kill me over them smiling at each other

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"I trusted you" with Otabek/Yuri. People always write Otabek as the cheating one, so maybe you could do it with Yuri?

“Otabek, I swear… it was just that one time,” Yuri pleaded.

Otabek just stood here, unable to move, trying to let this information to sink in.

“Who was it?” Otabek finally asked.

“It doesn’t matter who it was,” Yuri pleaded and ran forward to take his hands.

Otabek jumped back from the touch. It was almost as if the moment Yuri touched him, it burned and not in the good way.

“Say something, dammit!” Yuri yelled.

“I trusted you,” was all Otabek could manage to say.

“You can still trust me, Beka!” Yuri pleaded.

“No, no I can’t… I can never trust you again.”

“Beka, please. I swear it was just that once,” Yuri was crying now.

Otabek would not cry, not in front of him, “All it takes is one time.”

Yuri was sobbing now and walked over to Otabek, hugging him tightly. Otabek struggled to unravel those long limbs from his body. Yuri’s touch repulsed him at this moment. Everything about Yuri made him sick. He loved Yuri so much and it hurt too much right now. Yuri continued to try to hug him and he backed away again.

“Yuri, no,” Otabek said and left room.

Going into their room, he grabbed a bag and started to pack clothes in it. He could feel the tears wanting to betray him. Stopping to take a deep breath, Otabek looked at the dresser. A picture of both of them- Yuri and Otabek looking at each other, smiling and in love. The problem was, Otabek still loved Yuri, he knew he always would. But Yuri had broken his trust, he could not live with that.

Yuri had walked in the room, seeing Otabek pack his belongings.

“Beka… no! We can work through this,” Yuri pleaded.

Otabek grabbed the happy picture of them, throwing it against the wall, watching the glass shatter all over, just the way his heart had shattered.

JFC - this are killing me!!!! UGH!!!!!  Let’s continue this heartbreak, shall we?

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I will never get over how smiley and flirty Magnus and alec were on their date

i know

it kills me all the time when i think about the soft focus lighting, the laughter and their smiles. there was such heavy sweet flirtation in that let’s play moment that just echoes still. it was so god damn them and seeing alec’s face light up like that when he knew magnus was playing him, how much he loved it. imagining that warmth and the hum of the bar around them, sticking close to each other but not close enough to touch, slow smiles and i think in between all of those fairy lights and all of the warmth, it was just filling all that charged air. this deep pulling attraction, but more than that a sense of potential. 

until that conversation happened it was just something fucking else. i just keep imagining the little details we missed. both of them finishing their drinks and magnus asking if he wanted another, somewhere in the middle of the game of pool. alec nodding although he held up a hand.

“just… not another beer.” and he said it kind of quietly, but with a little bit of a smile. the way magnus would look at him and then raise a brow, laughing softly.

“not another beer,” magnus would say, with a nod. “i knew you hated it.” right before he walked back to the bar.

when magnus got back alec took his martini glass and rolled his eyes, soft laughter. “i didn’t hate it, i just want to try something else.”

but the way magnus was staring at him and smiling at him, his eyes sparkling, catching all of the light around them, it was clear there was no judgement there. there was however, a lot of fondness. “of course, alexander.”

then after the game concluded, alec leaning back against the pool table and watching magnus over the rim of his glass. the look he had in his eyes made magnus feel like something was sparking in his chest, frayed connections knitting themselves back together and burning electrical as those hazel eyes appraised him.

so he breathed in, needing to do something with himself, turning to the jukebox and picking out a song. that was enough time to relax himself, if only a little bit. but the thing was it was pulling at his mouth because although it was a lot, it was good. this feeling was good, in the warmth of a bar he frequented so often, alec existing in this place he loved in a way that was so easy. it felt a little bit like a possibility of the future.

Chaotic Connections: A Void  Stiles Imagine

So this is a little thing I started writing with void Stiles, because who doesn’t want a void Stiles? I might write a part two, but I wanna see if you guys would want one before I post it, as I’m hoping you will. Anyway, enjoy x

“I’ve been waiting for you.“ 

His voice sent shivers down your spine. 

Don’t let him get to you. Confident remember? You’re not scared of him. You’re not scared of anything. 

"What do you want me to do? Thank you for getting me out of Eichen House?" 

You watched as his lips turned up at the corners, those dark eyes glinting with mischief. 

"How’d you know it was me?" 

"Well, who else kills about ten guards, innocent guards might I add, to let someone like me escape?" 

He took a step towards you. 

Do not step back. For the love of God, do not step back. 


You stood your ground, knowing he was waiting for you to slip up. Waiting for you to run. Waiting for you to crack. 

"Why? Why’d you do it?" 

He took another step forward. You felt your heart rate quicken, knowing he did too. You two had a connection, something you couldn’t quite explain. 

It was nothing to do with the host he had chosen. Stiles was just a boy. You’d seen him around Eichen House, sensed something in him, followed him to the basement, watched as he gave himself up for some girl. 

Ugh, love. A perfect waste of time. And just look where it had gotten Stiles. Possessed by him. You could hear him screaming to get out. And part of you enjoyed it. 

You shivered involuntarily as the nogitsune took hold of your wrist, tracing the unusual birthmark you had. The one that had alerted you to the presence of supernatural creatures in the first place. 

Self. That was what he’d told you it meant the day you’d first met. He’d laughed at the pure irony of it. Of course back then, there was a different host. You preferred the one he currently had. 

You weren’t going to lie. Stiles was an attractive teenage boy.

"I need your help." 

Your eyes locked with each other’s as he pulled you to him. 

"With what?" 

By now, your noses were brushing against each other, his lips hovering over yours.

"I need you to help me win." 

You felt yourself grin. 

He needed you

You decided to play with him. After all, he liked his games. He especially liked playing them with you. 

"Why? Are you actually losing for once?" 

He snarled, a sound that should have terrified you, knowing he could kill you in a instant. Instead, it sent shock-waves through your body, making him smile. 

"I just need a little bit more strife. A little more pain. A little more chaos. Something I know you are very good at." 

You raised an eyebrow at him. It was true, you specialised in those things. It was why they sent you to Eichen House in the first place. 

You still remembered everything you’d done. The heat of the flames. The blood coating your hands. The screams of the people you’d slaughtered. 

"What’s in it for me?" 

"It’s unwise to question me sweetheart. Sure you don’t want to end up dead?" 

"You won’t kill me. You need me.”

He chuckled. 

“You’re right. I do need you. You help me win, and I’ll make sure no-one looks for you when they realise you’re missing. And people are going to come looking. After all, you did murder a lot of people. Good job with that by the way." 

You smiled at him. You shouldn’t have felt a sense of pride, you shouldn’t have felt good about the fact that he appreciated you. But you did. And that couldn’t be helped. 


"So, do we have a deal?" 

You nodded slowly, watching as his eyes flickered to your lips. 


In one quick movement, his lips had captured yours, his hands sliding up your arms to your neck, squeezing slightly when he reached your throat. 

You gasped for breath, him taking the opportunity to slide his tongue into your mouth, quickly taking dominance as he always did. Your hands moved under his, under Stiles’, t-shirt, feeling the ice-cold skin that you craved against yours. 

Damn, stupid fox-spirits. 

He removed his lips from yours, and latched his teeth onto your neck, the sensation enough  to send you into overdrive. 

And then he stopped. 

He grabbed you by your shoulders, looking straight into your eyes. 

"Y/N, go." 


"There are people coming. Go." 

"But I thought you needed me." 

He smirked, resurfacing unresolved feelings. 

"I do. But we’re going to keep you a secret for now." 

You understood. 

"Just another trick right?" 

"Exactly. Now go." 

You ran, hiding as you watched a man walk into the loft. 

The sheriff. 

The nogitsune smirked at you, before he faced the sheriff. He was the performer and you were his audience. 

You watched as he pretended to be Stiles, broke the handcuffs the sheriff used on him. 

You watched as he tackled a werewolf to the ground, slamming him against a wall. 

You watched as he stretched the brunette's taser, rendering it useless.

Stupid, idiotic do-gooders. They were all going to die. 

Then the other man there pointed a gun at his head. The sheriff yelling at Argent, the nogitsune tricking them all. 




You smiled at the thought of him winning. 

And then the Oni showed. 

Holy shit. 

But your worry didn’t last for long. Before you knew it, he had appeared beside you. 

"Good show?”

“They’re going to die." 

"Well, that is the plan. Tell me, do you approve?" 

You turned to face him, using your fingers to draw patterns on his chest. 

"Very much so." 

He began to walk away. 

"Are you coming with me or not?" 

"I guess so,” you began to follow him. 

“Good. We have business to discuss." 

You walked in silence, before you piped up. 

"Why are there handcuffs in your pocket?" 

"Well, the sheriff has loads. He won’t miss one pair." 

"So why do you have them?" 

You heard him chuckle. 

That damn chuckle. 

"Oh, I’m going to use them later.”

“On what?”

He faced you.

“On you." 



