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It’s a good thing that my processing times at work aren’t as slow as my tumblr updating times; I’d definitely be looking for another job.

First of all, fuck triathlon pool swims. The whole premise of “let’s let grown adults predict their 250 yard swim time, give them a race number according to their pace, and let them self seed themselves outside of the pool ACCORDING TO THE FUCKING NUMBER ON THEIR LEG AND ARM” seems very straightforward, but Jesus Fucking Christ was the swim a clusterfuck! Granted, my brilliant idea of launching under/across the lane lines after I tapped the wall didn’t help my cause, it was just ridiculous. Lesson learned.

While that was a pain in the ass, the bike course fell right in my wheelhouse and I rocked the shit out of that. The run was meh, but considering it was the first time I ran coming off of the bike this season, I’m happy about it. I debated putting myself in the fat kid category, since I currently qualify, but decided to enter my actual age group and that backfired in my face; 9th in my AG, but I would’ve placed 3rd, and won an award, in the Clydesdale division.

Womp Womp.


‘Joong-Ki and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day’

anonymous asked:

Heyheyhey hi I love your art more than I love myself and bippidi boppidi you should draw leo/guang-hong (you totally don't have to I would just kill to see them in your style)


And you’re right! I really should draw them……………………..



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I would die for your headcannons how are YOU SO GOOD AT MAKING THEM

*finger guns* i spend most of my waking hours consuming memes my guy

  • keith: “shiro… told me to lead voltron” hunk: “galra keith, i’m glad you discovered your sense of humor but now is not the time for jokes”
  • coran was altea’s bill nye
    • but like. more ripped
    • had a series of informational videos that covered basically anything slightly educational. was sleeveless in every single one
    • he was the Science Guy
  • lance insists upon the use of space rock paper scissors to solve disputes. it’s exactly like normal rock paper scissors but the rock is a space rock
  • they refer to keith’s shack as the “love shack, baby love shack”
  • slav: *breathes* shiro, under his breath: “patience yields focus patience yields focus patience yields focus-”
  • they ditch kaltenecker on the first planet with aliens that’ll take him
    • lance argues against this decision vehemently
    • “but allura we can’t get rid of him!! he reminds keith of home” “lance if you tell another texas joke i swear to god-”
  • lance’s Mermaid Thing conversation w hunk was 1% “wow mermaids are hot” and 99% “i wanna be a mermaid”
  • pidge: “why do you guys have british accents” allura: “what’s a british”

“Sing you a lullaby where you die at the end~” -Melanie Martinez

My part of the art trade with @porotatoes ;) sorry it took a little long >m>.


Sense8 | You Want a War?

I have an idea.

theres no such thing as overkill. if the thing i wanted dead is dead, then it was exactly the right amount of kill

Subban on his teammates giving him a solo lap of the ice before warmups started: “I wasn’t expecting that, but right before we went out, the guys had their sticks up like creating a gauntlet down the hallway - then they got the PK chant going and I had to fly right out! I think the last time I did that was either my first game as rookie or something like that. I got to be honest with you, I’ve got a great bunch of teammates … the way they handled everything the past couple of days … it’s a good group of men in there.”