kill makarov

I cried so much when I saw this page .. I was like crying, laughing and not knowing how the makarov was alive at the same time

Laxus describing me the whole chapter

I know that fairy tail has this of the main characters not to die because the hiro said that would not do it. But I really was shocked with the makarov alive again…. but hinted that because zeref and mavis have done the “one magic”
Makes Makarov back to life.. I like this

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there is this Japanese fan on twitter called umki23340 who predicted the FT chapter release accurately in a table format. The person also said that we will witness days without Natsu. What bugged me was that, this person also said that Nalu will be separated and that they met at the beginning and will be separated at the end. Mashima said it will be a happy ending and I'm kinda worried. they also said that Brandish might accompany Lucy on her journey to find Aquarius's key.

I don’t know if this is true. They may have been spot on with some of their prediction and it may not be the case for the rest of it.

I won’t lie I will be very annoyed if Mashima saves Makarov but kills off Natsu. That will be a definite WTF moment for me. 

To me, Natsu and Lucy staying together and their friendship is what makes FT so special, so if they are separate in the end, it belies the point of FT. That you should live for your friends and those you love. 

For now, I’m going to believe in Mashima because everything is hearsay until the manga ends (so don’t pay a lot of attention to speculation). 

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Fuck, Marry, kill. All might, Ichiya, Makarov

Why are you doing this to me 😂

Fuck: All Might (nightmare material)
Marry: Ichiya (we’ll have a divorce though)
Kill: Makarov (he should’ve stayed dad to begin with lmao)

So Zeref is dead and I have to wait one week to see what happens to Natsu and if he goes with him? (which I really hope doesn’t happen and 90% I don’t think it will happen but since I’m still not convinced any of the characters that are gone so far - Ichiya, Anna, Acno, Zeref, Mavis - are the character Mashima said he cried for on the last scene, I’m still 10% worried). Aaaand what happens to Lucy who is now connected to the book of END? One week to see what fate befall my favorite ship?


Yeah that will be easy, it’s ok, totally fine, no stomach cramps and anxiety here, nope, I am A-OK! Super! Really just great, this is just awesome, AWESOME I TELL YOU!

On a side note I was just thinking some days ago that I really can’t believe Mashima actually killed Makarov. Lmao seems I was on to something.

My thoughts as well on ft chapter 537.

Well what can I say? Most of it was bs. I am sorry, but I really do not see any point of Makarov being revived once again ? Like is there even an explanation of how he managed to come back to life ? I don’t hate Makarov in the slightest, but I really so no point.
Anyways. Zer/vis caught my attention the most. To me, their little moment was beautiful. I loved it. Full of emotions etc etc. However, how can Mavis bring herself to actually say she loves him? He hurt the guild ( her family in general ), killed Makarov, treated her like a piece of garbage when she died and so on. This is unhealthy in my own opinion. She shouldn’t have carried on feeling anything for him.
Other than that I totally loved the part how this arc started with them and kind of finishes with them too. It was beautiful and all, but Zeref was nothing but a pain in the back side.

I don’t think Makarov was ever really not dead from the time he sacrificed himself up to when Mavis and Zeref killed each other. Mavis saying “You killed Makarov!” especially stands out to me. So when The One Magic activated (at least I think that’s what it was), it responded to her feelings toward Makarov and revived him.

Fairy Tail Losing

I don’t normally post things as I’m sort of a reblog type of gal, but this is something that’s been itching at me for a while.

I’m interested in seeing Fairy Tail lose.

*Waits for the gasp and jaws dropping.*

I know. Fairy Tail lose? What?? Anyway, FT (and the rest of the guilds) losing and Alvarez taking over Fiore. That’s an idea that’s been entertaining me for a while and the more I think about it, the more I want to see it.