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Kai Parker x Reader
word count
: 4 891
warning : smut
summary : Reader is tired of Kai teasing her , saying she is too serious and needs to chill and after one of the parties in MF things … happen.😈
note : i made a few slight changes to the request , hope you don’t mind and still like it.
*not my gif

Long summer nights , parties at the swimming hole and at the Grill were a few of the things Y/N was looking forward to after her first year at college. All her friends and she had gathered at the Grill , laughing and just enjoying each other’s company and everything was fine until Kai showed up. It wasn’t like she didn’t like him , because she did more than she cared to admit. There was something about him that drew her in like a magnet since day one but for the past few weeks he had been all over her , constantly saying she is too serious and that she needs to ‘chill’. Y/N was starting to get tired of listening to him going on and on about it.
    “Hey guys.” said Kai smiling widely , holding his drink in one hand and the other in his pocket. “Ahh Y/N , I didn’t think I’d see you here. Why do you have that scrunched forehead super serious look again ? It’s driving me nuts. It’s a party. Loosen up have some fun.”
Y/N clenched her jaw for a moment taking a step towards him. A playful smile spread on her face and she trailed her fingers across his chest. There was no need for her to look at her friends to know they are looking at her as if she had lost her mind. Who knew , maybe she had but if he was going to get on her nerves –
    “I do –” she said biting her lip. “– have fun. With people I like.”
Kai took a step towards her until their bodies almost pressed against each other.
    “Does that mean you don’t like me?”
    “Always so full of yourself …” she trailed off taking a sip from her club soda.
    “I am just concerned you are missing out on the fun part of life.” he said with concern / worry in his voice but also a hint of amusement. “Always so serious - ”
    “I am not serious.”
    “ - too serious for your own good. I bet you don’t even know how to drink. That is to be expected , you know – since all you ever drink is water.”
Her friends kept glancing between them trying to figure out what was happening and probably picking up on her heartbeat because they looked at her with confusion and a little shock in their eyes.
    “Is that a challenge ?” she wondered unable to tear her eyes away from his.
    “It’s the facts.” replied Kai taking a sip from his drink. “You need to -”
    “Chill.” said Caroline placing a hand on Y/N’s shoulder seeing how at any moment she might try and strangle Kai. “He is just trying to get on your nerves.”
    “Yeah , Y/N. Chill.”
    “I will str-… ” she took  a deep breath trying to calm down , slipping her empty glass on the table. “You want me to chill ? Alright … Let’s do tequila shots.”
    “OH you do not want to see me on tequila -”
    “Come on Malachai … chill.” she smiled innocently at him. “Whoops , did I hit a nerve or something ?”
    “You are so on sweet cheeks.” he smirked at her , placing his hand on her back pushing her through the crowd towards the bed. His name sounded different when she said it , he almost liked it. Y/N pushed his hand away but that didn’t stop him from placing it on her back again.
Kai sat on one of the stools motioning for the bartender barely taking his eyes off her. Y/N was wearing a short t-shirt , ripped in the knees jeans and converses with her hair pulled in a loose side ponytail and he couldn’t help himself but reach to touch it for a few seconds.
    “I need to see her ID.” said the bartender pointing at Y/N who was smiling innocently , batting her eyelashes at Kai who looked her up and down seeing her press her lips together for a few seconds lightly licking them afterwards. Was he imagining it or did she really liked how he was looking at her in that moment ? No , not possible.
    “No. You don’t. Now get us two rounds of tequ-.”
    “Kai ?” she said innocently. “Get us a bottle extra añejo tequila –”
    “No , no. You have lost it. Are you sure ? That stuff is like really stro– ” he glanced at her with a mix of shock and amusement on his face. Y/N put her arm around his shoulder smiling innocently at him and his hand found its way on her waist again making her heart race like crazy ? “Oh-kay. What the lady said. Damn Y/N , maybe you are not as serious as I thought you were.”
    “Can we get this over with so I can get back home to finish my book ? I am right in the middle - ”
    “And there it is. What is that book about anyways ? Can’t be more interesting than spending time with me.” he wondered with a note of hurt in his voice.
    “Christian Grey is a good competition for you. ” she whispered in his ear before sitting on the stool next to him.
Kai looked at her with wide eyes as if seeing her for the first time. He had expected her to say it’s about something post apocalyptic since she appeared to like reading those quite a lot but not this. Perhaps he didn’t know her as well as he had thought.
    “There is no competition sweetheart.” he reached for the bottle just as the bartender gave it to them but Y/N was faster , pouring the liquid in the small glasses almost filling them completely. He couldn’t take his eyes off her. How had he missed seeing this side of her ? Maybe it had been because usually the parties had been happening on school nights when she had been studying. That he got , sort of.
    “Stop looking at me like that.”
Kai laughed under his breath. “Sorry , I just — I was thinking how , ahh never mind. Here , salt … lime -”
Y/N gripped his wrist licking the spot between his thumb and forefinger without taking her eyes off him , sprinkling a little salt on the spot
    “On three ?” she asked. Kai nodded still surprised at her behaviour. Y/N took her glass and he looked at her a little confused. “What ? In Mexico people drink it straight. I can go salt and lime for the next one -”
    “You are such a know it all.” he teased. Y/N tilted her head slightly , glaring at him. “Alright fine. We do it your way. One , two -  ”
Y/N looked into his eyes for a few seconds before drinking it in one gulp , throwing her head back before he had finished saying three. For a few seconds she closed her eyes , pressing her lips together while the alcohol burned its way down her throat. When her eyes opened Kai was looking at her with wide curious eyes and smile on his face.
    “How do you feel ?”
    “Like I need at least 5 more of those.”
Y/N laughed along with him, tapping her hands on the bar , motioning for him to get the next round ready. They went about eight rounds before he grabbed the bottle from her hands.
    “Alright , you are fun. I am very impressed but you are cut off.“ 
    “Oh-uh … the fun police is here. Now who is being the serious one ?” she pouted for a second.
    “I am being the responsible one , never the serious one.That’s your thing. Your friends will kill me if something happens to you.” he said holding the bottle over his head so she couldn’t get it. Not that it stopped her. Y/N kept trying to take it and their bodies kept pressing together. It felt as if electricity was floating between them, the feeling woke every fibre in his body and he found himself almost kissing her.
    “OH MY GOD I LOVE THIS SONG !” she placed her hands on his chest smiling wider than ever. There was something about her smile that made him smile. He had never seen her smile that much in the entire time they had known each other and she looked more beautiful than ever.
    “Y/N ? Wh-what are you doing ?!” he wondered looking around trying very hard to avoid any of her friends’ gazes while she climbed on the bar and started dancing on it , swaying her hips to the beat and throwing her hands in the air while singing along to ‘Sorry , not sorry’. Kai watched her dancing and laughing unable to tear his eyes off her wondering who this girl really was because she was the complete opposite of what he thought. A few moments later she almost slipped and he decided Y/N had had enough fun for one night ,  getting her off the bar almost in a flash.
    “Arrhhh –” she groaned , her hand reaching for her head.
    “I should probably take you home. You are drunk.” he held her steady.
    “Not drunk. Lightly buzzed.” she slurred her words a little , holding onto him. “I can totally drive -”
    “Yeah , no. C'mon. We are going home… your home , not mine. Don’t worry.”
    “You know , you are like really hot. How can you be so hot ?” she said hooking a hand around his neck , lightly trailing her fingertips on his jawline while he scooped her into his arms bridal style. Y/N couldn’t tear her eyes off him. How were his eyes bluer than usual and how did she notice that ? Was she really paying that much attention to everything he does ?  
    “You are so cute slurring your words like that.” he laughed under his breath , carrying her out of the bar without taking his eyes away from her until they got to his car. He let her sit on the passenger seat , did the seat belt for her and opened slightly the car window to let the cooler air in before getting in himself. Y/N reached for him the same moment , tapping his nose laughing under her breath at his expression.
    “Why are you being so sweet ? You don’t even like me –”
    “I don’t like the serious  ‘nose-stuck-in-a-book’ version of you. This version of you I like… and I like your smile. You should smile more often.” he replied putting the keys in the ignition. “Maybe we can do that again sometime ?”
    “Definitely … ”
Almost half an hour later he parked in front of her house and helped her get out of the car. Surprisingly he barely said a word the entire ride back , just kept glancing at her every few seconds while the cooler air coming from the window helped her sober up a little bit.
    “Thank you… for driving me home.” she gave him a small smile. “This is a little embarrassing. I usually don’t drink that much.”
    “No , no. It’s okay.” he said softly helping her get out of the car wounding one of his hands around her waist before walking her to the door. “Do you need help getting to the couch or upstairs ?”
    “I um –”
Y/N reached in her pocket getting out her keys and they slipped through her fingers onto the ground. Kai got them for her meeting her eyes a moment later as he pushed the key in the lock pressing his body against hers while unlocking the door. There it was again - the electricity he had felt almost an hour ago along with the desire to kiss her only this time the feeling was stronger. He brushed his fingertips against her cheek noticing her eyes darting between his eyes and lips. Y/N’s heart was beating so fast , each beat calling out to him and then he kissed her , gently at first slowly deepening the kiss as he pressed her body against the door. Thousands of butterflies flapped their wings in her stomach and her heart fluttered like hummingbird’s wings as his hands found their way on her waist and hers hooked around his neck pulling him closer before he pulled away.
They gazed into each other’s eyes for a few seconds then Y/N’s lips crashed against his hungry for more. Kai wrapped his hands around her , moving them up and down her back towards her ass , pulling her closer to him. Y/N broke the kiss long enough to invite him in and a moment later the door swung open. He backed her inside , kicking the door closed behind him while she pushed off his jacket and he pulled her shirt over her head , almost ripping her jeans off her right after sending clothes flying everywhere.
    “Damn Y/N – Where have you been hiding this entire time?” he scooped her up , shoving her against the wall suffocating her with kisses while Y/N’s hands hooked around his neck and her legs wound around his waist. Kai couldn’t believe he had kissed her and she hadn’t slapped him and then she had kissed him and invited him in. Everything was happening too slow and too fast at the same time and he could feel his heart about to leap out of his chest just like hers while he kissed her neck , lighting up her skin on fire everywhere his lips touched her.
    “Right under your nose.” she moaned gripping on his hair until their lips crashed against each other again. It almost felt as if the kiss was a competition for who will suck the air out of the other’s lungs faster.
    “Bedroom ?” he asked breathing heavily.
    “Upstairs , second door on the — left. Wow , someone’s fast.” she said just as he almost tossed her onto the bed. Kai grinned at her trailing his fingers on her inner thighs sending shivers through her body, kissing his way up stomach without taking his eyes off her until their eyes were on the same level.  A sideways smirk showed on his face and he pinned her hands over her head while pushing his crotch hard against hers making her moan out.
    “Such a beautiful sound. I can’t wait to make you scream my name –”
