Amazing Male to Female Cosplays:

Princess Zelda by Faxen

Photography by Ruet-Beer


Ryuko Matoi by Lee Hong Zhu

Photography by Melvina Chua


Generation Ahri by DANNY.

Photography by The Photojaneic


Royal Suit Alice by J.Hart Design

Photography by ChezPhoto


Lightning Farron by Aqua101390

Photography by Dinnerfortwo


Aurora by Theofficialariel

Photography by Jenniehipstagramsitall


Kaname Madoka by Tilttu

Photography by Jorma Ranta


Ruby Rose by Adellexe

Photography by Kippygraphy


We have recieved permission to display each one of these images


Ryuko Matoi Life Fiber Sync Cosplay Master Post

What type of wefts did you use?
Which base wigs did you start with, and how did you make fluffy spikes?
How to make the red streak
In Progress Photos
Hair Pins 

Latex Garment
What kind of glue and latex did you use?
Developing a pattern from stretch fabric
How did you get the neck to be that tight and seamless? 
How do you get in, are there fasteners NEW

Prop Boobs
What materials did you use, and how did you construct them?
How do they stay on?
Painting them to match your skin tone

Senketsu’s Eyes and Armor
What are the base materials, paint brands and sealer? 
Material, Construction, Attachment methods

How did you make the shoes?

Scissor Blade
Made by GS-Props

Decapitation Mode Scissor Blade (Made by me)   NEW
Material and Cost

General FAQ
How comfortable is it to wear this cosplay?
How do you airbrush a wig?
What kind of pantyhose/hosiery do you wear?
Do you take commissions?  


“Fear is freedom!! Subjugation is liberation!! Contradiction is truth!! Those are the facts of this world, and you will all surrender to them, you pigs in human clothing!!!”

Full set of my favorite photos from my Satsuki photoshoot the other day!!! I am so happy with how they came out oh my god my photographer was AMAZING!!!! 

Satsuki made/worn by me - tumblr | facebook
Photographed by Reflections Photography


Kill La Kill - Alternative Story

Ryuko Matoi, Satsuki Kiryuin

Cosplay by Fenix.Fatalist, Grellka-Loli

Photo by Dreamlyn 

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So I already posted some normal selfies for black out but I also really wanted to post some of me in cosplay as well. Cosplay is a huge part of my life, and I’ve struggled with loving my skin because of it. It’s hard being a black Cosplayer sometimes because people will often over look the hard work and dedication we put into our Cosplays if we don’t cosplay to our race. Sometimes people for get that we are people and fans too. Not everyone is born with light skin and we shouldn’t be made to feel bad for cosplaying outside of skin tone.