kill it with fire please


The people walking past did not call them ‘f*ggots’. The first person shouted “He’s vlogging, yo!”, to which one of their friend’s responded with “It’s a livestream!The f word was not used at any point

Yes, Jooheon does turn around to look at them, but it was not because he was offended by anything that they said - it was more of a shock that people were questioning what they were doing. Changkyun mumbles something after that, and Jooheon replies with “YE, KOREAN ARTISTS!”, so it’s safe to assume that it was something to do with the group of people thinking that the boys were celebrities.

You have all been spreading misinformation without listening to the stream properly, which has resulted in others fuelling this fire that has no real purpose. Please kill the oxygen to the flame, and stop causing drama where it’s unnecessary. It makes the fandom look bad.

Imagine your OTP- Things I've said to my SO
  • "Why the fuck are there three different rolls of paper towels??"
  • "Do we need lessons on how ziplock bags work?"
  • "Taking off my clothes takes effort. I'm sleeping on the futon."
  • "At what point if any did it cross your mind that this might be a bad idea?"
  • "Wake me up if you want something!! Seriously! Sleepy sex is awesome!"
  • "Please kill it. Preferably with fire."
  • "See, this is why we're together. No one else could handle our terrible puns."
  • "I love you. but I swear to you if you keep leaving lunch containers in the sink without putting soapy water in them I will kill you slowly."
  • "Dude, we're old... your brother just left with a 24-pack of bud ready to party, and we're sitting in front of the TV with Netflix and fancy cheese."
  • "These potatoes in the fridge are starting to flower... can I toss them?"
  • "Sleep is for those that haven't been struck with inspiration."
  • "I'll sleep when I'm dead."
  • "Sweetie, I appreciate the thought, but I meant A 50c PACKAGE of reeses, I didn't need the whole candy aisle."
  • "Goddamn it why are you so sweet."
  • "I just got out from babysitting and I am having my tubes tied immediately."
  • "Let me rephrase, I'm getting mongolian. if you'd like, you can come along, but if not, that's cool too. but I want mongolian."
  • "You bought WHAT for HOW MUCH?"
  • "I love your mother, but I almost reached across the table and wrapped my hands around her throat."
  • "Why do we even NEED more bass?"
  • "You may want to hide the alcohol because I may die from how much and how badly I want to drink right now."
  • "Aaaack that freaks me out when you do that!!"
  • "Everything hurts and I'm dying, but I'm not pregnant this month so that's nice."

Im sorry I havent been posting anything in a full month! Today I finally got a break from Uni, atleast for a couple of days. This is a wip of Manon(was going to draw Aelin but I started thinking about dragons and well…). I decided to give her eastern asian like features just to make look a bit different.

I was thinking that during the summer I can maybe start doing commissions. Let me know if you guys are interested.

So I tried the hunger games simulator a few days ago

Okay so I thought it would be fun to try some fire emblem hunger games please don’t kill me

Let’s first check out the candidates!

So did everyone make their bets? Good

Now for some highlights! please don’t mind the nicknames

  • First thing that literally happens is Ryoma killing Xander
  • Takumi sleeping through the whole day honestly same
  • Eliwood started drinking right after Ninian gets killed
  • When a new ship was born
  • When three of my faves all died together cri
  • When Nino killed Alm so proud of my daughter

So basically many things happened that led to Hinoka and Camilla being the last two standing. This is how things played out

It was the voting gauntlet all over again

This was the standing of all the candidates

Oh man I had so much fun with this!! One of the best simulators I’ve come across so far! I would love you to tell me what you think!

Show Me (Breaking... Alternate Ending #2

Chapter where Split occured

A/N: This made me feel very uncomfortable! I don’t like it! Burn this ending!

Wordcount: 1364 (I couldn’t bare to do more I am sorry!)

Warnings: Just stop right now nope!

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Show me, a path left unseen. Show me, where I have failed. Show me, what could have been. Was balance truly met?