A tingly feeling spread like a tidal wave through her body. Everywhere he touched her , it was like lighting a match lighting on fire while his hand slipped behind her back undoing her bra. He slipped slightly down her body , sucking and nibbling on her nipples , tearing panties off in a split second.
    “I have barely touched you and you are already wet - ” he nibbled on her earlobe , brushing his fingers against her clit spreading her arousal around. “You will be dripping by the time I am done with you…”
Their lips crashed together and she moaned into the kiss when his fingers began drawing rough figure eights, turning her moans into whimpers. She spread her legs even wider, giving him better access while he kissed her neck and his crotch grounded against her hip. Y/N could feel him getting harder with every passing second , barely able to wait to feel him inside her. Kai’s fingers found their way inside her making her gasp , going in to the last knuckle slowly curling around feeling every inch while his thumb drew circles on her clit , pulling out and repeating again going in faster and rougher every time while sucking on a spot on her neck marking her as his. 
    “OH fuck , I’m so close..” she moaned , spurring him to go faster. Kai had been driving her nuts for weeks but this was a whole new level. He had lit up her entire body on fire and only he could put the fire out or more like make it even bigger.
    “Ahh so tight around my fingers. It will feel so good stretching you later.” he cooed , watching her eyes roll in her head and her her back arch a little more off the bed with every curl. He loved listening to her moans turn into small screams while his fingers continued assaulting her , cheating with vampire speed to pump even faster. It was driving him nuts and those walls clenching around his fingers – he could barely wait to know what it feels like being inside her. Kai couldn’t tear his eyes away from her , seeing her thrash and squirm on the bed as her orgasm tore through her body and she moaned his name so loud , the sound was almost a scream.
    “Mmmmm you taste amazing.” he moaned tasting her on his fingers. “I just want to slip between your legs and eat you out for the rest of the night – ”
Y/N felt her cheeks blush and she rolled on top of him , grounding her core against his lenght through the fabric , biting her lip when she realised how hard he had gotten contemplating whats going to happen next. Kai placed his hands on her waist making her hips move a little faster on him and he could swear there was electricity coming from where her hands were on his chest. Y/N leaned in and kissed him both of them moaning into the kiss while her hips grounded against him a little harder, tugging at his lip at the end of the kiss.
    “How are you doing this ?” he thought out loud , tangling his fingers in her hair while her lips made their way on his neck and onto his chest. Kai propped himself on his elbows unable to look away.
    “Doing what?” she wondered , kissing down his stomach without taking her eyes off him for a second. Y/N palmed him through his briefs , moving her hand slowly up and down on him listening to him moan softly watching him bite his lip  when  she pressed her mouth on his lenght letting her breath on it.
    “Driving me completely out of my mind.” he moaned watching her fingers hitch on the waistband of his briefs slowly pulling them down his legs.
Y/N ran her tongue on the underside of his thick shaft , blowing a light stream of air on the head while her fingers wrapped him. Her tongue swirled around the head then straight through the middle while her other hand gently fondled his balls. Kai bit his lip letting out a throaty growl feeling her nibbling on the head while stroking him at a steady pace looking at him with innocent puppy dog eyes running her tongue all over , drawing circles and other figurines. For a second his eyes fluttered closed and when they opened , his eyes were black with lust.
    “So innocent.” he moaned , watching her every move. “Maybe not that innocent though.. Who knew you were this naughty ?”
    “There is a lot about me you don’t know.” she winked at him , swinging her leg over his waist while her hand was still wrapped around him , both straddling half of his lenght while stroking the other at a steady pace. Kai’s hands found their way on her hips and he couldn’t tear his eyes away. A few more moments like this and he’ll lose it. Y/N threw her head back , moaning softly while her thumb drew circles on the tip , gathering the pre-cum before bringing it to her lips to taste him. 
    “So fucking hot.” he pulled her down for a kiss while she continued straddling him a little faster. Their lips moved hungrily against each other while their tongues swirled together exploring the other’s mouth. Kai’s hands roamed all over her body , lightly pushing his hips up at her. “I want you more than ever now.”
Y/N smiled innocently at him , resting her forehead on his straddling him a little faster daring her tongue to lick his lower lip for a second pushing him right over the edge. “Owh ?”
    “Yes.” he moaned , rolling on top of her in vampire speed.  ” – and I always get what I want.“
Kai pinned her wrists on either side of her head while he rested his forehead on hers. For a few long moments he teased her, slowly sliding just the tip inside watching her lose it completely. Y/N pushed her hips down on him , hoping to get more of him but he was step ahead of her withdrawing in that exact same moment and she almost groaned in frustration  Her eyes were begging for him , all of him but he wanted to hear her say it. .
    “Please Kai –”
    “Please ‘what’ ? What does my girl want ? Tell me.” he smiled innocently , brushing his nose against hers. Kai’s breath on her face was intoxicating her completely and there was only one thing she wanted - him. All of him.
     "Fuck me… Malachai. I want to feel every inch of you.“
     "You know , I don’t like when people use my full name.” he growled. “It gets me – upset.”
    “Then teach me a lesson.” she dared him. “Maalaach–”
Kai’s lips crashed against hers as he entered her with one hard thrust making her moan into the kiss , withdrawing slowly making her feel every inch of him on the way out , leaving just the tip inside before filling her in again. His thrusts were slow but hard at first picking up the pace every time and he couldn’t help but notice how somehow they were a perfect fit for each other.
    “C'mon Malachai , don’t be so soft. I am not going to break.” she teased him.
A low growl came from his throat and he picked up the pace cheating with his vampirism every few thrusts, going in harder and deeper hitting her spot every time. Y/N’s walls were so tight around him it was driving him nuts , even more when they clenched around him. He rested his forehead on hers , unable to take his eyes off hers. Why had she said his full name again , considering he had just warned her what happens when people do that ? Then it hit him.
    “You are so tight around me. I fucking love it.” he groaned , withdrawing almost completely before going in even harder than before turning her moans into small screams. Her body jolted forward a little and he could hear the bed screech on the floor but what got to him was the way she screamed his name. It turned him on like crazy and he wanted to hear her scream it louder.
    “OH fucK  MALACHAI –” she screamed , her head almost hitting the headboard and Kai grinned. Their lips crashed together and their fingers intertwined together while he continued to pound relentlessly inside her. Each thrust rougher than the last turning her skin to fire , the unmistakable sounds of flesh on flesh , his groans and her screams filling the air.
Kai swung one of her legs over his shoulder , listening to her scream his name louder every time his lenght buried deeper inside her. Y/N’s eyes rolled in the back of her head and her walls clenched around him again pushing his emotions on complete overdrive. For a few seconds purple / black veins flashed under his eyes and he could hear her heart skip a beat and her breath get caught in her throat.
‘So hot.’ she mouthed and Kai grinned at her , making her scream out louder in the next second. His thick shaft pushed inside her so hard all the air got knocked out of her lungs at once and her bed screeched on the floor hitting the wall a split second later. Kai listened to her heart rate and breathing try to do the impossible and catch up with each other failing every time.
    “Fuck go f-faster - ” she moaned , her walls clenching again feeling his lenght twitch inside her. Kai let out a throaty growl and wrapped his fingers around her neck , holding her steady while her fingers wrapped around his wrist for support. Purple black veins flashed under his eyes again and he cheated using his vampirism to go faster , unable to stop himself even if he wanted to. He was going in so hard and deep as if wanting to bury his entire self in her , each thrust knocking the air out of her lungs and leaving her craving more.
Y/N’s back arched off the bed a little  and she gripped the sheets so tight he could almost hear them starting to rip. The headboard hit the wall again , making a slight dent in it. He loved everything about her in that moment , seeing her eyes roll in the back of her head , feeling her walls contract around him but there was something else. He could tell she was holding it knowing he was close too, wanting them to finish at the same time. All his emotions blurred into one again , purple black veins flashing under his eyes and he leaned in sinking his teeth into her neck. Y/N gasped for a few seconds and tangled her fingers in his hair , enjoying him feeding on her just as much as he did. Last thing he expected after getting a taste of her blood was for her to cup his face and pull him down for a kiss not caring about his bloody lips. This kiss felt different as they poured every emotion they felt towards the other into it, their lips moving fiercely against each other leaving the other completely breathless at the end. They gazed into each other’s eyes searching for something in the other’s eyes and his lips crashed against hers again , demanding and greedier than ever while she held onto his biceps and he continued fucking her senseless almost getting her tip over the edge without him.
    “You look even hotter covered in blood.” she moaned out.
    “Damn Y/N. I don’t know you at all.” he groaned wondering who this girl was , because clearly he had misjudged her completely. Y/N was driving him completely insane and he couldn’t get enough. Their hearts thumping like crazy threatening to leap out of their chests and into the other’s arms. Her walls clenched around him again a little more intensely triggering his orgasm with hers following closely behind. Kai pressed his lips against hers , drowning her in a deep passionate kiss riding through both their highs until they were finished before collapsing on top of her.
    “Wow – Had I known how good it would feel being with you that way –  I would’ve done that weeks ago.” he grinned trying to catch his breath.
    “Why didn’t you ?”
    “I didn’t think you’d want me to.”  he rolled onto the bed next to her without taking his eyes off her.
    “How are you going to know if you don’t ask ?” she turned towards him. “Is that why you kept saying I need to ‘chill’ ? To find out without asking ?”
    “No. I kept telling you you are too serious because that’s what I saw… Obviously there is a lot more than meets the eye with you. I kind of really like this version of you.”
    “Likewise.” she smiled at him.
    “Where is that book ?”
    “What book ?”
    “Right , so we are playing the ’I have no idea what you are talking about’ game.”
    “There is no competition , Malachai.”
    “Why do you keep calling me by my full name ? Do you know how many people have called me that and gotten to live afterwards ? Only one … you.”
    “Only … me ? Why ?”
    “I don’t know …” he sighed.
    “Well , let me know when you figure it out. And I like your name. I like Kai too but — I really really like your full name.” she snuggled closer to him , resting her head on his chest. “Also – I like what you just did when I called you Ma- ”
    “Don’t say it.” he warned.
    “ - lachai.” she grinned at him seeing how he was suddenly towering over her. His jaw was clenched but he didn’t look mad. He looked — ready to break her or the bed. Or both. Definitely both. It made her skin on fire just seeing him like this. Kai’s knee was between her legs and she slid down the bed a little until her core grounded against it looking at him innocently, daring him to kiss her. To teach her another lesson.
    “You are in so much trouble young lady.” he smashed his lips against hers , pulling out the air out of her lungs. “You are not leaving the bed until you learn your lesson…”


