kill chaos

I swear my friends are done

Friend- so how much do you really know about musicals?

Me- oh you know, not much.. A hamil-TON.

Friend- chill out dude

Me- what, do I need to BE MORE CHILL?!

Friend- i swear I’m going to kill you and that body? Its gonna disappear

Me- no one deserves to disappear…

Friend- thats it! This is chaos.

Me- chaos is what killed the dinosaurs…

Littlefinger: Here have the dagger some guy–like I don’t know WHO, or why he’d DO it, I’m just SAYING–tried to kill you with.

Bran: Chaos is a ladder.

Littlefinger: *oh fuck*

Bran: Here Arya take this dagger.

Arya: Cool. By the way I have a Kill List and have completed most of it.

Bran: You don’t say.

Arya: *immediately uses dagger where Littlefinger can see*

Littlefinger: *OH FUCK*

you know what kills me tho

remember in Chaos Theory, when Max puts Rachel’s clothes on. David calls it her ‘Rachel Amber costume’, Nathan sarcastically calls her ‘Max Amber’. it makes sense that Frank would specifically recognize those are Rachel’s clothes, but for the others, it should be just a regular flannel and jeans. everyone has those?

which means one thing: Rachel wore flannels so fucking much that she made it her iconic Signature Outfit, recognizable miles away all around Arcadia Bay.
no one in Arcadia is allowed to wear flannels anymore because Rachel Wore It Best™ .

And there is never gonna be a heterosexual explanation for this.

ALSO in love with how Veronica says “fine” in that shaky, sad way at the beginning of 17? It shows her frustration, disappointment, and reluctance to try and cater to JD’s point of view. When she follows up with WE’RE damaged, I feel like she gets that she’s fucked up a lot too and knows part of the blame for the deaths is hers, and that’s really mature but scary? It just fits and wow

I got some new pens, so I doodled this to test them out. I like ‘em. ( ‘ ‘)b This is a design for another character I repurposed for Zelda cause I was never gonna draw the actual character this design was for so why not.

The backstory for this specific Zelda is that Hyrule was in a state of perpetual war in her youth, so she became Queen of Hyrule at a very young age due to both her parents being killed in all the chaos. The burden of being queen at such a young age lead her to unlock and master her divine powers very quickly, making her the strongest, most powerful Zelda in history. With her wisdom and strength, she was able to end the 100 year war that plagued her kingdom. Known as the Queen of Victory, she is currently planning the restoration of her war-torn kingdom.

While she is the most powerful Zelda, she is also the most bitter. Being forced to grow up so quickly lead her unable to enjoy her childhood, and the looming threat of Ganon returning could make all her hardwork to bring peace to her kingdom meaningless. She hates inheriting a land destined for chaos, but she mostly keeps that to herself and tries to remain positive.

She also dislikes her crown cause it’s heavy.