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Unpopular opinion about HTGAWM

Unpopular opinion but I actually liked the finale????

Like, I totally and completely understand where everyone’s anger and disappointment is coming from, but I thought that all in all, it was a good way to end season 3 and it leaves a lot of new potential storylines for season 4.

Now, here are some things I wanted to talk about:


1. Wes’ death:

Yes, I am pissed that they ACTUALLY killed off Wes. I was pretty damn sure that the body being “moved” was just an excuse to cover up for the fact that THERE WAS NO BODY because HE DIDN’T ACTUALLY DIE. I thought that that was going to be the big plot twist/OMG moment. I was latching onto the possibility that maybe, just maybe, he faked his own death with the help of whomever he called on the phone in the cab that night. I was wrong. HOWEVER… I get WHY the writers did that. Killing off, for example, Frank simply would NOT have had the same emotional response from the audience and wouldn’t have really opened up any new and exciting storylines to explore in the future either. Same thing with killing off Nate. (It seems that the majority of the fandom is kind of indifferent about his character, so the consequences of his death would have been lackluster for the most part – other than some inevitable scenes of Annalise grieving). Killing off Simon (the annoying new guy) would have just been plain dumb and a total cop out. As sad as it is, Wes’ death is opening the door to a lot of new storylines. Killing off Connor, Laurel, Michaela, etc. without knowing enough of their respective backstories first would have been stupid and unfair. At least with Wes, we’ve already spent 2+ seasons exploring his backstory in great, great depth. Most of the main storylines on the show revolved around him. Now his arc has come to an end and it has undoubtedly impacted every. single. character. The fact that it was overwhelming tragic continues to show what we all already know about HTGAWM: it’s one of the REALEST shows out there in terms of depicting everyday life and social issues. HTGAWM is woke af. There’s no denying that. Life is tragic. Did they really have to kill off Wes? No, of course not. But did really have to make Annalise be raped repeatedly by her uncle when she was just a little girl? What about Bonnie? No, right? And did they really have to make Annalise be in a car accident that caused her to lose her unborn child, thus traumatizing her for the rest of her life? Nope. But you know what? These things happen in real life and not a lot of shows have the BALLS to depict that on screen. HTGAWM does. Wes’ death is so powerful precisely because of how UNFAIR it was. I’m not justifying it. I’m just saying it makes for powerful storytelling. Again, how many of you would have cried if it had been Frank or Nate? Likely, not many. Would Frank dying have started a discussion about the kind of crap POC experience everyday? That was the point. In conclusion, at least Wes’ character was not rushed, his death was premature for the character but not for the story, and at least now we can focus on Laurel, Michaela, Connor, Oliver and put the spotlight on their backstories more.

2. Annalise throwing Wes under the bus

Idk why so many people were upset about this. This is literally what Annalise has been doing since day 1. She’s a brilliant character but has ALWAYS been morally questionable. Season 2 Episode 4, anyone?? That was the EPITOME of Annalise’s dubious morality! Do you guys remember what Michaela said to her after they framed Nate in season 1? “How are we supposed to be okay with this? He’s innocent. And he’s Black.” Here’s the thing: Annalise framed an INNOCENT Nate for Sam’s murder. And you know what? After the framing served its purpose (protecting Wes and the others), she got him off about four episodes later with Eve’s help. She then framed an INNOCENT Catherine Hapstall for Sinclair’s murder AND her own shooting/attempted murder (at the hands of Wes, might I add). And you know what? She took the blame away from Catherine literally in the next episode. Right now, Annalise has pinned Rebecca’s murder on Wes and has also outed Wes as Sam’s killer (which, remember, is NOT a lie… Like Bonnie said, Wes IS a murderer) Why did Annalise do that? Well, to prevent them all (herself, Nate, Bonnie, Michaela, Connor – WHO WAS KIDNAPPED AT THE TIME, Laurel, Oliver, Asher, Frank) from going to jail! And you know what?? I’m willing to bet that next season she’ll think of something to restore his good name and image (just like she did with Nate and Catherine) AND get back at Denver. She just couldn’t do it all at once. Poor woman needed a break after the LITERAL HELL she’s been through. She just needed an impromptu solution asap.