What I say: I’m fine.

What I mean: Why don’t Brendon and Dallon act like they used to? I don’t even mean stage gay, I mean the friendship. The thing that made me smile. The ‘Wow I love Dallon Weekes" instead of the “Dallon shut the fuck up”. Yeah it’s just a joke, but what if it hurts Dallon? Do they even like each other anymore? Does it kill them to stay in the same room together? Are they even friends anymore? I mean there’s been many times where he’s referred to Brendon as his boss instead of his friend. Is it truly over? Has Brallon truly died?

Pretty Blue Eye

Request Prompt: Can you do an imagine where you’re Negan’s daughter (even though he doesn’t have one of course) and she meets Carl and they kinda fall for each other I WOULD LOVE YOU SO MUCH <3 -Anon

Pairing: Carl Grimes x Reader

Warning: Fluff

I looked at my dad as we rode back to the Sanctuary from Alexandria. We had just collected another tribute from them. I have to admit, I do feel a little bad. But my dad always said we do it to survive. I rested my head against the window while he went over the rules with me.

“Hey, you listening Y/N?”, he asked and I nodded.

“Yes dad. I hear ya. Kill people. Take their shit.”, I smiled and he chuckled.

“Alright, don’t be a smartass.”, he said and I shook my head.

Once we arrived the two of us got out, letting the group get the stock from the back. I heard a gun go off grabbed my pistol. My dad walked to the commotion and I pointed my gun at the intruder. I recognize him as Rick’s son.

“You look adorable.”, my dad said and I scoffed.

“He’s holding you at gun point and you think he’s adorable?”, I asked eyeing the boy.

“You scared the shit outta me.”, my dad laughed as the boy held him a scowl. I held my pistol up ready to fire when my dad held my wrist.

“Not this one.”, he mumbled and I lowered the gun. At that moment he fired again only to be tackled down by Dwight.

“Kid!” He held the crossbow up to his face and I moved to help him.

“Dwight! Is that any way to treat a guest?”, I heard my dad boast. Dwight moved as my dad held his hand out to him.

“Carl right?”, he asked with a smirk and I folded my arms.

“Come one Y/N don’t be like that.”, he said and I bit the inside of my cheek. “Let’s show our guest around shall we?”

We walked into the Sanctuary were everyone was doing their jobs. Same as they were before we left.

“We got a big load of goods and everyone gets fresh vegetables for dinner, regardless of how many point you have!”, the room erupted in cheers and we continued on.

“Is this a daily thing?”, he asked me and I nodded.

We followed my dad to the lounging area where he keeps his “wives”. The door opened and I waved at Sherry. She waved back but her smile fell once she saw my dad. He pulled her aside and they started whispering about something.

“I’m sorry you have to be here.”, I said and the boy turned to look at me.

“What does that mean?”

“Someone’s gonna get punished. I’ve never seen the iron since Dwight. The woman there, Sherry. Used to be his wife.”

“Why are you telling me this?”, he spat.

“Because my dad is dangerous. I know that. And you know it too. You don’t trust me, I can see it. But I’m telling you not to do something you’d regret.”, I snapped quietly.

“Why should you be telling me anything? You’re one of them.”, he replied.

“You think I wanted this? I’m not the one going around killing people. And I’m sure as hell not happy with what he’s doing. But if you don’t want my help then fuck you too.”, I countered.

“What are you two kids conversing about over there?”, he asked and I walked off, leaving the room. I stayed in my room after that playing with my sweater sleeve. A small knock interrupted me peaceful silence and I looked up in time to see Arat standing in the doorway.

“Its time. Your dad wants you there this time.”, she told me softly and I nodded.

I followed her to the room with the furnace where everyone gathered on the floor. The man I know as Mark tied to a chair in the center. I sat on the catwalk holding onto the railing, looking between them. He started going over the rules as Dwight held the iron over the burning fire. As my dad slipped the glove over his hand Carl turned in my direction looking up at me with a sad eye. A pretty blue eye. I tore my gaze from him and watched as my dad brought the iron closer to Mark’s face. No matter how much he pleaded and begged the punishment was carried out as planned. I clenched my eyes shut as he screamed in agony. Silence followed afterwards and I opened my eyes to see that he passed out. My dad laughed about how he pissed his pants as he stared up at Carl.

“He has been forgiven. But do remember that there are rules! Rules need to be followed.”, he stated and I quickly got up to dash outside. I hadn’t realized Carl followed me until he spoke up.

“I didn’t mean that before. Sometimes I forget there are good people too. Even if they’re mixed in with the bad.”, he said and I remained silent.

“If he let’s you go you should be lucky. He doesn’t do it often.”, I mumbled.

“If he doesn’t I have to fight. I have a younger sister back at Alexandria. And I have to fight. For her.”, he told me and I frowned.

“You have reasons to live. I don’t. I’m the reason my dad wants to live.”, I stated. “I don’t want him to hurt anyone else from your home Carl. I’ve seen too much for an average teenager. I could have stopped him that night if I had known he was going to do it.” His hand rested on mine as we sat watching the walkers behind the fence.

“He’ll lock you up like a animal. Just like your friend.”, I finished.

“I will need help if that happens.”, he smiled and I laughed a little. I looked over at him watching his eyes sparkle as my dad walked outside.

“Carl! I want to know more about ya. So come inside.”

anonymous asked:

Do you have anymore prompts for your story where the kid of a mercenary's target tries to kill the mercenary but instead ends up training with them? Or any prompts in a similar vein? Your posts are so amazing!

For the story so far if people are interested - Part 1, and Part 2. AKA the “a short story in prompts.”

The villain didn’t stride back into their office until much later in the evening. There was no brat of a teenager. Some crumbs of a sandwich, the chocolate stained rim of a mug. Their office drawers were flung open and their security lay on the floor with their feet sticking out from behind the desk. Shit. They recognised their own signature moves, magpied. Never trust someone who’s main goal in life was to murder you. Goddamn it. 

It was a familiar situation for the protagonist. Hands tied behind their back, a scratchy bag yanked over their head, and the scent of the vill-of his cologne as he circled them. 
“You wanted to make this personal,” he said. “Congratulations, you have my undivided attention now, [name].” He pulled the bag away and they stared at each other - the teenager panting and disheveled. He smiled and brushed his fingers over a brow bloodied by the fight. A difficult fight - they had learned a lot in their training with him. 
“You killed my family,” they mumbled. “You don’t get to get away with that. You don’t get to-” their shoulders shook, before they set their jaw. Glared. “Worked out well for me that you turned out to be such a sap. Little orphan and some big eyes, you’re easy.” 

“You’re letting me go?” The protagonist reeled. They’d brought down his organisation, exposed secrets worth dying for, thought that they would die for doing so. End up in an unmarked grave or a garbage bag in the gutter.
“You’re not as good a liar as you seem to think you are,” he replied. “I didn’t get to where I was in life without knowing when the children are scared.”
“I’m not a child-!”
“The night you robbed my office, you came to me terrified.” 
The protagonist swallowed hard and dropped their gaze. 
He smiled. “You have fun with that, without my protection, kid.”
That was mercy. That was punishment.

“Can I get you a drink?” The protagonist’s stomach back flipped, but their voice remained steady. It had been a few years. A few years of complete hell, which gave every atom in their bodies callouses. 
“Are you old enough to be in a bar, now? Oh, they grow up so fast.” Mocking.
For a stupid moment, they were surprised he even recognised them.
The teenager - not a teenager anymore - didn’t look the ever hungry creature now. Yet his eyes showed no surprise to the way that things had changed. Pitiless too. A familiar smile on his lips.
“I need your help,” the protagonist bit out. 
“And there was me thinking backstabbing, treachery and bloodshed were your specialties. I trained you well. But, you must think me stupid to fall for the little orphan with some big eyes twice.” 
“I can pay.”

New Family - Part 2 - Request

The night was dark and cold. The smell of the place was a mixture between chlorine and something burned, with a bit of ink and rotten pop corn. There was a flickering lightbulb right over Sherlock, and the rest of the place was dark, and only the echo of Moriarty waddling around helped Sherlock to locate him.

With a gun in hand, Sherlock pointed to whichever place he heard Jim’s footsteps. He tried to keep his breathing steady, but it was nearly impossible considering his heart was beating a thousand miles per hour.

“I heard you got yourself a bird.” Moriarty chanted from the shadows, “Is she… Yummy?”

“Come out to the light; see if you’re so brave like that.” Sherlock commanded.

“Sher, you’re trembling.” Moriarty giggled, “Are you late for dinner?”

“I always knew you were a coward.” Sherlock teased.

“I’M NOT A COWARD!” Moriarty roared as he appeared right in front of Sherlock. The consulting criminal took in a deep breath and exhaled a macabre laughter. “Sherlock, you’re becoming human.”

“You too.” Sherlock observed. Moriarty, although impulsive, usually keep his calm for a bit longer and didn’t get triggered so rapidly.

“I do admit there has been a few… Changes. But you know I’m changeable.” He shrugged his shoulders, “But you… I smell weakness. That lady tamed you.”

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Not In Baby

Characters + Ships: Dean Winchester x Reader, Sam Winchester 

Warnings:Fluffiness out the wazoo, some brief arguing but it’s all resolved :) 

A/N: Written for @impala-dreamer and her One Prompt For All Dean Challenge. Super glad my first official fic is written for her challenge. I also imagined the Full House episode where Jesse teaches DJ to drive, haha, also the Taylor Swift song Our Song later on. Also, 100% unbeta’d. Any errors are mine.

Word Count: 898

“Sammy, if we aren’t back within the hour, call the cops.” you warned, Dean’s eyes rolling as he strolled behind you.

“She’s so over dramatic,” Dean scoffed, “We’ll be back soon. Don’t blow the house up.”

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Moving Forward Chapter 6

Prompt: Reader gets pregnant by the sourwolf but he leaves before she could tell him, time skip the kid is 3 and the pack is the readers main support.

Pairing: Derek Hale x Reader, Pack x Reader

Word Count: 1,223

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anonymous asked:

Hi! Could I request a Sirius x Reader where she's been a marauder for years but none of them knew that she could sing? Idk I thought it would be cute to see Sirius' reaction.

