kill hollywood


I put everything I had into it - all my feelings and everything I’d learned in 46 years of living, about family life and fathers and children. And my feelings about racial justice and inequality and opportunity. [Gregory Peck on his Oscar-winning role in To Kill a Mockingbird]

To Kill A Mockingbird (1962) Dir. Robert Mulligan


Good night, sleep tight, dont let the dead bite…


I fucking love Killing Stalking ok it’s the best manhwa ever….
(Believe it or not, it’s not the nastiest thing I’ve ever read. That would be Feeding Lamb)
Most is from Sangwoo’s prespective, but some is stalker Bum’s view.
Anyways here’s a playlist for the most controversial and problematic ship of the year


  • A Little Piece of Heaven- Avenged Sevenfold
  • I Almost Told You That I Loved You- Papa Roach
  • Body- Mother Mother
  • Dead Bite- Hollywood Undead
  • Tear You Apart- She Wants Revenge
  • Stalkers (Slit My Wrists)- Mindless Self Indulgence
  • This Hurts- Mindless Self Indulgence
  • Good L_ck (Yo_’re F_cked)- Celldweller
  • Lady Killer- Andrew Jackson Jihad
  • Kill of the Night- Gin Wigmore
  • The Horror of Our Love- Ludo
  • I Can’t Decide- Scissor Sisters
  • Murder!- BoyinaBand, Minx, and Chilled
  • Bernadette- IAMX
  • Bound and Gagged- Creature Feature
  • Another Way Out- Hollywood Undead
  • The Dark Half- Aesthetic Perfection
  • Sarcasm- Get Scared
  • Super Psycho Love- Simon Curtis
  • It’s Murder- Mayhem


Okay but seriously, imagine this:

a Hollywood movie based on Evgeni Malkin’s escape to America

Songs about school shootings

•"Get out the way" by Mother, Mother
•"Wires" by The Neighbourhood
•"A Rush of Blood To The Head" by Coldplay
•"Jeremy" by Pearl Jam
•"I hate Mondays" by The Boomtown rats
•"Cotton" by Bones
•"Take This Down" by Jesse Rutherford
•"The Reflecting God" by Marilyn Manson
•"The Nobodies" by Marilyn Manson
•"Rampage" by Nicole Dollanganger
•pumped up kicks (Lmao)
•"Lonely Boy Goes to a Rave" by Teen Suicide
•"Library" by Julia Brown
•"Oh Well" by G-Eazy
•"Pigs" by Tyler, The Creator
• “Yonkers” by Tyler, The Creator
•"Lividity" by Nicole Dollanganger
•"Swan" by Nicole Dollanganger
•"Creek Blues" by Nicole Dollanganger [Kip Kinkel]
•"Executioner" by Nicole Dollanganger [Dylan Roof]
•"Hurt Everything" by Elvis Depressedly [gun shots in background]
•"Hero" by Superchic
•"Hell and you" by Amigo The Devil
•"grim reaper" by Teen Suicide
•"youth of a nation" by P.O.D
•"Cassie" by Flyleaf
•"Leave me Alone" by The Crüxshadows
•"strength through music" by Amanda Palmer (RLLY SAD MUSIC VIDEO)
•"White America" by Eminem
•"Bad Rep" by Dark Loctus
•"I’m back" by Eminem
•"Columind" by Filter
•"Mastermind" by MSI
•"Kill Everyone" by Hollywood Undead
•"Bully" by Three Days Grace?
•"Hallway Homocide" - The Orwells
•"Lividity" - Nicole Dollanganger
•"Swan" - Nicole Dollanganger
•"The Homecoming Queen has got a gun" - Julie brown