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In 2013, my friends introduced me to the new hit anime Kill la Kill.

I hated it.  

In 2016, I stuffed a bunch of the 100,000+ words I’d dedicated to writing about the show into a hefty book.

What happened?

Who knows, but you can now read the result! Just over two years of love and enthusiasm fill up these 350-some pages of 80+ essays, all split up into ten sections: Character Relationships, Comparisons to Other Media, Design Choices and Symbolism, English Dub Script, OST, OVA, Ryuko and Senketsu, Specific Moments, Tag Essays and Quick Posts, and The Discourse. As may be obvious from such a list, the heart of much of this writing is—just as the series itself—Ryuko and Senketsu, but I’d hope there’s a little something here for every Kill la Kill fan.

Thank you to everyone who has supported me over the years. I couldn’t have put this together without all the encouragement I’ve received. Everyone who’s sent me asks and inspired me to keep yapping—you’re the reason this book exists! I’ve grown so much as a writer because of this community and through putting together this collection, and I cannot express how grateful I am for that.  

Special thanks too to h0saki, who has provided scans from various Kill la Kill books, and to mikiryuko, who has provided fans with translations of un-localized Kill la Kill material, as well as all the anonymous contributors who have provided similarly. I couldn’t have done many of the essays here without your work!

While essentially a masterpost of the posts I’ve made concerning this series, this book is also a little more than that in that it features revised and updated writing, additional commentary, and, well, it’s all put in one nice, handy, convenient place. However, it’s far from everything, and does not include all the many great conversations I’ve had, so if for some strange reason anyone’s ever thirsting for even more Kill la Kill talk, there are still always the analyses pages on my blogs.

Thank you for taking a look! I hope you enjoy.

Full content list under the cut! These all link back to the original essays (if there is an original essay), but please note that the ones in the book are cleaned up and include additional commentary.

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Portal Musical Sentence Starters ( Part Four )
  • "Apparently their idea of containment is to kill everyone associated with the project."
  • "That's definitely the most sympathetic thing you can say."
  • "We're scientists, I'm sure we will figure out... something."
  • "Well, sure, I’m a scientist."
  • "Did you ever try to make a test so difficult it’d stump an astronaut?"
  • "
I say that any jerk can take and shove a plug in a socket."
  • "I’m thinkin’ of the creatures in the darkness."
  • "And that’s just the tip of that awful terrible place over there."
  • "That gate you’ve made is the devil’s doorway!"
  • "Heed my warning before it’s too late!"
  • "Fine! Let's see if you ever get any help from me or my company ever again!"
  • "Science isn't about why! It's about why not!"
  • "Why don't you marry safe science if you love it so much?"
  • "Let's all stay positive and do some science."
  • "When life gives you lemons, don't make lemon-aid."
  • "Would you take a letter?"
  • "You would never say no to me, would you?"
  • "You feel the power of that? Yeah, You know what that is? That's the future. The space whip 2007!"
  • "2007, that's the future. It's so far from now it's crazy."
  • "Then a pretty lady walks by, then what would you do?"
  • "No, you kiss her, you damn fool."
  • "Morning pretty lady."
  • "Look at you with all your curves and me with no breaks."
  • "I was uh, beta testing over here!"
  • "Use that guy."
  • "GOODMORNING, _________"
  • "That was really loud."
  • "You’re more than an assistant.
  • "If you could see you through my eyes
, you would know why I need you."
  • "When you come into my office, you simply brighten my day.
  • "How can I speak of your virtues? 
I don’t know where to begin
  • "You’re clever, you’re smart, you do science."
  • "
I wish I was holding your hand.
  • "I wanted you to run the place."
  • "Think of it this way; you’ll get to live forever."

honestly n52 lobo’s backstory would’ve been 10x better if they just kept the idea of original lobo’s science project killing everyone

like, imagine this dude, the military commander and personal bodyguard of the emperor, witnessing his entire species getting wiped out and being like ‘jesus christ, wtf is going on’ and trying to figure out who’s behind this only to find it was some guy’s school project

i mean, ideally, his backstory would’ve had him be less innocent too but hey. im not even asking for THAT much

He shot me like bang, bang, bang…

I was only ever gonna do one edit of Ji as Bond, but a lovely anon asked me to keep going, so this happened. ^^;