                      The Long Night

Hi anon, I’m not sure if this is what you were hoping for (I’m sorry if it isn’t). And I’m sorry for the length, I always seem to have trouble keeping things short. I hope you like it! Thanks for the request!


You jumped, dropping the Daily Prophet and spinning around to see Lily standing behind you, holding a glass of firewhisky.

“I’ve been saying your name for the past 2 minutes,” she frowned. “Is everything ok?”

“Yeah, sorry,” You answered, bending down to grab the newspaper off the kitchen floor. “I was reading the Daily Prophet. 30 muggles dead and 5 muggle-borns missing. It’s getting worse.”

“I know,” Lily sighed, draining her drink and slamming her empty glass on the kitchen bench.

“Are you scared?” You asked her, handing her the newspaper and leaning back against the bench. “To leave Hogwarts, I mean? We won’t be protected anymore.”

Lily frowned, deep in thought. “Yes and no. I mean, it’s going to be dangerous, especially if you’re a muggle-born, but we’ll be able to actually help with this war. Fight back, you know.”

You nodded, falling silent as Lily continued to read the article and looked around Sirius Black’s small kitchen. You were spending a few days of the Christmas holidays at Sirius’ apartment along with Lily, James, Remus and Peter. Sirius had received a small amount of gold 12 months ago and he immediately moved out of the Potter family home and bought his own place. He was always grateful to live with the Potter’s but he felt guilty, believing he was a burden. But while he’s happy to have his own home, he becomes quite lonely although he tries not to show it; therefore you and your friends made an effort to visit Sirius regularly.

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Feigning The Connection

 Prompt: You seem so invincible. But just touch you and you’ll wince. You have secrets and trust no one. You’re the perfect example of betrayal. Because anyone you’ve ever trusted broke you. Thrust into a new world, will you be able to stay alone, or will Bellamy work his way in?



A/N: Here it is! The finale… for now! Thank you to everyone who’s supported me and made this story the best it can be. I’ll miss it until season five comes, but I promise you all the second season five episode one comes i will start working on the next chapter! Again thank you all, I am beyond thankful!!!!! Let me know if you guys would like like a snip-bit of like a moment never seen before lol! It’d be fun to just write like a short fluffy scene between the reader and Bellamy!

I hope you all enjoy this chapter as much as I enjoyed writing it. Send me a little comment in the ask section or leave it below on what you thought of this chapter. It doesn’t have to be long, I appreciate every single comment I receive and telling me just helps inspire me to write it more frequently.

AGAIN, remember if you’d like me to continue this series, just leave a little comment or an ask letting me know. I will NOT continue the series if no one wants me to.

Pairing: Bellamy x Reader

Based off of: The 100 04x12 and 04x13 

Warnings: spoilers.

Tag’s List: @super-river-walker - @deathofthethrones - @dontstopxx - @chebz - @isabellaskyliner - @jeppthatsme - @sarita-villa - @jedibookmasterofnorta - @hoesugh - @wsternhaikus - @doctorwhoandrory - @claudsgodz - @multi-fandom-dumpster - @letsgetfuckingsuperwholocked
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Originally posted by nightcourtlord

Squeezing past the mass chaos of bodies, you slid through the door to the main office. Behind you came in Bellamy, Clarke and Jaha. You tried ignore the pit in your stomach as you listened to the cries and complaints of your people.

“Our people are scared, Marcus.” Jaha sighed as he gently shut the door behind him. Despite what he’d done to you and your father, you couldn’t help but agree with what he’d been saying. You hadn’t wanted to die, you didn’t want all of the grounder’s civilization to die, and you were more than glad that Bellamy had gotten the door open. But what your people did, only caused them more fear in the end. “We need to tell them something.”

“We just spoke with Raven.” Your ears perked up at the mention of a name you hadn’t heard in a while, your gaze flying to your father’s. “When she gets here, we’ll have all our essential personnel.” 

“H-How many spots does that leave us with?” Clarke asked, stepping towards Kane.

“Including essential personnel and the places we’re holding for the children under sixteen, that leaves us with seventy-nine.” Your heart dropped at the number, what could’ve been perceived as a large number any other situation, but in this moment it seemed dangerously low. Seventy-nine people… to be chosen out of hundreds.

“Seventy-nine…” Clarke repeated with a shaky voice.

“I can’t believe we’re talking about sending three-hundred and sixty-three of our own people to their deaths.” Jaha breathed, shaking his head in disappointment.

“You’re lucky they’re giving us any space in the bunker at all.” You reminded, pulling his gaze on you. After the stunt him and Clarke had pulled, you were genuinely surprised Octavia was letting them have a spot. Though after you finished your words, you felt a hand on your shoulder. Already knowing who it was, you stepped back.

“Look. I don’t like it anymore than you do.” Kane agreed, crossing his arms. 

“The let’s fight this.”

“No.” Your father immediately shut down. “Any sort of resistance will cost us all of our lives. Our best coarse of action is to hold a lottery for the remaining spots.”

“It’s not going to work, Marcus.” Jaha warned.

“It’s your idea.”

“That was for the chance to survive,” Jaha clarified. 

“And how is this any different?” Abby asked, shaking her head at Jaha who leaned forward on the desk. “Until twenty minutes ago, our people thought they were safe. They let their guard down. They picked their bunks. They unpacked their bags. They imagines their futures. You try to rip them from that now, believe me, they will fight.” Your head dropped at his words. He was right…

“No ones saying it’s going to be easy, but we need to make the people listen to reason.”

“Someone still has to get Raven.” Bellamy reminded, finally speaking up. “I’d like to volunteer.”

“Me too.” You nodded, raising your hand gently without a doubt. Raven needed you, whether she knew it or not and after everything, you weren’t leaving Bellamy again. There wasn’t much time left, and if he was going there’s a chance he might not come back. You’re not staying here if that happens.

“And i’ll join you.” Clarke added and you turned your gaze on her, slightly narrowing your eyes.

“No. Someone else can go with him.” Abby refused.

“Me.” You spoke up, reminding them. It seemed biased, but you almost felt like you couldn’t trust her. The amount of times you’d worked hard to save her… and she re-payed you like this.

Clarke looked at you before looking at her mother; “mom. Look, Raven needs our help. I know the way to the island. I need to do this.”

“Well, you be safe.” Your father spoke up, offering a gentle smile your way. “There’ll be place for you all when you come back.” Nodding at your father, you stepped forward into his embrace. Letting his hand fall into your hair, you tightened your grip.


“You got room for two more?”

Turning your head, you found Murphy walking through the door and someone… behind him? “Murphy, what are you doing here?” Bellamy asked in confusion, watching as the girl behind Murphy shut the door gently.

“We heard you’re going after Raven,” Murphy explained, turning his gaze on Abby. “We just want to help.”

“I’ve been to that island a dozen of times. No one knows that water better than me.” The girl explained, her breath frantic. You frowned, there was more to this. They seemed panicked.

“It’ll maybe help our chances if we bring home the chosen ones.” Murphy clarified and realization flooded through you. You couldn’t blame them, you even felt guilt well within you…

“There’s a lottery.” Abby finally explained; “i’ll make sure that your name is in it.”

“And Emori?”

Abby hesitated; “i’ll do the best I can.”

“I don’t think we’ve formally met.” You smiled, looking up from your lap over to Murphy and Emori. Clarke had wanted to sit in the front, and at this point you didn’t much care. Of course, that left you alone in the back just staring at the outside while listening to Emori and Murphy softly share a conversation. “I’m Y/N.”

“Emori.” She offered shortly, giving a quick nod. You nodded yourself, your gaze falling back to the outside. “I was wondering where you’d run off to Murphy.” You commented lightly, smiling despite the circumstances that surrounded you. You heard Murphy scoff gently and you couldn’t help but laugh.

“You two know each other?” Emori asked, bringing your attention back over to the two of them. Smirking, you nodded; “Murphy tried to kill me once.” You watched as Emori’s face fell with an expression you couldn’t read, was it shock? She couldn’t have been that shocked, if she was dating Murphy she must know that he could be a bit.. rash at times. Of course, you didn’t much care about that time in your life anymore. Murphy was different, even if you didn’t know him that well know, you could tell.

“Of course, it’s all in fun now.” You teased, smiling brightly over to Murphy who only shook his head with a laugh. Emori herself let a smile fall on her lips, the tense atmosphere slowly disappearing.

Though your laughter was cut short as the car suddenly came to an abrupt and rough stop, knocking you slightly over. Your groaned as your side smacked against the edge of the car, holding onto it tightly. In panic, you checked over your suit for any scratches and let out a breath of relief when you found nothing. “Okay?” You asked, looking over at Murphy and Emori. You let out a breath of relief when they nodded.

Looking before you, you saw the body Bellamy had hit, blood surrounding the snow around him, bleeding into it. Though the moment of shock was soon over as people started running at the car from all around; “Bellamy!” You called, backing up slightly but it was too late as one of the grabbed your arm aggressively and tugged you over the edge of the back of the car.

“Y/N!” You heard Murphy call as your back smacked against the ground. Two men left your side, going back to the car and in the spur of the moment you saw them yank down the fencing at the back of the car.

You kicked out in panic as the man above you harshly gripped at you, but it was no use. Soon he was on top of you, grabbing at your helmet. “They want our suits!” Emori called, and your gripped your own helmet in panic.

You heard sounds of commotion but saw none of it as you fought ruthlessly with the man on top of you. Suddenly he was yanked off of you and thrown to the side, when you refocused on your surroundings you saw Bellamy, holding a hand out to you. Accepting it, you panted as he pulled you up falling against him as he brought you into his arms. 

You stared at the new figure in anxiousness, unsure of who it was. Then suddenly as if understanding everyones confusion, the person sheathed their sword and pulled down their mask. “There might be more of them, we should go.”

“Echo, what are you doing here?” Bellamy asked out of breath.

“I know about your bunker on the island. I just saved your lives, i’m hoping you will return the favour.” Echo explained, huffing.

“Unless we can get another ride, no ones getting to that island.”

“No, no, no, hey. Clarke!” You snapped around when you heard gagging, your eyes widening in shock when you saw blood splutter from Emori’s lips. Clarke stepped forward, pushing Emori up from her crouched position to view her; “you’ve been exposed.” She panicked. 

