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The Claimers - Daryl Dixon

This is my first Daryl fic!
Fic #6 of the Hamilton Prompts
Song: Farmer Refuted

This was bullshit. The two of you had ‘joined’ a group as you looked for Beth, and they were all assholes. They ran on a system that wasn’t fit for four year-olds. Whenever they saw something they liked, they would shout “Claimed!” and it would be there’s.


For the first couple of days, you and Daryl played along. You had already lost Beth, the two of you needed to stick together. You didn’t need more problems than you already had. However, the tension was getting worse and worse. 

You laid down in your makeshift bed one day, and one of the other members of the group joined you. When you asked what he was doing, he interrupted and shouted “Claimed!” in your face. Darryl kicked his ass out, and laid down next to you, but it was turning. They didn’t like your presence. 

You were the only woman in the group, and you could see the way they were looking at you. Daryl could, too. You stuck close to him, for your good and his. The night that things turned from bad to worse, was also the night you were reunited with your friends. 

You and Daryl had been hunting when you came up on the group, surrounding Rick, Michonne, and Carl. You ran forward, even though Daryl tried to slow you down. 

“These people, you’re gonna let them go, because they’re good people,” Daryl said.

“No, I think Lou would disagree with you on that,” Joe said, the man holding the gun to Rick’s head.

“Well Lou was a piece of shit,” you said. Daryl mumbled your name quietly but the damage had already been done. One of the men came over to you and pushed you down to the ground before picking you up by your hair, setting you down on your knees.

“Now I hate to do this,” Joe said. “But we don’t let other people hurt our own. You know what I mean, Daryl.” 

“You want blood, I get it.” He sat down his crossbow and you said his name.

“Daryl, don’t.”

“Take it from me, man,” he said, holding out his arms. You struggled against the grip on your hair. “C’mon.”

“This man killed our friend. Chaos and bloodshed are our only solutions.”

Chaos and bloodshed already haunt us all. Let us go, and we’ll leave you alone, I promise,” you said. Joe ignored you, but the man who had a firm grip on your hair tightened it, pulling you closer to him. 

“This man killed our friend, and you called him good people. See, that right there is a lie. It’s a lie!” he shouted. At that moment, two more of the group came up and hit Daryl in the stomach with the butt of a gun.

“No!” you and Rick cried at the same time. 

“Y/N,” Joe said, looking at you. “I am sick of your mouth!” The man pulling your hair pulled it tighter somehow, making you cry out. “You’re playing a dangerous game! Teach him, fellas,” he said to the group of men who were now beating Daryl. Tears were forming in your eyes as you couldn’t do anything to stop it. 

One of the other men went to pull Carl out of the truck. You screamed again, and this time you got pushed into the dirt, the hard gravel scraping at your face. He had pinned down Carl and there was nothing you could do. 

“Don’t worry, you’ll get your turn,” the man holding your hair whispered in your ear. You cringed and tried to struggle, but he wouldn’t let you move.

“Listen, it was me. It was just me!” Rick said.

“See now that’s right! That’s not some damn lie. Look we can settle this, we’re reasonable men. First, we’re gonna beat Daryl to death.”

“No!” A harsh kick came at your back, pushing you further into the dirt road.

“Then we’ll have the girls. Then the boy.” Again, you tried to get up. To help Carl, to help Daryl, to help yourself. Anything. “Then I’m gonna shoot you. Then we’ll be square.” Joe started laughing as Carl was struggling against one of the men. 

“Let him go,” Rick said firmly. “Let him go.” 

You heard a gunshot, and cringed. They had just killed Rick. If they got Rick, there was nothing you could do. You turned your head to the side, expecting to see Rick’s lifeless body, but instead, saw the man standing up and fighting. Everyone started rebelling a little. You elbowed the man behind you and he stumbled back, giving you just one second to move. He pinned you back down, but you were facing him this time. 

“Come on! Get up!” Joe shouted at Rick. “Come on, let’s see what you got.” Carl was continuing to cry, Daryl’s body was getting beat into the car more and more, and there was a gun pointed at your face. 

You looked over at Rick and Joe, as the latter man screamed. There was blood pouring from Rick’s mouth, and Joe’s neck. You nearly screamed at the sight. All of his group members were watching in shock, giving you your chance. You kicked your legs up and hit the man right in the crotch. He fell back and you took the gun from him before shooting him.

 Michonne shot one of the men beating up Daryl, and he got the upper hand. Daryl started fighting back. The man who had tried to rape Carl had him at gunpoint, but he quivered away when Rick came forward, killing him with Michonne’s sword. Over and over, he stabbed the man. 

“Rick,” you said. “Enough.” He didn’t say anything, but continued. Daryl went up to him and pulled him off. 

“C’mon, man.” He pushed the man off of him and he fell to the floor in a heap of blood. The group scattered after that, all needing to cope in their own ways. You found Daryl about an hour after and sat down next to him. He was beat up really bad, and wasn’t taking care of himself. 

“Let me help you,” you said. He shook his head and pulled away. You sighed.

“I shouldn’t have let this happen,” he said. 

“It wasn’t your fault.” He scoffed. You rested your forehead against his shoulder, because that’s all you could think to do.

“I shouldn’t have let this happen.”

If you repeat yourself again I’m gonna scream, honestly look at me.” He regretfully did and you smiled at him. “Those guys were assholes. We got tangled up in this group. It wasn’t your fault. It wasn’t anyone’s fault. But we got out of it. Minimal injury.” He scoffed again, but it was kind of a laugh. He leaned in and kissed your forehead. 

“I’m sorry.”

“Me too.”

Friendly Reminder

Caroline Forbes is her best self as a vampire. There is a certain sense of self that Caroline derives from being strong and immortal and to those fans who want to see her suddenly veer towards becoming human…why? Why would you want that for her?

It gives her drive. She can control her urges, which makes her unique among the vampires in the TVD-verse. She works hard at it and takes pride in being herself, in spite of having the temptation to let go and do things that she is, at her core, diametrically opposed to, like killing and creating chaos. That’s an excellent character nuance that helps make her such a relatable protagonist.

It gives her purpose. She enjoys mentoring other vampires and believes that her methods truly work and that she’s living proof that an “evil” or violent nature, as it were, can be managed and overcome with effort and grace and she wants others to see that side of it, too. That’s wonderfully philosophic and poignant.

It empowers her. She literally said in the last episode that she feels powerful as a vampire. That alludes to the sense of self that makes Caroline who she is. She’s a girl who didn’t have much power or agency as a human and now recognizes that in her second life, she’s in the driver’s seat. I think that’s beautiful and frankly, I cannot understand why some fans want her to or think that she would ever give that up. For what, exactly? For Stefan? That’s not romantic, guys. Giving up what empowers you and makes you feel comfortable in your own skin for a man is not nor will it ever be romantic.

Caroline Forbes’ vampirism is at the core of her character development. Taking that chunk of support and nuance away for the sake of giving SC a happy ending is not something that I think the writers are going to be willing to do and honestly, I think that’s absolutely the right call.

Keeping Caroline a vampire is honoring the character and the wonderful journey she took us on for eight years. Point, blank, and the period.