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It would be really nice if people could please stop claiming that it took an antisemitic joke for Disney to drop PewDiePie despite all his prior racist and misogynistic content.

PewDiePie has expressed antisemitic and Nazi sentiments in his videos long before this incident with fiverr.

August 7, 2016: PewDiePie, wearing a Make America Great Again hat, begins his video with a swastika and other Nazi imagery, and uses a photo of Hitler as a segue between clips

September 24, 2016: In a video criticising YouTube policy, he shows a clip of Hitler giving a speech

October 15, 2016: PewDiePie posts swastikas drawn by his fans

December 8, 2016: PewDiePie wears a brown military uniform while watching a Hitler clip at the end of his video

Antisemitic website the Daily Stormer has also given PewDiePie praise for Nazi imagery in his videos, writing:

“PewDiePie is /ourguy/.

This latest video is unapologetically full-Nazi.

The guy has 52 million subscribers, compared to the number 2 YouTuber that has 30 million. He is arguably the most watched person on the planet.

And he is pushing hardcore GTKRWN materials.

In this video, he calls out the Jews for killing Jesus, and points out several times that Hitler did nothing wrong.

At the very least, he is making the masses comfortable with our ideas.

I hope he keeps doing this – staying chill, I mean. Not going too far. I think he’s aware that he’s eventually going to get banned – if he wasn’t ready for that, he wouldn’t be calling out the Jews head-on like this.”

So please understand that he’s targeted Jews in the past without major outrage or punishment. He’s used Nazi imagery as a joke in his videos before. The “death to all Jews” video that caused outrage wasn’t the first antisemitic video PewDiePie posted. He’s also racist and misogynistic and he should have been called out on these things and dropped a long time ago.

But his antisemitic content neither began nor ended with the Fiverr video.


  • Alec: *is badass af*
  • Alec: *is salty all the time*
  • Alec: *literally kills demons like it's nothing*
  • Alec: *is five times taller and stronger than me*
  • Me:
  • Alec:
Children of Hecate

Requested by anonymous.

  • Children of Hecate sometimes stay up all night practicing their sorcery. 
  • Other campers usually bring coffee or other hot drinks to their sleep-deprived friends from cabin 20.
  • As their mother was granted power in all the realms (sky, ocean, earth and underworld) by the Big Three, using the four elements in their witchcraft can strengthen their spell.
  • The runes and inscriptions in the stones they used to build their cabin don’t only strengthen the walls of their cabin and lessen their unintended spell-casting, but also make it so their cabin is bigger on the inside.
  • They all even have their own rooms as they - like their mother - like solitude.
  • The Hecate cabin also has their own treasure room in which they keep objects the Hecate campers have collected on their quests.
  • They only keep the magical or enchanted objects though and send everything else to the attic of the Big House.
  • One kid got inspired by reading Harry Potter and now a lot of Hecate campers have enchanted their ceilings just like the Great Hall.
  • Hecate likes to help her kids learn how to use their powers.
  • They have a huge mirror to contact their mother whenever they have questions or “my spell still didn’t work and now we need a new couch”.
  • Once they are claimed, Hecate gives her children a crash course on all the different forms of magic and learns them the basics of each.
  • Eventually they have to choose a specialty though, as there are too many different forms of magic to excel in them all.
  • Naturally, they love fantasy novels. 
  • A lot of them love wearing eccentric clothing, long cloak-like dresses or even actual cloaks. 
  • They don’t even know why.
  • Their grades at school usually aren’t always the best, but they constantly surprise (read; annoy) their teachers by knowing the most random facts.
  • They might not know who fought who in the battle of Waterloo, but “did you know Napoleon legalised homosexuality?
  • “Also he stopped killing ‘witches’ at the same time”, but them knowing this has nothing to do with their mother also being the goddess of trivia. 
  • “Who were they kidding anyway, trying to drown us.”
  • “Yeah, just because we have power underwater doesn’t mean they’re going to see us use it. They’ll just have a ‘death’ to explain while our ancestral sisters moved to the next village.”
  • “And what about our brothers? Super sexist if you ask me.”
  • Of course, kids of Hecate are all feminists no matter what their gender is.

100 days of once upon a time: day fifty-four

  • Emma: Okay kid, let's take that canoeing trip.
  • Henry: Do you really think now is the best time for a canoeing trip?
  • Emma: Of course. I know how important it is to you. That's why we constantly mention our plans to go canoeing. Not a day goes by that we don't curse the newest villain for trying to destroy the town because it delays our chance to canoe.
  • Henry: When have we ever talked about canoeing?
  • Emma: This might be our only chance to go off and do this before Gideon regroups and attacks me again.
  • Henry: Was the canoeing trip even my idea?
  • Emma: Let's go make one last memory as mother and son before the forces of evil attack again and the show remembers that I'm the main character.
  • Henry: Oh! This is a plot dodging trip.
  • Emma: Obviously. And it would work a lot better if you played along.
  • Henry: You're still bringing your gun in case Gideon decides to poof in and attack us on the river though, right?
  • Emma: Of course.
  • Henry: Canoeing is my passion.
  • Emma: There we go.
the pull of the tides (m)

pairing: park jimin | reader
genre: surfer au / fluff, light smut 
word count: 12,513
description: The expanse of the deep blue sea has always drawn you in. Each ebb and flow of the tides never ceasing to take your breath away. And now, a boy with hair as light as the morning sun and a smile just as bright does too. 
author’s note: i dedicate this to @workofteaguk ‘cuz look girl, it’s finally here! and i also dedicate this to @jamlessness because you told you have yet to write a jimin fic so i wrote one for the two of us! okay, and @wonhopes too because i subjected her to read over this thing kjddghsjdkh <3 

also, bless this post for the inspiration!