“You truly are something else Y/N, thank you.” She soon left you in the candle lit room by yourself. Okay Y/N! Let’s tidy this place up! You first put away all the sheet music and gathered all the dishes in the music room, cleaning them with the dishes from supper. You usually didn’t like being in the study by yourself but you could only imagine the state it was in after Alex took residence there. You took a candle and made your way to the door, opening it you were met with a monumental disaster zone. Paper was scattered all over the desk and floor, next to them were piles of dishes. The couch was a complete wreck, you assumed Alex had been sleeping there. No pillows or blankets or anything… First you gathered all the papers and stacked them neatly on the desk. Then you dealt with the ridiculous amount of dishes, much to your dismay. You were starting to worry about where Alex was as looked at the couch and began to fix it like a bed for him. While you were adjusting he blankets you laid down you heard footsteps approaching from outside the room. Did one of the kids wake up? You straightened out your skirt, expecting Johnny to peek his head through the door. Instead, the door opened to reveal someone much older and more distressed than a child with a nightmare.

“Alex? Where have you been? Are you alright?” You noticed how he stumbled into the room, you rushed over to him and helped him steady himself.

“Yes, I am…alright. Nothing to worry about Titania…” His voice was deeper than normal, like he had been crying a lot. Which became more obvious when you saw how irritated his eyes were.

“Alex…What happened? You’ve been gone all day…” You could tell he had been drinking but he certainly wasn’t drunk, buzzed was certainly the best word for it. You led him over to the couch and suggested he sit down but he refused.

“I need to stand if I tell you this…” He sighed heavily. “I went to go deliver something that I had been working on these past couple of nights.” You had an ominous feeling.

“Delivered what? That sounds suspicious…” Your eyebrows knitted together as he stood in front of you.

“A pamphlet…that will be printed out and distributed tomorrow morning… It’s your pamphlet.”

“What do you mean my pamphlet?”

“Titania’s Pamphlet, I’m using it to clear our names from the slander that Jefferson and Callander have placed on us.” Oh no…

“Alex… Why would you…why would you do that?” You were incredibly confused; he could’ve let it go!

“Titania, you have to understand! I couldn’t let them spread something so baseless about you! I was protecting your legacy!”

“I don’t care about my legacy, Alexander! I don’t care about what people think of me! You’ve just put yourself into an immensely bad position… What about Eliza? What will this do for her name?” You asked. He had look of clarity on his tired face.

“Oh no… Damn, I didn’t even think…I tried to keep it vague to avoid any controversy. Do you think that’ll be enough?”

“I have no idea! I’m not your wife! I have no clue how I’d react!” If he wasn’t spiraling before, he sure was now. He thought he was doing the right thing; he couldn’t even see another option even though there was a clear path he could’ve chosen. But it wasn’t as though you couldn’t relate to that. Perhaps if you had done something different on that night with Anna, you wouldn’t be here. But you didn’t see another option at the time. You could criticize him all you liked but you knew you couldn’t. This was something that you understood more than you cared to admit. Even more than that, this was Alex. He taught you so many things, cared for you, helped you. You were grateful to him. Alex sat down on the couch, his head in his hands, you could tell he was about to cry again. Poor man…this whole situation is messed up. You knelt down in front of him and taped on his arm to try and get his attention. “Hey…Alex, it’s going to be alright…” You attempted to reassure. His shoulders shook softly.

“How do you know? I haven’t slept in a week, I’m weak and awake. I feel so…”

“Helpless?” You interjected. That’s certainly how you felt sometimes. Your world turned upside down and now this is what you had. You saw a few stray tears fall from his eyes, usually they were deep and intelligent but now they were empty. “I know you are a man of honor and you probably want to be left alone. But I don’t know if I should go, especially after you’ve let me into your home.” He lifted his head up.


