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To all of the people who are discouraged to ship what you want to ship

Screw all of those people who tell you how godawful your favorite ship is. You don’t need to listen to them. Why should you care what their opinion is? It’s their problem that they can’t learn to accept what makes people happy, not yours, so don’t take it out on yourself or them. Don’t even reply to their hate comments. Just continue on with your day knowing that your ship means something to you, and that their ignorant, inconsiderate comment didn’t faze you with your shipping and happiness. :)

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when koogi hinted black hair!sangwoo might be a spoiler for s2, maybe she meant that we'll see him in a flashback?

I dunno it’s possible but at the same time ???Sangwoo’s current hairstyle has stayed the same for quite a few chapters so I would assume Koogi is going to just give him a new/different one overall in season 2. There’s also that theory saying he’s going to ‘change’ his friends so maybe it’s supposed to be a new him or something?

  • me: thinks about james and thomas off on some small peach farm somewhere, sitting in the sun & happy, trying to be, rebuilding their lives together, growing old(er) together
  • me: wow ok this couldn't get more emotional for me
  • me: thinks about james growing his hair out again (a few grey strands in the red, finally) and thomas running his hands through it


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Would you feel the same way if that infamous sign had said "Kill All the Mormons" instead of "Kill All the Jews"? Or "Kill All the Blacks", "Kill All the F*gs" etc, etc, etc? I am way more concerned with that "joke" than whatever the media is doing. I think it's very sad that such a sweet person like yourself could dismiss hate speech disguised as jokes. I am disappointed and I really expected more out of you.

I that you’re trying to make me look at the situation from a different perspective… If pewdiepie said “Death to all Mormons” or “Death to all bisexuals.” or “Death to all females” etc. (which are all things that are apart of who I am, and are things that are very important and even sensitive to me, especially how I’ve been bullied for all of those things before in real life.) 

My stance would not change. because unlike you, (from what I’m getting at) I am able to see the difference between a bad and offensive joke, and true discrimination. I mean heck, us mormons had an ENTIRE MUSICAL PLAY making fun of us! and while that can be taken as discrimination and hate,  I know that it’s a form of satire and a parody, and not true discrimination. And as far as the discrimination I’ve faced in my life from being LGBT, let alone a Mormon LGBT, I know from first hand experience that what pewdiepie did, was not discrimination. Just a bad and offensive joke that the media used to their advantage to try and ruin him in the form of scandalizing him. 

Just as Family guy, the Simpsons, South Park, MANY comedians, literally countless movies and video games, or even other youtubers like, Game Grumps, Leafy, FilthyFrank, Keemstar, ETC. Can make offensive jokes, and yet it’s ok. Why is it bad when Pewdiepie says it? Why not everyone else? The Media purposefully targeted the number one youtuber for money, That, is true hate and discrimination as a ploy to suck money in a web of lies. 

What pewdiepie did was a bad and offensive joke. which isn’t good and I don’t support. The Joke he made was wrong yes, and it’s a huge mistake that he’s come out and publicly apologized for and after the events of the media taking advantage of his mistake, has definitely learned from his mistake. and if you watch pewdiepie, you can tell when he’s genuine, and when he’s creating satire. it’s literally night and day. Jokes, no matter how bad, do not define you as a person, and can be forgiven. But going out and trying to destroy someone with manipulation, bullying, lies, etc, when you are fully aware of what you’re doing just do you can get a paycheck, is disgusting. 

So, you can hate me, if you want. That’s up to you how you feel about me. and if you disagree and decide you don’t like where I stand, then that’s ok. Because, even though I disagree, I do respect whatever decision you make. I’m not trying to force anyone to watch me or anything, and I definitely am not trying to force you to see how I see things. 

But simply to answer your question, my stance would not chance. 

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It would take 40 years worth of blacks killed by cops to equal the number of black killed by other blacks in one year. Less than 400 people a year are killed by cops, 61% of them are white. 32% are black. Black males are 58% of those killed by justifiable self defense…75% of those are by other blacks. Blacks are 27% more likely to attacks whites than vice versa…8 times more likely to attack hispanics. 90% of murdered black die at the hands of other blacks.

get off anon??? 
throw all the numbers you want at me
you think you’re so smart cause you put all this on here? like literally where are your sources
i wont believe anything form some anon that came to my box probably because of a post they found in the search 

@omnicbro i guest that’s plausible? i just don’t want this fandom treating her like they treat dva you know?
also it’s not illegal but overwatch is rated t for teen and if they added the ability to kill a child that’d raise the rating to M and get it banned from certain countries (i think australia is one of them?) so blizzard would lose money
and it’d reasonably piss a lot of people off that you can kill a black child in a game, esp. in this contemporary moment so blizzard would lose even more potential customers


They’re called the Mothers of the Movement. We often hear about those killed by senseless violence — but we rarely hear about the families the victims leave behind. Frankly, the Mothers of the Movement would rather just be moms.

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The Baltimore police officer who shot Curtis Jamal Deal “had it out for him,” family says

  • Baltimore officials identified the 18-year-old city resident who was shot and killed by police on Tuesday as Curtis Jamal Deal, the Baltimore Sun reported.
  • Local community activist Kwame Rose, who was active in 2015 protests surrounding Freddie Gray’s death, tweeted that he’d spoken to Deal’s family and friends about the teen’s prior encounters with the yet-to-be identified officer who killed him.
  • The officer may have “had it out” for Deal, Rose tweeted. Read more (2/19/17 1:06 PM)

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