Think about it! All the guilds go underground and become the “rebels.” They hide away and pretend they are “dead.” Especially FT. Zeref wants Fairy Tail gone, so they go into hiding and plan their next attack from there. Makarov is killed protecting the FT guild members and Laxus becomes the next master. He and the rest of the guild go into hiding and pretend they are all dead.

So then what happens to Natsu and co? Natsu becomes END and remains at Zerefs side. He battles out with Acnologia and injured the black dragon to where he couldn’t continue fighting so he retreats. Natsu is then used as a tool to keep the people in Fiore in fear and kill mages who think to oppose Alvarez.

Where does this leave FT and accompanying guilds? Gray is conflicted in whether or not to destroy Natsu as he is his best friend but also the monster his father told him to destroy. Julia sits in the back, willing to support Gray in whatever decision it is he makes. Though it pains both Laxus and Erza, they know that Natsu has to be stopped. And if it results in his death, then so be it. Gajeel shares the same thoughts as Laxus and Erza, but thinks Zeref is the ultimate goal as he should be struck down first. Levy doesn’t agree with Gajeel but thinks it’s better to keep her opinion to herself as there is already tension amongst the surviving guild mates. Mira and the Strauss siblings are torn on what should be done but know that Natsu must be stopped. Wendy doesn’t know what to think as the man she looked up to as her older brother is now causing havoc on the country.

Happy is in distraught. Happy is 100% against their opinions and thinks that there is a way to save Natsu. He refuses to let Gajeel destroy Zeref knowing Natsu will be destroyed as well. He wants to save his best friend and bring him home.

And Lucy. Lucy shares the same opinion as Happy. She refuses to give into Laxus and Erzas thinking. And she argues with Gajeel and destroying Zeref aware of what he had told Natsu and Happy in their first encounter. She refuses to believe that Natsus humanity has disappeared and that inside that monster that has claimed Natsus body is still their Natsu. That there has to be a way to save him and stop Zeref without killing him first. She alienates herself from the guild, along with Happy, as she researched and gathers Intel on how to stop Natsu and save him. Laxus is not happy with her decision and wants her to stop but she refuses. She seeks to Jellal for help, knowing that he might have the answers she’s looking for.

Wow, this turned out very long and turned into an AU almost haha. Anyway, while I definitely don’t think Mashima is going to go along this route, I definitely think Fairy Tail (and accompanying guilds) should lose the battle and regroup as the under dogs.

What do you all think? I’m interested to hear your ideas!


OFF : Answer to those who asked me what i thought of the future project of Mashima about anime: maybe this could affect the whole part that we have not seen during the ellipse of 1 year after tartaros ( so Juvia living together with Gray, how Natsu was able to get the Igneel power, if Guildartz is a part in its cause or not etc.).
This is only my assumption (in reality, my dream lool) but it could truly be interesting and participation Mashima has an undeniable sense, and for production studio without hesitation i would ask for it to be the studio JC Staff! (Shokugeki No. Sōma) it’s for me the best studio which could be up to the size of the drawing Mashima.

In short ,go about this article;)

Hello everyone!

Today a little article to answer a question that was asked several times and reassure my subscribers about the end of FT with the last Alvarez arc.
I dont know where this rumor is gone, but what’s certain is that this person does not read the same manga than me XD
Watch Bleach, there is 7 years they announced the end !and the last arc is still not finished! don’t listen rumors then that author has not announced anything and is constantly creating new things ;)

So i decided to draw up a list with all discoveries about fairy tail that should be explore before stopping the manga, i’ll me based on things that we ignore since 1st chapter to that of today (scan 489)

Here, all that remains to be discovered before the end of fairy tail:


- Why Mavis died in kissing Zeref while she was supposed to have the Ankhserum curse (immortality)
-If Guildartz is the strongest mage to westhern continent that are the strongest mages of other continents
- The mystery of Geoffrey and the creation of Phantom Lord
- What does the 13th golden key
- Why there are gods slayers + 18 gods
- The true power of the 4 gods Isval
- Who’s really Kurodoa (skeleton)
- Spriggans comeback  (cause Ajeel is not really dead (or even Jacob), and i cannot believe that Mashima is killed easily people who were able to kill Acnologia)
- Death (probably) Makarov and therefore the new master of FT
- The mystery of  Mavis tomb
- The future with Acnologia reigning as master
-The Mystery Island Tenro, why the island can only protect mages with brand ft
- A new arc to discover new continents and find  Aquarius key
- How Zeref survived the fire while her parents and Natsu are dead
- Who was the dragon that killed his parents and Natsu
- Why Ivan was banished from the guild by Makarov
- Why Presht became wicked
- Natsu vs Gray
- Zeref vs Gray
- Zeref vs. Jellal / Crime sorciere
- Do fairies really have tails?
- Why is it so important for Mavis to meet fairies and what’s hide?
- Canon couples (i guess)


- Why Natsu scarf turned black in contact with the Zeref power
- Who’s really Natsu (is he really dead), his real body is in the book or in the egg when he was child?  
- Who’s Ankhserum
-The Mystery of  Zeref pendant


- The true power of Lucy


- Why Igneel hate so much Acnologia
- Comeback of Igneel when the real ragnarok, according to my theory
- The true power of Acno;
- Who’s Acnologia
- Who was the dragon of AcnologiA
- Who s the Demon that Mirajane has kill to have the power of Satan soul


- The explanation of the first magic/love magic 


- Explanation of the eclipse gate and magic used to import the dragons in dragon slayers


- Who’s God Serena
- How died Yuriy
- How Natsu managed to cross the spirit world without stellar clothing;
- The transformation of  Happy human and his true role
- The Ragnarok,end of the world
- The real Ragnarok (because this battle currently, is nothing like, in the true Appocalypse mythology)


- The Frosh death modified
- The reason why Gray would have killed Frosh (pray for Juvia * - *)


- Why future Levy has a scar on forehead


- The first meeting between Mard Geer and the king of spirits
- The real role of the king of spirits
- The evil shadow
- Why Ivan wants revenge fairy tail
- The End wakeup
- Why Mashima has create the name “Zonia” (the island where Guildartz meet Anco) knowing that name is a butterfly / fairy like the body Acnologia
- The real explanation of Lumen History / Fairy Heart
- Ivan (+ Ohbra)
- What is the connection between Obra and Zeref
- Guildartz (his secret mission of 100 years and why he hates Ivan)
- Explanation of the number 7
- The true story about Heartfilia and their roles (Anna and Layla)
- The gathering of all the characters brothers, sisters (Yukino vs Angel etc)

and many other things that i dont have in mind, so dont worry! fairy tail still has a bright future, there is only one scan/ week and a bow as Tartaros took almost two years! so immagine for explain the whole list i just give you!

So don’t worry and long life to FAIRY TAIL!!!

Nina <3

Right, so as we know, Lumen Histoire now has another name: Fairy Heart. And we also know that Lumen Histoire shares the same initials as Lucy Heartfilia and Layla Heartfilia. Okay, now, this may be complete bs but maybe, just maybe Zeref may be after Lucy’s or Layla’s magic power. He said earlier in the chapter that he wanted Lumen Histoire for himself and to use it’s power for himself- could he want the Heartfilia’s power for himself to use? The screen shot above is from the latest chapter and it shows us just how far Zeref is willing to go for his plan/Natsu. If he would be willing to kill Makarov, he would also be willing to kill Lucy… And in my opinion and evidence from chapters of Fairy Tail, Lucy’s death may cause E.N.D’s power to be released (if it hasn’t been already) and kill Zeref with his power.

But this is just a theory…


Pairing(s): None specified.