“My life has done me so much wrong. Beaten me, cheated me, mistreated me. But just when I thought all hope was gone, you were the one to show me how to move on… For once in your life Alex, just take a break! You seriously need it…” You wrapped your arms around his back to try and comfort him. Your head rested against his chest, you could tell he was caught off guard. He stood still for a moment, his knees naturally touching your sides. After that moment was up, he hugged you back, holding you tight. He clutched onto you desperately and you could feel his whole body shake. “Shh…It’s alright. I’m here…It’s going to be okay. You know, you don’t have to hide yourself away all the time. You always try to make yourself seem strong but me and you are too much alike, I see right through that. It’s perfectly fine to break down your walls every once in a while…” You felt his chin resting on top of your head. You pulled away slightly and looked up at him. Opia. You couldn’t figure out why but that’s what that felt like. Alex was never vulnerable, he didn’t necessarily have walls built up around him but he certainly wasn’t honest with his feelings all the time. His eyes looked so helpless.

“What am I going to do, Titania? Eliza…she’s going to hate me…so will everyone else! Why couldn’t I keep my mouth shut?” He sounded so angry at himself.

“Alex, I don’t hate you! I could never hate you!” You brought a hand to his cheek and wiped away some of his tears. Your guys’ eyes were locked on each other, it was odd. You didn’t necessarily feel flustered, it was confusing. You’ve never seen Alex in this light before. “Mr. Hamilton… Please, believe me. I could never hate you…” Why did I call him Mr. Hamilton? His gaze broke from yours slightly but not for long. His stare almost made a triangle shape. Left, right, down. Left, right, down. What the hell is happening? You weren’t sure what it was but you felt like something almost pushed you forward. It was like an invisible hand hitting your lower back. Shit! Your heads knocked together, more specifically your lips hit together. Both of you were surprised, your eyes wide open. Neither of you quite sure what the hell just happened. But for some reason, neither of you pulled away either. And then both of you closed your eyes. WHAT THE FUCK IS HAPPENING?! You were surprised, his lips weren’t soft. You weren’t sure why it surprised you so much. They were rough, more experienced. It was like you could feel the weight of his entire life in a kiss. He’s just so…helpless… Your arms instinctively wrapped around his neck and his went to your waist. Then that moment struck. What did I just do?! You both pulled away, terrified looks on your faces. “Holy shit!” You squealed.

“What did we just do?” He asked frantically.

“I don’t know!” You were trying to catch your breath. “…I’ve got to go!” You dashed out of the room, ran into your own and shut the door behind you.

What the fuck was that?!

2badseoulsad’s mobile master list!

drabble game.

outfit master list.

recommended reading.

italics indicate most recent~


is that seat taken? (jungkook scenario).

shotgun under the blood moon (taehyung scenario).

fly (yoongi scenario).

“i’m not a virgin, i’m a libra.” (seokjin, drabble game).

if looks could kill… (yoongi smut, drabble game).

“please, set fire to another hotel.” (bodyguard!jungkook, scenario).

“i can literally hear you blushing over the phone.” (namjoon, drabble game).

lockdown (jimin fic).


my happy little family (jaebum scenario).


skater boy (chanyeol scenario).


zip me up (hoseok drabble).

supermoon & (changkyun fic).

“daddy, are we the bad guys?” (changkyun scenario).

“can you give birth for me?” (kihyun, drabble game).

“the floor is lava!” (hyungwon, drabble game).


lab (hanbin fic).


“had i known i was going to have guests at 3 o’clock in the morning, i’m sure i would have.” (jisoo, drabble game).

-love always, 토끼 언니

Having played Sacred Stones a few times, and with Heroes being a mobile game I actually quite enjoy, I have but one question: WHEN DO MY LEADING MAN AND WOMAN. JOSHUA AND LUTE, GET ADDED TO HEROES? I want Joshua (despite the saturation of good reds) to have dodge stats or something, and I want Lute (A blue mage that isn’t Robin please?) to have glimmer and essentially a Killing tome. Please.

anonymous asked:

do be careful fellow vulture culture enthusiasts!! Raccoons carry many many diseases- and a particular round worm that is lethal to humans. The round worm can only be killed with fire so please stay safe.

Anyone got a confirmation on this?