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bada-bing bada-boom

self care is eating an entire tube of Pillsbury Original Crescent Roll™ dough raw while driving in the pouring rain with your windows down

  • <p> <b>gay person:</b> “this fiction is harmful to lbgt folk. if u read it ur homophobic”<p/><b>another gay person:</b> “i love this fiction!! u should read it!! highly recommend!!"<p/><b>me:</b> *madly sweating* w-which gay is the right way...<p/></p>

Well guys I need your help. I just found this pic and it was tagged as BNior but I’m not sure. Can anybody tell me if the one on the left is really Jaebum? It seems to me that it’s Yugyeom cause I see him taller than Jinyoung. Help me please!


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hECK OK,,,,
I’ve got my passed dog as my lockscreen, digimon tri as my homescreen, listening to s i m p s o n w a v e hAHA & there is mine ugly faceeeeeE

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person: “i WANT another world war! thatd teahc everyone not to be pussies anymore!”
me: let me guess: young teenager living with their parents in the first world with stable economy, never had to face hardship in their entire life?

uh help

hi now my mom got into a crash & we’re literally bankrupt. negative tens of thousands of dollars. idfk how we’re gonna pay her hospital bill, surgery bill, all of our medication bills, & now this.
PLEASE commission me maybe? ive tried for months to get some money but its only $5. how pathetic is that lol. ive lowered everything to A DOLLAR, nothing still.
we’re gonna be fucking homeless and it kills me knowing i cant do anything about it bc my art isnt “good enough” to buy even for 4 quarters.

Kremlins have:

  • sent me death threats
  • sent me rape threats
  • called me a tranny several times
  • told me to slit my wrists
  • tried to suicide bait me
  • repeatedly asked my friends if i’m dead yet
  • made my dick or lack thereof a hot topic of discussion
  • made transphobic comments about my genitalia
  • threatened to doxx me
  • put my name on a hitlist
  • and then used said hitlist to encourage other kremlins to send me hate
  • blogged about my genitalia
  • blogged about killing me
  • stalked my blog to find my name
  • seeked out my posts
  • stalked my tags

I have:

  • called kremlins uglies/dense motherfuckers/maybe called them a cunt once
  • asked if their mother knows what they post
  • called them out for being slavery and abuse apologists
  • ????
  • blogged about lena luthor
  • blogged about kara danvers
  • only reblogged karamel content if it comes onto my dash
  • never once gone into the karamel tags

yet apparently I’m the abuser ok debby sure