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When you can’t make yourself happy, try to make other people happy so maybe their happiness will infect you (temporary solution to a larger problem, I know).

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anonymous asked:

What do you think hanji would wear to a formal event, besides her uniform? I personally couldn't imagine her wearing a dress or heels, but I wonder what you think because idk lol

As much as I love the idea of Hanji absolutely killing it in a gorgeous dress, I have a hard time imagining her wearing a dress in canon. To me, at least, wearing a formal-style dress doesn’t really fit with her character. I feel like she would want something a little more comfortable, something with more flexibility of movement. When I was deciding on her outfit for the formal event in License to Science (And Kill), I opted for a sort of elegant jumper. Something like this:

It’s sleek, elegant, and it (at least) appears to be comfortable. It worked perfectly for a modern spy AU. However, I can’t imagine anyone in the canonical snk universe wearing a jumper like this. 

When the characters aren’t in uniform, both men and women seem to wear some form of button-up shirt. For the male characters it is paired with pants, while female characters seem to primarily wear long skirts. From what I can tell, the style of clothing seems to be a blend of early 1900′s-1940′s ish fashion (though i’m certainly no expert). Using this (admittedly large) time period as a basis, I’d reason that female formal fashion in the snk universe would consist of a stylized dress, and male formal fashion would consist of some manner of suit. 

But I, like you, have a hard time imagining Hanji happily wearing a dress or heels. 

Instead, I think she’d wear something like this:

or maybe: 

Both are examples of early 20th century formal fashion that incorporates pants in the place of dresses or skirts. I could see Hanji wearing either of the above outfits in a formal setting.

Or heck, maybe she’d take after Marlene Dietrich and rock a straight up suit.


“God is dead.”
“Fuck you.”

I fancast Zoe Barnard as Mara and Douglas Booth as Noah! can’t stop me


I know is VERY LATE but my 3rd xmas drawing was an AU and I wanted to finish it

Hanji and Erwin love decorations’ competitions and Erwin has won too many times but Hanji now got Levi’s help xD

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