Originally posted by lonastic

When you were young, you begged your parents to take you to see the beach. This was your family vacation suggestion every year. All because you wanted to feel the sand between your toes and slip between your fingers and to watch each grain land right back where it was meant to be. And much like those grains of sand falling away from you, those trips seems to go by, and eventually they ceased the older you got.

Since then, being a prime age of twenty now, you’ve long since yearned to return to the beach town you’ve come to know and love for more than its seaside views.

With school out for another few months and nothing but time to kill, you’re actually more than ecstatic to take up a summer job at Bang’s Snack Shack. It’s directly across from the shores, and the view is absolutely amazing. You can see the way the sun reflects against the waters when it’s high up in the sky and when it goes down. The rays of orange and yellows bounce off the blues in a pretty swirl with small dots of people enjoying the waves on long boards. Each of them practically floating as the blue hues carry them across the vicinity until they’re in the safe confines of the wading area.

You enjoy the sight of surfers though you’re definitely no surfer yourself. You just find their ability in skimming the waters on a long piece of polished and colored wood amazing, especially when they’re at the peak of the waves build-up, and suddenly they’re coming back to the sands with bright eyes and grins to match on their sun-kissed skins. There’s just something beautiful in their enamored states, and although you can never truly understand it, you’re happy to witness it with your own two eyes until a customer snaps you back to reality.

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pretty sure that 90% of these are from tumblr posts im so sorry im not original

sometimes i get angry so suck a dick

team “i imagined a scenario too hard and it upset me”

yesterday i breathed in oxygen and gained 10 pounds

20% pain 80% regret

i’m a screamer…not sexually just life in general

just because you’re trash doesn’t mean you can’t do great things. it’s called garbage can, not garbage cannot.

low on self esteem so i run on mac & cheese

if no one comes from the future to stop you from doing it then how bad of a decision can it really be

bro, i don’t even care anymore, fuck it! *continues to try very hard*

the bags under my eyes aren’t designer

every time is nap time

anything can be food with the right attitude

i think we need to cancel 2016

if you listen carefully you can hear me whisper “shut the fuck up” at least once every five minutes

the academy award goes to me for acting like i give a fuck

forgive me father for i am about to sin

90% on the verge of tears 10% crying

ding dong ur opinion is wrong

unless your name is google, stop acting like you fucking know everything

@god what did i ever do to u

“what are you doing” “my best”

hey, i’m average

the human body is 60% water so really we are just cucumbers with anxiety

you’re such a b**** (bagel)

i am 28% sarcasm and 72% self loathing

BBQ (blease be quiet)

be right back, i’m gonna throw myself against the wall

*throws lamp at you* you need to lighten the fuck up

(positive ones):

the pain that you have been feeling cannot compare to the joy that is coming

let nothing steal your joy, let nothing kill your peace.

in time you will be fine

what is done in love is done well

life’s too short to even care at all

if you don’t know don’t worry

my goal would be to create a life that i don’t need a vacation from

i have lost and loved and won and cried myself to the person i am today

just like if you use it i guess! ^___^

Sangwoo vs Bum

It honestly breaks my heart that Bum knows so much about Sangwoo when Sangwoo knows so little about him. Yeah, I know Bum’s a stalker (hence the unnatural amount of knowledge), but Bum told him where they met. He told him why and how and when he fell in love with Sangwoo right at the beginning in ch.2. It is the REASON that Sangwoo didn’t kill him. At the time, Bum meant nothing to Sangwoo, so he had no reason to remember what he was saying. But, you’d think Sangwoo would have SOME memory of how Bum came to be in his house. 

I don’t know. I just find it sad that Bum remembers everything and Sangwoo doesn’t. 

Though I do have to say that it makes me irrationally happy that Bum might’ve saved them both. Or at least helped. Especially after the past few chapters. I’m secretly hoping Sangwoo will remember that they met in the army all that time ago. Maybe they’ll finally talk about themselves beyond the abuse. 

Summoning Fighter #1: Yukimura Sanada

Dedicated to @nayeonniekim

# leave nothing but footprints take nothing but pictures kill nothing but time anti-capitalism green anarchism anti-capitalist time pictures footprints forest jungle ecology green eco environmentalism radical environmentalism


Simon Pegg
From Shaun of the Dead to Absolutely Anything.

(I know I’ve skipped a few, but here are the main ones.)

  • big mom: *assassinated*
  • luffy: haha, we sure are! i hope you’re ready shanks, we’ll be meeting real soon!!
  • shanks: .....bruh
  • - LATER -
  • benn: go to sleep
  • shanks: no
  • benn: boss
  • shanks: im gonna wake up in the middle of the night
  • benn: boss cmon
  • shanks: and luffy’s gonna be standing over me with a knife
  • yasopp: he’s not going to kill you while you’re asleep
  • shanks: you can’t prove that
  • yasopp: BOSS
  • shanks: I MEAN
  • shanks: YET HERE WE ARE
Building a Reprise 1/? (White Rose fanfiction)

Title: Building a Reprise 1/?
Word Count: 7,018
Fandom: RWBY
Characters: Ruby Rose, Weiss Schnee, Blake Belladonna, Yang Xiao Long
Pairing: Ruby/Weiss (White Rose), Blake/Yang (background/established)
Rating: Mature (future rating for depictions of action, character injury)
Summary: A year after Salem’s fall, Team RWBY have reunited to take on a contract in Mantle. Between Ruby’s lingering crush on her partner and a Grimm forcing hunters to become the hunted, the mission hasn’t quite been the reunion she’d wished for. Things aren’t easy when so much has been unsaid between her and Weiss, though, and it’s going to get worse before it gets better.
Chapter Summary: Team RWBY arrives in Mantle, and Ruby is very much not over Weiss. It’s obvious to everyone but the one person who matters.