Rated: K+

Warning(s): Major FT Spoilers

Notes: I thought since I didn’t post anything for Halloween, I’d give you guys a little tiny thing that’s even scarier than what I had originally planned. Enjoy. ;)

When Lucy found out that E.N.D. was Zeref’s strongest demon, she felt fear instilled in her heart. However, she still supported Gray in his quest to destroy it – she wanted to destroy it, too. In her mind, she imagined the demon to have eyes as black as the curses it used, a wicked grin, twisted horns that were the embodiment of everything it was – a typical demon from the folklore. It terrified her.

When Lucy joined the battle against Alvarez, once again, that trickle of fright turned her blood into ice. For the first time in a while, doubt clouded her mind in a haze; doubt of their victory. They were up against many enemies who wielded power far greater than anything they had faced before. Maybe Fairy Tail triumphed in willpower, but sometimes, willpower was not enough.

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Fairy Tail NaLu confirmed and Zeref Theory.

(For all manga readers) Okay for all NaLu fans, you might have heard how Hiro mentioned something that Natsu indeed likes Lucy and he is scared she might not like him back. We saw a chapter of him talking to Gildarts and he blushed and shivered, my guess is he is talking about Lucy and how he has no idea how to get his feelings across. Now for everybody who read chapter 445. We saw how Zeref tried to kill Makarov so that Natsu would get angry and try to kill him. He failed at that but let me ask you guys now…who do you think Zeref would go for if he REALLY wants to make Natsu angry? If you catch my drift then I hope I didn’t scare you too much.

Fairy Tail 439 Spoilers (more details)

ドランバルトことメストはエルザ (とそのあとをつけてたナツたち)を

Doranbolt (Mest) took Erza (and Natsu and co followed her) to


the room of Lumen Histore, where only guild master can enter.

そして、9年前にマカロフから 受けた密命について教える

And then, he told about his mission of 9 years ago from Makarov.

それは、評議院から"西の大陸"についての 情報を仕入れること

That is gather information of “western continent” from the council

その際メストは、怪しまれないよう 自分の記憶を全て消し、マカロフに託す

And then Mest erased his own memory and leave it to Makarov to not look suspicious

(S級試験に参加したのは記憶のない状態の  別人格が妖精の尻尾を探ろうとしたせい)

(He participate S-class trial because the person in him without memory wanted to find the Fairy Tail)

冥府の門戦終結後、マカロフは ひとつの結論を導き出した

After the fight with Tartaros, Makarov brought to a conclusion.


to counter menace of "Empire of Alberez” from “western continent”, he should disband Fairy Tail and negotiate with them by himself.


Empire wants the power of Lumen histoire

今までは評議院のエーテリオンやフェイスが 帝国に対する抑止力となっていた ……が、それももうない

Until now Council’s Etherion or Face was deterring the Empire but that’s all gone.

そして帝国の正体は現地の表裏 730もの魔導士ギルドの集合体

and the “Empire” is a union of about 730 guilds (I can’t find “現地の表裏”’s meaning)


If Empire kills Makarov, they will attack Fairy Tail immediately.


The disbandment of the guild was to save “family” before the Empire attacks


So, apparently Mest was already a member of Fairy Tail before his infiltration (?), and Makarov disbanded the guild in order to protect everyone from the Empire Alvarez.

Natsu the Glory Hog
  • Makarov: So you're starting a war, Zeref?
  • Zeref: No, I'm not.
  • Zeref: It's not going to be a war.
  • Zeref: It's going to be a massacre. We will slaughter the lot of you and then take Fairy Heart for ourselves.
  • Zeref: Now, excuse me, I'm going to kill you.
  • Makarov: *gets teleported back*
  • Zeref: What the hell? He was only in this chapter for like two panels. I actually did stuff. Why is he getting half the credit?
  • Natsu: *punches Azir in the face*
  • Azir: lol that didn't even hurt haha losers
  • Zeref: What the fuck I literally declared war last chapter.
  • Mashima: But YOU called it a "massacre"!
  • Zeref: OHH MY GOD