3. Wes’ killer being Laurel’s dad

Not random at all, seeing as how WE DON’T EVEN KNOW THE MOTIVE YET. If when we finally find out his motive and it turns out to be lame and stupid, THEN we should complain!! NOT NOW!!! In season 1, we didn’t know WHY Frank was the one who murdered Lila. It seemed random as fuck. Then in season 2, we find out why and it was such a well-written and complex backstory that even managed to involve a number of characters (Sam. Annalise, Eve, Wes, the Mahoneys, etc.) Pete Nowalk already confirmed that we’ll be finding out more about Laurel’s family and backstory next season so CHILL. (Side note: My personal theory is that Annalise hired Laurel’s dad to murder Frank – since the first hit man she hired failed – and the guy that Laurel’s dad hired messed up and killed Wes instead. That would explain Frank saying to Annalise, “I know it should have been me.” That would also make Laurel’s “It should have been YOU” to Frank at the hospital technically be considered foreshadowing/a clue/hint).

4. Laurel’s and Oliver’s offensive comments

Laurel’s telling Connor to kill himself was NOT OKAY. Oliver assuming Laurel’s dad worked for a drug cartel because he’s Mexican is NOT OKAY. You know what else is not okay? The way Annalise treats Bonnie, Annalise also telling Frank he should kill himself just a few episodes back, Connor telling Laurel she should get an abortion and that it was good that Wes died, etc. These aren’t writer flaws. They are CHARACTER FLAWS. It is BELIEVABLE that after all the traumatizing shit these people have gone through, that once in a while, a darker and uglier side of them comes out. A side that will make them go, “I’m sorry… That wasn’t me…” later. That makes sense to me. Is it okay? No, of course it’s not okay. But it’s believable. They are human beings completely capable of fucking up and unintentionally hurting others, especially when they’re panicking, when they’re in the middle of a crisis, and after all this life-changing insanity that’s ruined their lives and screwed them over and has likely permanently damaged them and, let’s be real, has probably given them suicidal thoughts, too. 

Let’s remember that HTGAWM continues to be one of the most diverse shows out there, with an abundance of POC and LGBT+ actors and characters, and that it also shines light on a variety of pressing social issues. That’s it, y’all. That’s all I wanted to say.

So… see you all in season 4.

(Sorry if there are typos in this post. I don’t feel like proofreading).


I love you more than you could know 
You’ve got a hole inside my soul 
It’s like a mountain soaked in snow 
It’s in the earth the river flows


For the sake of coliver, watch this! 

Everything about this is sheer perfection! 

kate: javi, i just want to know if you’re into me. no pressure or anything, lol
javi: no, sorry. i only see you as a friend.
kate: -throws a fucking tantrum, bitchslaps you and almost drives you over-

The problem with Bethesda's stories isn't bad writing, but a lack thereof.

I know it’s been said a lot, but I’ve been thinking a lot lately about just why Bethesda’s take on the Fallout series never clicked with me. Well, there’s a lot of mechanical reasons, but it’s also because the writing is just… bad. At least, that’s what I thought. But I’ve come to realise that the writing isn’t necessarily bad, it’s more that there isn’t any at all.

Spoilers for Fallout 3, Fallout: New Vegas and Fallout 4 below.

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Okay there are people hating on Gabe because he told everyone that you killed Conrad (which won’t happen if you didn’t do it BTW).

but i don’t see anyone hating on that snitch Eleanor who went to f*cking Joan of all people to just side with her and betray us and was willing to watch the exicution of David, Ava and her Ex-Boyfried Tripp. And that will happen no matter what you did before!!.. yup Eleanor is on my hate list!

