his abilities, but he died fighting for the freedom of children with the same abilities who he saw as innocent victims of a cruel unaccepting world when he couldn't even find it in his heart to accept himself. His death means that his family has now lost 2 children to IAAN and the third is going to be scarred permanently after seeing not one, but two of his siblings' cold, dead bodies, especially when the realization hits that Cole died protecting him after a lifetime of killing himself to take care of him even when he didn't appreciate it. Liam Stewart will spend the rest of his life feeling guilty and responsible for his brother's death.