kill me this took so long i can't even


I’m dying all over again

but like, i’m so happy rn bc this drawing is one of my faves and it took me so long to finish it (i almost gave up at one point) and now he actually saw and even liked it. I can’t stop smiling like an idiot.

I can’t tell you how long I’ve been looking forward to this.
               T I C K   T O C K

Even after multiple viewings this is all I see when Rumple gets excited over getting to kill Hook.

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Why do people like Akinu? I don't get it he murdered a certain freckled boy and I can't forgive him. HOW CAN PEOPLE LOVE HIM I JUST CAN'T

OKAY I TOTALLY GET YOU DEAR!! I was so freaking pissed at him when he took out precious ray of sunshine, but just hear me out okay. I’ve thought long and hard about him. I understand Akainu’s character, and I hope I can help you out.

Akainu Character Analysis

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i really need a yoonseok internet au and i can't find any save me!!!! like yoongi uploading his mixtapes and maybe hoseok would do like dance cover on youtube and he'd ask yoongi if he can use one of his tracks for a video and then they'd start talking and then they'd hang out on skype and start dating???? or directly the skype!dating or like. yeah. something that has to do with an internet relationship.

Hoseok was kind of famous.
» yoonseok. fluff.

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