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i’ve just been in a car accident

Attention followers (part of) the canon is canceled!

From today on I’ll be all for Prime!Lorca/Mirror!Saru rebelling against the Terran Empire, and the fanon AU where Mirror!Lorca is an interesting and flaved morallygrey trashcan sassed and kept in check by his number one prime!Saru.

Thanks for your attention, have an extra nice day.

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there’s something endlessly hilarious to me about the phrase “hotly debated” in an academic context. like i just picture a bunch of nerds at podiums & one’s like “of course there was a paleolithic bear cult in Northern Eurasia” and another one just looks him in the eye and says “i’ll kill you in real life, kevin”


Holy shit

“The mask feels cold, but he welcomes the change in temperature because his cheeks have been burning for the past ten minutes. Lance’s fingers feel good on his face. Relaxing.”

@dimplesandcurlsss‘s most recent fic is so good.