“How is that possible? She’s wearing a suit.” Murphy asked, looking over at Clarke in fear.

“I-I… Uh,” she fumbled for her words, turning Emori to the side slowly only to find her suit had been ripped. “The seal of her helmets been torn.” Clarke explained, peeling back the excess fabric.

“Can you fix it?” Emori asked and you couldn’t almost hear the panic in her voice.

“We just need tape. That’s all.” Murphy explained, doing his best to soothe Emori. “It’s gonna be fine.”

“We don’t have any tools or weapons.” You reminded, shaking your head.

“So we give her the extra suit!”

“We don’t have another suit.” Bellamy tried to explain but Murphy spun around; “yes, we do!” He spat, before his gaze fell to Echo who stood behind you and Bellamy. “Take it off now.” He ordered, taking a threatening step in Echo’s direction.

“I saved your life.” She reminded, hesitantly stepping back.

“What were you gonna do if we didn’t get attacked, huh?” Murphy asked, “I mean, you guys seriously think she was following us out of the kindness of her heart? No, she was gonna attack the second we stopped.” Stepping forward, he moved to grab her; “give me the suit!”

“Murphy! Murphy!” Bellamy called, blocking him. “No!”


“Murphy, you cut that suit and it saves no one.” Bellamy explained, instantly making Murphy back down slightly.

“I’m not letting her die.” Murphy declared, sighing you shook your head. Clenching your fists, you bit your lip; “she won’t.” You suddenly spoke, bringing everyones attention on you. “She’s taking my suit.” You declared, moving your hand up to take off your helmet but Bellamy left Murphy’s side in record time, grabbing you before you could expose yourself.

“No.” He said, looking down at you; “no. That’s not happening.”


You heard a click and a huff of movement, both you and Bellamy turned your gaze to Clarke as she took off her helmet.

“What are you doing here?”

“We’re not leaving you behind.” Bellamy declared, walking down the steps to reach Raven. You smiled as they embraced each other, following Bellamy down the stairs quickly. “But there isn’t enough time to get back.” She whispered, shaking her head. Stepping up behind Bellamy, you embraced Raven yourself in a hug, smiling at her.

“We’re not going back, we’re going up.” Clarke explained, making her way down the stairs. 

“Oh, don’t look so surprised.” Murphy teased, reaching the bottom of the stairs and smirking Raven’s way. “It was all your crazy idea to begin with.”

“Space?” Raven questioned, making her way over to the rest. “But we don’t have enough fuel to get down.”

“Sounds like a five-year problem to me.” You reminded, grabbing ahold of Bellamy’s hand as he smiled down at you. Squeezing his grip, you let your eyes fall around the lab for the first. It was much more high-tech than you’d expected.

“You’re talking about the ring.” Raven declared in bewilderment. You nodded slowly; “seems like a shame to let a good rocket go to waste.” Bellamy commented, peering over to the rocket itself.

“How do we live?”

“They left a water reclamator there, and we know that go-sci has an algae farm. We just get those two things up and running, and we have food and water.” Clarke explained, as Raven’s eyes narrowed in thought.

“Algae salads and recycled urine,” Murphy drawled. “Sign me up.”

“Better than dying.” Emori clarified, turning to Murphy with an raised brow.

“Yeah, you say that now.” Murphy drawled; smirking.

“Okay, hold on a moment,” Raven interrupted with a shake of her head. “Breathing’s important too. What’s the plan for oxygen?”

“Based on what Murphy’s says about the lighthouse bunker, i’m guessing– make that praying– there’s an oxygenator there.” Monty spoke up, pulling Raven’s attention on himself. “We take it up with us. You hook it up. Bob’s your uncles.”

Raven paused; “you’re an engineer, Monty. You do know there’s about a thousand things wrong with that plan right?”

“Yes.” Monty’s head fell; “and every one of them kills us. Of course, staying here will get us a killed too, so–”

“Raven,” Bellamy spoke up. “We need you to get us off the ground before the death wave hits. What do you say? Can you do it?”

Raven paused, letting her eyes fall on all of you in thought. Biting your lip, you waited impatiently for her decision. “What do I say…” She whispered, stepping over to the computer that allowed you to see how much time you had left. “I can say the death wave can kiss my ass.”

“Good.” Clarke smiled; “it’s settled then. We’re going back to the Ark.”

Looking around at your friends, you smiled; “are we really going to do this?”

“Hey…” You greeted Bellamy, opening the glass door. Smiling down at Bellamy, you raised any eyebrow; “did you get to her?” You asked, already knowing he knew who you were referring to. Though your smile fell when he didn’t reply and instead only stared at you in worry; “Bellamy? What’s wrong?”

Taking a deep breath, Bellamy stood up from his seat on the couch. “Radio’s dead, you won’t get to say goodbye to your dad.” You felt your lips part in shock, a sickening feeling welling within you as your eyes fell to the radio. “I’m sorry.” 

Five years… five years or more… You wouldn’t even get to know if your dad’s okay and hear his voice one last time. Your eyes crinkled and you felt them grow wet with distress. Five years…

You felt a body before you and then suddenly you were engulfed by another. Bellamy wrapped his arms around you tightly, as you finally felt yourself slip and the tears fall. Falling against him, you stumbled back, gripping him tightly. You felt Bellamy wound a hand around the back of your neck, pressing you against him in support. 

Sniffling, you shoved your face into the crook of his neck. Five years…


He turned around, peering at you through his helmet. “I know, Y/N.” Bellamy’s voice cracked and the minute he’d finished what he was saying, his hopeful eyes flew back towards the entrance. Clarke had left to set up the radio so we could get onto the Ark, she hadn’t come back yet.

Raven fell beside you, and reluctantly you stepped back but stayed in view so you could see Bellamy. “The radiations already affecting the avionics.” Raven explained softly; “it’s now or never.” Hesitating one final time, Bellamy let his eyes stay on the entrance for as long as he could. Then he turned, and begun making his way to the rocket.

Falling within the rocket yourself, you let your eyes fall to the ground. That was it. This was it. You were going to go up to space and leave Clarke down here… to die.

You took Bellamy’s hand as he walked in, falling behind him as the both of you stared at the closing door. With one final glance, you felt your heart shatter; another one gone…

Bellamy closed the rocket door, and you fell into your seat next to Murphy and Echo. Bellamy went forward, sitting in the pilot seats with Raven. “She isn’t coming?” Harper whispered, her voice cracking as she turned her gaze on Bellamy. He only shook his head in disappointment.

“Can’t we give her another minute?” Emori asked, and you gripped your seatbelt tighter.

“We’re out of time.” Bellamy spat, but you knew he meant no anger behind it. He was just frustrated, as you all were. You had your tough situations with Clarke, but you never thought this would be her outcome. She’d fought so hard for the survival of her people, even if she hadn’t put you on that dumb list you didn’t care. Or even if she’d left you to die outside the bunker. Clarke didn’t deserve to die alone, eating alive by radiation. “This is what Clarke would want us to do. We wait, we die.”

“Wait. How are we gonna know she got the power on, then?”

“We’ll know when we get there.” You sighed.

“Opening launch door.” Raven commanded, pressing a few buttons on the control panel. Turning to Bellamy, she hesitated; “you sure about this?”

“It’s the only choice.”

“Initiating countdown.” Taking a deep breath, you shifted in your seat to better situate yourself and gripped your makeshift belt with fear and anxiety. “Go for launch, it t minus ten.” The intercom begun speaking; “nine, eight, seven, six, five, four…”

Bellamy peered back at you and you gave him a smile, crinkling your eyes in fear. He only continued to stare at you; easing your panic as you stared into his eyes for reassurance. “Three, two, one…” You felt the rocket shake beneath you, rattling you in your seat on the floor. Before you knew it, you felt your head being pulled down to the wall behind you.

As the rocket rattled, you begun shooting up and flying higher and higher.

After a little bit, Raven explained; “almost there. Booster separation in three, two, one.” Then you felt the rattling suddenly stopped and your body weigh down, you let out a gasp as you felt your body float up. Looking around you; “separation complete.”

You heard Raven began laughing, and you couldn’t help but let a smile slip of your own. “Welcome to zero G boys and girls.” Looking before you, you watched your arms float in mid-air, laughing quietly to yourself.

“No.” Raven suddenly said and you snapped your guys up to Murphy as he held the buckle to his seat belt in his hands. “Remember, oxygen is limited. No floating. Your heart rate will raise and you’ll use too much air. Doesn’t matter if the lights aren’t on. Computer, engage navigation system, preset coordinates. Get me to the damn door and i’ll do the rest.”

“Home, sweet home, huh?”

“There’s an access panel down at the end of the hallway.” Raven explained and you nodded, rushing through the hallways of Ark. “She’s out of oxygen, what do we do?” Murphy asked, hefting Raven against his side while she breathed shallowly.

“We share.” Emori offered.

“Put her down next to the vents.” Monty ordered, walking up beside you. “It’s where the air will arrive first.”

“Monty, know where this goes?” Bellamy asked, gesturing to the huge machine he carried. Walking forward; Monty grumbled; “i’ll have to talk you through it.” Running forward, you fell down beside Bellamy, helping him set down the machinery before turning to him as he begun opened the panel. Breathing in slow deep breaths, you tried to keep yourself calm.

“Bellamy, hurry up.” Monty rushed; “Harper’s running out of air.”

Echoe stepped forward, shoving Bellamy out of the way as he slowly unscrewed every screw in the panel. Gripping the handles, she tugged roughly and soon enough it popped off. “Okay, get the tubes.” Monty begun explaining. Taking a glance at your oxygen meteor you panicked as you read the number four, you hand four percent of oxygen left.

Harper and Echo begun sharing, as Monty struggled with the pain in his hands. Helping Bellamy, you tugged off the tubes with him throwing them beside you. Turning to Monty, you panted; “Monty, what’s next?”

“Okay. We need to connect the Ark power to the generator conduits. Look for a red and black wire.”

“There.” You signalled, pointing before you.