I don’t see the real problem with Clem/Gabe. Yes, I feel like it’s forced, but with people keep acting like Mama/Papa bear towards Clementine, they don’t even try to understand or like Gabe’s character. I mean from what I’ve seen, some people is even willing to sacrifice Gabe and have him killed by Conrad in the 2nd episode just to protect her (which in game, is a girl that they don’t even know). What is with people treating every kind WHO ISN’T LIKE CLEMENTINE like shit?

??!!!LIKE WHAT!!!??


Okay, okay, maybe she didn’t die, but STILL





I loved Eleanor, but I knew something felt weird about her. I was so mad and I felt so betrayed when she snitched to Joan, I wanted to forgive her but I just couldn’t. Tripp understood why I killed Conrad and we forgave each other; Eleanor ruined Richmond and could’ve gotten everyone killed by sucking up to Joan just because she wouldn’t listen to my side of the story.


My god, I’ve just finished it but still feel its hand on my throat! 

I guess it was the hardest one of all released episodes so far, and also filled with lots of beautiful details, moments and impressions.

That moment about Clem’s period was so unexpected and touching, really. And very realistic, because seriously there were no one before to tell her about it because it was quite early but in current time it could happen anytime. And I was so glad to be here for her as an adult. 

Also I loved how Clem mentioned how she stitched her arm, one more of that heartwarming references to previous seasons which I’ve been noticing through all previous episodes. 

I so much regret I killed Conrad! Wonder what happens if he’s alive. I don’t blame Gabe on telling everyone though, just idk, I can’t. I honestly like Gabe, he is a good boy who really wants to be strong. I was quite indifferent to his crush on Clem but this episode got me. There were so many funny moments with all that looks, words and situations. Especially the moment when they went to get a car and Gabe didn’t want to stay on watch and then Clem asked him and he agrees in a heartbeat and that faces of Javi & Kate on the background, I laughed so hard :D Maybe Clem doesn’t have a crush on him, even definitely for me she doesn’t. She’s like more mature than him, but it’s so pure how he interacts with her on his level and you see Clem like being similar for at least some moment and can pretend that she wasn’t through everything she was, like she has a small break from her reality or something /here I cry, omg/. It doesn’t get me so emotional when I’m playing bc I’m fixed on the plot at the moment and stuff, but now I think about it and it drives me to same feels like that S2 trailer about raccoon in her tree house. 

I also loved to see Javi, Clem and Gabe in action together, they’re such a great team :D

I loved that we finally got an option to hug David!

btw I absolutely love how this game is full of hugs moments! Also loved their flashback. I was standing for David the whole episode. Whatever happened before and whatever I thought before, the ongoing plot changes your opinions so much, and it’s brother.

Lingard made me sad, I mean I absolutely understand him, but on the other hand I couldn’t kill him and didn’t let Clem do it. 

I loved Clem’s flashback and Ava in it showed up as a very good character, also she said David gave that AJ’s drawing and it’s very touching. I think it were his parenthood feels, like he saw how AJ is like a son for Clem and he also knows how it is to have kids, so you understand what I mean I guess. 

And of course huge thanks for listening to fanbase and giving all people who didn’t wanted Kate romance (including me) an opportunity to clearly reject her!

AND THE ENDING OF THE EPISODE WAS THE HARDEST PART because I was panicking and fucked up everything. I was trying to think my actions ahead but the events were turning by absolutely unexpected ways all the time and I guess it’s an example of great writing. And a great villain we had here because after it all I love Joan as a character even more. All that words of her, all her manipulation with people, everything she does is A+, you have my soul for developing such villains because that’s the one this universe deserves. 

@telltalegames congratulations on one more epic release and thanks for my unforgettable gaming & story experience, me and my cat who comforts me after your episodes both love you ♥

This may just be me but I’m not a big fan of the devoid of compassion Clementine. It’s cool she’s a badass and I love it, but it’s such a for worse development for her. I can make sense of why and that it’s more or less accurate, but it’s also sad to see how just a few years turns her into someone that kills Linguard without hesitation and vouches for bashing in Badger’s skill. What exactly made her into the young woman that threatens Javi’s life when he tries to save his brother; what happened to make her not care if Conrad killed her or not?

I need to know what happened to her.