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So, Kill la Kill.

What even is this.

Kill la Kill is like if you took one of those “magic/fantastical competitive high school” animes, turned all the tropes and cliches up to eleven (-ty thousand) and then pushed the nonsense so hard it came back around into awesome.  And possibly deep?

Kill la Kill is like if you took every single problematic anime trope and cliche, turned them up the same amount, and then bronzed them and added glitter and pink neon highlights.

Kill la Kill is an anime that is unsubtlely unsubtle in it’s… well, unsubtlety.

Kill la Kill is 25 episodes of an extended pun on the Japanese words for “fashion” and “fascism.”

Kill la Kill is a love story between a girl and her outfit.

Kill la Kill is about a girl who only has friends in her own head, and then finally has a friend outside her head, and then has a friend outside and inside her head, and then briefly is the friend inside her friend’s head.

Kill la Kill contains the line “You’re just jealous because you can’t afford a giant gold mecha crab.”  (I am.)

Kill la Kill contains the line “If I die, at least I die knowing you have a tardy on your permanent record!!” in full seriousness.

Kill la Kill made me use the phrase “secretly not Hitler.”

Kill la Kill is… I don’t… I don’t actually know what this anime is.  I don’t know how to describe it.  It’s like this giant epic trainwreck of an anime that somehow turns out to be an exquisitely choreographed fireworks display that is probably a dick joke.

  • Lawmakers: Blocking the highways is dangerous, irresponsible, and can be deadly. It should be illegal.

Look, my guys. If Nazis do start coming out and killing Jews or putting gays into death camps, or if the KKK decides to start lynching blacks people again, then you’ll have my full support to hurt them or even kill them in self defense. Hell, might even join you myself.


As it stands, they’re not violent, just saying mean things. So with your violent attacks against them, you’re really no better than they are. You’re becoming the thing you claim to hate. If they say stupid shit, respond by calling them out on it, but don’t respond with violence.

Words are not violence.
Thoughts are not violence.
Violence is violence.


Going forward, just to make things perfectly clear, neither Harrison nor myself are in anyway supportive of fascists or 45′s Fascist Regime (or the current system of gov’t. in general.) I should have said something like this sooner, honestly. I do my best to keep everything on this blog completely relevant to Harrison’s thoughts, interests, and Verses and I try to keep RL politics on my personal blog. However, this is one of those things that’s going to have to tie in with my strict selectivity. I don’t want to interact with anybody that supports 45, his puppet master, or the fascist sycophants that have their heads shoved all the way up his ass. Harrison Wells will punch a hole in a Nazis face without hesitation. (And so will I.) I shouldn’t have to say this, but the way things have been on this website lately makes me think some people just need it spelled out for them. So there it is.

This is not in any way, shape, or form up for debate and I will not answer messages or asks containing inflammatory questions. You will just be blocked right away. I’m an adult. I have a job. I pay bills. I roleplay for fun when I can. Babying idiots is not fun for me and I simply do not have the time or the patience to deal with them. (There’s a reason both my urls contain the word ‘grumpy’.) 

This has been a Public Service Announcement. Thank you for reading. 

Eternally yours,


Yom HaShoah

Eighty years ago, fascism swept through Europe and the Pacific. Eighty years ago, fascism killed 6 million Jews. We still have not recovered. We will never recover. The atrocities committed by the Nazis are some of the most horrific the world has ever seen. The world looked away. The German people, the Austrian people, the Polish people, closed their eyes as their neighbors were taken, Jews and gays and communists and Rroma. The President of the United States knew and did nothing, turned away the boats filled with refugees that arrived on his coastline. The world allowed the Holocaust to happen.
We must not forget. We must never look away from this. Today, on Yom HaShoah, we stand in solidarity with all victims of fascism, in Europe, in Asia, and beyond. We stand in solidarity with the victims of genocide, in Europe, in Armenia, in the United States, in the Americas, in Rwanda, in Arabia, and beyond.
Today we must remember that the world did not stand up to fascism 80 years ago. Today we must stand up to fascism, in all forms.
Today we must commit ourselves, in a way we have failed to do in the past, to that phrase, that mantra, “Never Again.”
Long live the worldwide Antifa.

What makes me angry is how who loses the war is the bad guy, and who wins the war is the good guy.

Nazi Germany lost the war and everyone (at least everyone with basic human decency) agrees that what the regime did to Jewish people, Roma people, queer people etc is terrible and horrifying! Antisemitism is bad! Racism is bad! Homophobia is bad! Invading countries is bad! Eugenics is bad!

The United States won the war and what they did (and in some cases still does) to Native people, Black people, Japanese-American people, queer people etc is cool. Hitler copied eugenics from the United States but who cares? Anti-black racism is bad if it’s Italian fascism killing Etiopian people. Genocide is bad if it’s the shoah or the Armenian genocide. Colonial violence is bad if it’s made by the Italian regime…

History condemns those who lost the war but the genocide of Native Americans, slavery and segregation of Black Americans, persecution of Japanese-Americans, eugenics perpetuated in the United States, the treatment of queer people, what the British did to Indian people etc are bad things that happened but democracy and freedom right