“Alright, got it.” Bellamy grunted, grabbing ahold of the wire. Pulling it down quickly, he attached it to the generator with haste. You felt yourself crumble to your knees, panting desperately. 

“Monty,” you panicked, looking over at him as he passed out. “Bellamy!” Catching Bellamy’s attention, as he crawled to Monty’s side. Falling against the wall, you ripped off your helmet, grabbing your oxygen tank in panic and pressed the mouth guard up against your lips. “Hey, Monty! No, no, no! Hey, it’s connected what do I do?” Bellamy asked, desperate for Monty to reply.

You felt your eyes slow shut, nothing coming through anymore. “Bellamy…” You whispered, more like rasped and reached out for him but he was too busy trying to get Monty to respond. He moved but you couldn’t focus, taking one last glance at his face as you felt yourself unable to breath and your face go puffy. You slipped, falling unconscious. 

“Y/N!” Blinking your eyes, you took in a deep gasp of air, feeling your body be pulled over another. Looking up, you found Bellamy, holding you against him as you both desperately rasped for air. You turned, falling into him with a heavy sigh as he wrapped his arms around you. Hugging him back, you let your head fall against his chest.

This was it, this was your home for the next five years. It was just the eight of you now; alone in what had been your old home.

Have yourself a merry little Christmas

Request: Hi can you please do a Jerome x Reader is when they spend Christmas together and he proposes to the reader and smut
Word count: (800)


I set the last present under the tree with a satisfied smile. “Ah this is gonna be so fun!” I say clapping my hands and jumping up and down. I go over to the mirror and look at myself in my Christmas sweater, knee socks, and Santa hat. What can I say? I’ve got the Christmas spirit.

As I hear footsteps I turn around to see Jerome wearing his sweater as well. “Aww you wore it!” Jerome looks at himself and shivers with a grimace. “Ugh how is this your favorite Holliday? Why not something like Halloween?” I smile and hug him nuzzling my head in his chest. “How could you not? It’s so pretty! All the lights, and sparkles! Not to mention all the best things happen on Christmas.” Jerome kisses my head and sighs. “Not for me. Never got a thing. Just beatings.” I roll my eyes still wishing I could kill his mother all over again. “Well that’s why your girlfriend is the best person in Gotham. I got you…27 gifts? Yeah I think that’s right.”

Jerome’s eyes go wide as he looks at the tree to see the mountain of boxes stacked on top of each other. “Come on! Open them!” I drag him over and give the first one to him. He tears the paper fast and smiles as he opens the box lid. “Ahh doll. You shouldn’t have!” He laughs and pulls out a beaded gun color coded with green and purple with a diamond J on the side.

He continues to open the gifts one by one loving each one just as much as the last. “Time for yours doll.” Jerome pulls out 3 boxes. One big, one medium, and then a small one. “I feel bad! You got me so many, and I only got you 3!” I kiss J and smile at him. “I was making up for lost time. This is perfect for me Jerome.” He smiles and pushes the first big box to me.

I smile and open it to see it filled with expensive clothes packed to the rim. Skirts, jeans, shirts, dresses you name it. It was in there.

He passes me the next box. I open it to find an assortment of guns, knifes anything a psychotic beauty would want!

Then he stands. He takes a deep breath then looks down at me. “(Y/n) when you came the circus I instantly knew you were special. I knew you would understand me. When I killed my mother you didn’t run. You helped me hide her! We’ve been through everything together. Arkham, murders, being killed, then reborn, and we still found each other. I want to not only have you as mine forever, but I want you to have a feeling of the normal life you once talked about. So would you do me the pleasure of becoming my wife?” I hold my hand over my mouth not being able to conjure up words.

Jerome smiles and laughs. “What do you say doll? Wanna be a Valeska?” “Yes! Of course!” I jump into Jerome hugging him and kissing his stapled face. He slips the ring on my finger with a smile on his lips. I look at the ring and see the huge rock now sitting on my ring finger. “I’m gonna be a Valeska!” I cheer and jump kissing my fiancé.

Jerome falls back onto the couch bring me with him as we continue our passionate kiss. He slides a hand down my body right to where I want him. He slides my panties to the side and circles my clit spreading my juices evenly up and down my slit. I arch my back as he slips one single finger into me teasing me. “Jerome. Don’t waist time. I need you.” I breath out moving his waistband of his boxers him springing free.

He laughs and look down at me. “Yes Mrs. Valeska.” He smirks and lines himself up with my entrance and pushing into me. Both of us sigh in pleasure. “Oh god Jerome.” I throw my head back as he starts to thrust into me. “You like that baby? Hm?” “Ugh yes!” I grip his hair moaning out. He pulls all the way out then slams into me causing me to scream out in pleasure.

He rubs my clit as he pounds into me with no mercy. I moan out his name several times as I get closer to my release. “Come on baby. Come for me.” Jerome thrust into me faster and I let lose spilling my release from my body. He follows soon after shooting his hot cum into me.

He kisses me and moves my hair out of my face. “You’re right doll. The best things do happen on Christmas!”

creepy-skull-arts  asked:

And a one shot. *whispers* Please. *squish* About Thomas and Anxiety. *squeeze* A sweet one in which Anxy saves Thomas' life with a panic.*cuddle* °q° And sweet confessions.

Ships: Platonic!! ThomasxVirgil (as in „you know that I need you and you’re important to me“)

Virgil is scared of thunder and lightning in this one by the way. (Edge Lord not so Edgy anymore) Also there’s a road accident mentioned, just in case that might trigger someone, I want to let you know.

Also they are able to touch each other

I’m not sure about actually writing a real existing person so uh..sorry if this is bad.

also @sabriel-fanboy-83 Imma tag you here in case this interests you


„I’ll be right back!“

Thomas stood in the hallway, putting on his shoes and a jacket, ready to go out to get some groceries.

„Thomas“, Anxiety popped up behind him, hands pushed into the pockets of his hoodie,“maybe you shouldn’t go outside. Just look at the weather, it’s awful. It’s raining and storming and ugh, anything could happen. We just had a hurricane going ‘round here not that long ago, don’t you remember? I don’t like the weather.“

„Nhaw, Virge, it’ll be okay. Just a little drive down to the store and that’s it. It won’t take long!“

With pulled up shoulders, Virgil kept looking at him, the look on his face looking more worried.

„You seriously even want to drive? Do you know how easily you could get off the road? Or someone else could and you could get involved.  I’m just saying that-“

Before he could finish his sentence, a loud growl of thunder came from outside of the house, lightning following shortly after. Virgil flinched, hoodie pulled closer to himself and shivering.

„Just please-“, he started to panic. The thought of Thomas going out at a weather like this just…was awful to him.

His voice was shaking, sounding like it could break like sugar glass anytime.

Again a loud growl.

By now Virgil was sitting on the ground, legs pulled close to himself, the hood pulled down in his face.

Thomas stopped, putting his jacket and shoes away again, sitting down next to him and putting one arm around him.
„It’s okay, sssh okay okay. I’ll stay here, okay? I’ll stay until the weather is better again. I don’t want you to worry.“

He hugged him, pulling him closer and brushing his hand over his back.

„It’s just-
I don’t want you to get hurt and I’m worried because the weather is so bad and you’re so important to so many people me included and-“, Virgil stopped again, pulling his shoulders up, pushing closer to Thomas as the weather outside got even worse.

Thomas got slowly up, picking Virgil up and kissing his cheek softly.

„It’s alright buddy, you’re important to me too. We both know that I need you.“

A few minutes later they sat on the couch together, cuddled up close to each other and sharing snacks, the TV running in the background.

„See,“ Virgil said, more calm again and looking at the news,“that’s the street you would have had to drive down to get the groceries. Now look at that chaos because of that truck. That could have get you killed, I told you it’s a stupid idea.“

Thomas chuckled, kissing his cheek again and nodding.
„You panicking saved me, thanks buddy. I really need you more than you know.“

Roman stood in the doorframe, smiling as he looked over at them, watching them cuddled up and slowly dozing off.
It was nice to see them like this, really sweet, actually.

We’re not dating.

I’m literally so stupid. I got an ask for a blurb, and I deleted it. I do know what it was! It was requested by an anon, number one with George Weasley. 

1. “For gods sake, guys! We’re NOT dating”

You groaned in annoyance when another girl said she was happy for you and George. 

“For gods sake,” You groaned, “We’re not dating.” George smirked behind you. 

“Would it be that bad if we were?” You turned around and felt your face heat up. You shook your head and smiled. 

“I wouldn’t hate it.” He waited until you continued, and you felt a chill run over your spine under his gaze. “It would definitely be easier. I swear, whoever spread that rumor, I’ll kill them.” 

“Even if it was me?” George surprised you, and you chuckled. 

“Why would you say something like that?” 

“I don’t know why I just confessed.” George got red, too. Now there were two teens, both blushing, looking at each other, hoping someone would make the first move. 

You cleared your throat. “I should probably get going.” 

George nodded, his eyes leaving yours. “Yeah, yeah, I should, too. It was nice… talking to you, Y/n.” He mumbled, speeding up. 

You sighed and wondered when one of you would have the courage to ask the other out. 

Request a blurb! 


A/N: heyy i’m taking a break with those prompt requests sooo i wrote this. enjoyy. ps thanks to my sister for spell checking, love u

Reader is an actress in Teen Wolf and is basically Stiles’s best friend besides Scott. Reader’s character has a crush on Stiles and in the next episode they will have some kissing scenes and Morgan (the host) is asking questions etc.

(Y/N) = your name

(Y/N) (Y/L/N) = your last name

(Y/C/N) = yor character name

(Y/BF/N) = your best friends name


“Hello everyone, it’s your host Morgan here. Today I have two special guests from Teen Wolf, (Y/N) (Y/L/N) and Dylan O'Brien!” he yelled and the audience cheered a lot. “So, (Y/N), how does your character feel about Stiles being in love with Lydia?” Morgan asked.

“Um, it’s kind of similar situation to what Stiles and Lydia had in season 1. It’s obvious to everyone that my character likes Stiles and everyone else knows about it but I guess that Stiles is blind and doesn’t see it, but something happens in next episode,” you said smirking. Morgan laughed.

“What about your character, Dylan? How can he not see (Y/C/N)’s crush on you?”

“I don’t know, I think Stiles and (Y/C/N) are so close together and being cute best friends so he hasn’t thought about (Y/C/N) loving him in that way,” Dylan said glancing at you. “But who knows what’s gonna happen!” he said and the audience cheered again.

“So you’re telling us that there will be something between your characters?” Morgan asked with an excitement in his voice tone. You and Dylan looked at each other mysteriously.

“Maybe, maybe not” you said laughing. “Okay yeah, we have some kissing scenes. But I can’t tell you more, Jeff would kill me if I spoiled too much.”

The audience went wild, everyone cheered and clapped. Dylan just smiled and throwed his hand over your shoulder and made them cheer even more.

“Okay, next we’re gonna reveal some secrets! I’ve been calling for your friends and family asking some stuff about you that none of your fans know. Let’s start with you, (Y/N).” Morgan said and rubbed his hands together.

“Is that correct that you became an actress just a while ago?”

“Yeah, Teen Wolf is my third project”, you said nodding.

“And before becaming famous, you were hardcore fangirl? Is it true?” he asked and audience whistled.

“Um, yeah, it is,” you knew where this was coming for.

“I called your best friend, (Y/BF/N), and asked something about you. She said that you were a huge Dylan O'Brien fan!” he said and screened a picture of you, wearing a hoodie which said ‘lol ur not dylan o'brien’ standing in front of your wall, covered posters and pictures of Dylan.

“Oh my god,” you laughed and buried your head in your hands. Dylan laughed so hard that he almost fell on the floor.

“You got to kiss your idol in the show, not every fangirl get to exprience that! How does it felt?”

“Well, it was kind of a dream come true,” you said and felt a bit embarrassed. “But since I’m an actress now I try not to fangirl over it, my manager said that I have to act like a professional.”

“Stop laughing at me,” you said and slapped Dylan in the arm.


The interview was over and you two walked back to your trailers. You still had some episodes to shoot.

“So, hardcore fangirl, huh?” Dylan asked.

“Oh please, like you never fangirled over someone”, you said cheeks turning red.

“Don’t be embarrassed! I think that’s cute.”

“Me fangirling over you is cute? I almost started to cry when I watched videos about you”, you laughed.

“Do you still have that hoodie? We could take picture of you wearing it, standing next to me,” he suggested.

“Of course I have it! That’s a good idea, good thinking, O'Brien.”

You walked to your trailer started to look for it. And there it was, at the bottom of your closet. You put it on and Dylan laughed when you came out of your trailer.

“It looks so big on you.”

“It’s soft and comfortable, don’t judge me”, you said and tried to find someone who could take the photo but there was no one in sight.

“Let’s ask Tyler”, Dylan said and grabbed your hand and lead you to Tyler’s trailer. He knocked and soon Tyler opened the door.

“What are you wearing?” he asked you and bursted into laughter.

“She’s a fangirl don’t tease her”, Dylan said trying not to laugh.

“Can you just take a photo of us?” you asked.

“Yeah, of course mrs. O'Brien”, he joked.

“If you don’t shut up, I will punch you,” you threatened him.

You stood next to Dylan pointing the text of your hoodie smiling widely. Dylan rested his hand on your shoulder, side-hugging you looking like he’s gonna laugh. Tyler took couple of photos and gave your phone back to you.

“Where did you buy that hoodie? I want one”, Tyler asked you.

“Are you still making fun of me or are you serious?”

“I’m serious, that’s cool,” Tyler said. “We could fangirl over Dylan together!”

You just shooked your head and went to your trailer.

You picked up the best photo of you two and tweeted it with a text saying “once again one of my dreams came true, thanks @dylanobrien <3”


Later that night you scrolled through your twitter and saw Dylan’s tweet. It was the same photo you tweeted, with a text “I found out that my adorable co-worker is a fangirl and @tylergposey is jealous of her hoodie”.

That tweet made your inner fangirl come alive, because Dylan doesn’t tweet much and now he tweeted that.

You knew the whole Teen Wolf cast would tease you about this whole thing, especially Tyler, but it didn’t matter; you were too happy to let it bother you.

Sami Zayn fluffy drabble

It’s about how you and your child miss Sami because you work a lot. And you see him again after a while. With a some Kevin sprinkled in there to.

Y'all idk this is my first every story/drabble/imagine idk

Warnings: eh non just cute fluffyness

Originally posted by mith-gifs-wrestling

As someone who works in the movie industry you are gone for long periods of time but you and Sami had been together for almost 7 years and had a 3 year old boy together, Eddie. You always took Eddie with you on your big projects but it was hard for Eddie and you to miss Sami for months at a time.

Last week you finished up the project early so you were able to surprise Sami on tour. You and Eddie got to the airport were one of the production staff that you were friends with got you to the arena without anyone noticing. When you got to the arena Eddie immediately wanted to run around so you let him walk beside you as you two started walking to the gorilla position to surprise Sami who was having a match at the moment. As you were walking backstage you heard a very familiar voice call for you “Y/N! You’re here? I thought you told Sami you wouldn’t be back for a w- hey Kiddo!” Kevin was distracted by Eddie running up to him screaming for ‘uncle Kev’ you walked up to Kevin and Eddie smiling at the two boys that you loved so much “yeah we finished up early so I thought I would surprise Sami” you told him smiling at the two who were now on the floor “oh he’s going to love it! You should go now he’ll be out in a bit I’ll keep Eddie here with me” he said smiling at you as Eddie encouraged him. You looked at the two of them and shook your head “fine but don’t kill each other okay I would love to have my kid back Kev” you said walking away “what you care about him more then me?!” You heard him scream after you, you screamed back a ‘yes’ and walked off to gorilla.

As you arrived at gorilla Sami just walked backstage. He saw you and immediately ran over to you and hugged you so tight you could barely breath “Y/N you’re here?! I thought you guys wouldn’t be back until next week!” He said enthusiastically “I got of early” you said smiling at Sami, he smiled at you and kissed you softly “I missed you” you whispered “I missed you to baby. Wait talking about babies we’re is ours?” He asked with a bit of a worried look on his face. Just when you wanted to answer him you heard 'PAPA’ coming from behind you as you saw Eddie running up to the both of us Sami knelt down as the two smily boys hugged each other “goddamn it Y/N that kid has some stamina” Kevin said as he arrived next to you.

As you looked at your two boys surrounded by the people you love you smiled to yourself and thought 'you know what I am pretty lucky’

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Idk if this is shit I feel like I wrote the mom character as a bad mom idk I tried… I guess

A Warrior’s Training - Voltron Paladins x Amazonian!Reader

A/N: So I’ve had this idea for a while that there could be a character from an Amazonian-type female warrior planet and I thought this prompt was perfect to utilize it!

Prompt: Would it be too much of a stretch to write a scenerio where in the beginnings of the Paladins are still getting along with each other, the reader thinks back to the time when they were in the same situation, with their own team once upon a time, before deciding to “help” them function together better?

“Ugh. They bicker like children.” You complained to Allura as you over watched the paladins in training. She sighed in defeat, not sure what to do at this point. Allura felt like she had tried everything to get the paladins to get along.

“Tell me about it.” Allura sighed.

“Back on Athesyius this behavior would not stand! Our Lady Commanders would gather us all up and have all of us warriors bond by going into battle side by side to fight back the horrific monsters of the swamp lands away from the citadel. You either bonded with your fellow warriors or you perished. It was a very effective tactic.” You suggested. Allura thought over the idea for a moment before shaking her head.

“No that would never work. There aren’t any swamp monsters anywhere close to this planet.” She dismissed.

“I have other methods, princess. I only need your permission.” You offered. You had very fond, and admittedly painful, memories of your childhood growing up on your home planet. It was essential for the warriors of your clan to trust each other completely. Otherwise how could your home feel securely protected by it’s warriors?

“They won’t get hurt, will they?” Allura asks hesitantly.

“They should have nothing to worry about if they bond together as comrades in arms.” You responded.

“And if they don’t”

“Someone might get hurt. But I promise you it won’t come to that princess. I’ll make sure your paladins get through my training stronger than ever.” You swore.

“Maybe you could get through to them.” She pondered.

“I shall do my best. They will become warriors yet.” You agreed. Allura gave you a wary look before nodding her permission. You smiled and anticipation and sauntered over to where Lance and Keith were bickering in each other’s faces. You grabbed them both by the ear and forcibly separated them from each other.

“Hear my words paladins: You will start to get along even if it kills you.” You said in a foreboding tone.

“Isn’t the phrase ‘even if it kills me?’” Pidge corrected.

“Not on my planet. Now suit up. The princess has given me permission to train you my way. I warn you now, it will not be easy.” You warned. The paladins exchanged nervous looks but walked away to do as you commanded.

Throughout the day you pushed them through traditional bonding exercises that you went through as a child on your warrior home planet. You were unimpressed by their performance but you had to admit that they did seem a lot more closer as a team. Especially when you made them fight the gladiator tied to each other. After a few days of your training slowly breaking down their barriers. Under your pushing and continuous life endangering (but controlled) situations they formed the bonds that any Athesian clan would be proud of.

“You did it. You actually got them to bond.” Allura said in amazement as the paladin’s went about their usual training without a complaint or insult in sight. It was amazing really, the transformation they had undergone in such a short amount of time.

“Yes. It’s amazing how well people bond over almost dying together. Though I do believe I have fallen out of their favor but that is another problem for another day. Enjoy your reborn paladin’s princess.” You said before walking off towards the gladiator ring. It was no walk in the park training these stubborn children for the past few days.and you feel a great need step away to punch something.

chocolate • jjk

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Member: Jungkook
Genre: Horror!AU
Word Count: 3.7k
this was totally inspired by a story i read wayyyyy back in middle school during halloween and added my own twist so i hope you all enjoy this

“Damnit!” Jungkook screams as he kicked the flat tire on his vehicle.

Jungkook relaxed his hands, removing them from the fist they made replacing them into the pocket of his hoodie. Sighing deeply he closed his eyes, feeling the raindrops soak up his hair and clothes.

“So much for a little getaway.” Jungkook scoffed, staring down at his now useless car. “What to do now?”

Keep reading