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Autobots’ Military Structure


For Generation One, at least. The Autobots do seem to follow a strict military structure. With references to officers, special operations units, intelligence, as well as various specialist in their fields. 

I am going to attempt to explain how this structure works and how many of the top ranking Autobots fall into and their actual positions other than the generic “officer” title. 

Let’s start from the bottom and work our way up.

Enlisted personnel: E1 - E6

These would be your more basic soldiers. You’re “frontliner” if you will. These are the ranks where most of the grunt work comes from. They often have no say in the command they are assigned and are strictly there to follow orders and do their job. Not to say there is no authority within these position, but they are the most common. 

E1s are the fresh from bootcamp soldiers. Which Grimlock and his team would be. Making them the lowest ranking Autobots right next to the Aerialbots. Though with their own unique cybertronian military structure, the Aerialbots’ gestalt leader would likely have been advanced to that of an E6, without the usual preamble of time in rank and qualification tests. Same with the Dinobots’ Grimlock. As an E6 is typically put in charge of small groups, squadrons or units. One step below and actual Chief/Gunnery Sargeant. Which we will get to next.

Enlisted personnel: E7 - E9

These are your Chiefs/First Sergeants/Master Gunnery Sergeant/Marines have too many names for the same rank. They are held in high regard and are positions of authority. They are often tasked with the real work of the . Making decisions and commanding the army on a more personal level than that of an officer. They take a direct role with the lower enlisted personnel. 

 It also explains why a seasoned veteran like Kup would take direction from someone as seemingly inexperienced as Hot Rod. As while a Master Chief/Master Gunnery Sergeant ( E9 ) is one of the most respected and revered of ranks. As they are titles earned by only the best of the best and only after putting in many, many years of service. Even a fresh to the service Ensign would outrank him. As all officers outranks all enlisted personnel regardless of time spent serving.

Also, yes Bumblebee is a Chief. 

Warrant Officers: W1 - W5

Warrant officers are rare, as it it more difficult to become a Warrant Officer than any other rank. Barring that of the highest officer ranks. They do not hold actual sway over the direction the army goes unless it pertains to their own specialization.  Within the army itself, Warrant Officers are highly respected and revered for their skill. 

They are subject experts in their chosen field. No one knows more than they do about their particular topic. With Ironhide, it would be weapons. Meaning he is the point of reference for all things involving weaponry within the Autobot army. The same would be for Wheeljack within the scientific side of the war effort. Blaster for communications, etc. This explains that while they obviously hold authority and their opinions are so highly regarded by the Prime. While they don’t hold an actual command over the army as a whole. Though this does vary for cybertronians. As Ironhide has been placed in charge due to the high death rate of the Autobot army officers and there being a lack of qualified officers to fill a command role.

Officers: O1 - O4

These would be the Junior Officers. Your Ensigns to your Lieutenant Commanders. Not much experience is needed for theses ranks and they joined by way of contract and specialized schooling. This is not to say those who have these ranks are to be disrespected. They hold authority over even the most senior of enlisted soldiers. They also can be appointed positions of higher authority than their rank would typically allow. Depending on skill set and how they present themselves as an asset to the command they are assigned.

Officers: O5 - O6

Your Captains and Commanders. Captain does not automatically mean they are in charge of a ship. They hold that capability, but do not always act as the XO (Executive Officer) of a vessel. These are the second rarest next to Warrant Officers. Usually, they are the highest ranking at a command. With the exception of a Flag Ship, which the Ark arguably is. The hold the utmost Authority over a command. With Ratchet this would be the medbay of the Ark. Though with within the medical field reaching such a high rank is rare, meaning he would be the point of contact and set standards as far as all medbays within the army are to uphold. 

Officers: O7 - O11

The leaders. Admirals. Though with cybertronian variants of the term. They take ultimate responsibility over the entire army. Their orders are not questioned and their authority absolute. With Fleet Admiral (O11) being the rank of Prime. Giving Optimus Prime a special kind of authority, though only during times of war. Where their call is the ultimate call, even over other Admiral’s. 

Elita-1 would be a Four Star Admiral. Giving her command over the war effort still ongoing on Cybertron. Then there is Prowl and Jazz, who fall in the middle. With Prowl being a three star and Jazz either two or one. This would make them report and be accountable to none other except Optimus Prime, as they are part of the Ark crew and the command on earth. However were they to be reassigned to Cybertron, it would still be Optimus Prime, but also Elita-1 right after him. 

Special Warfare Combatant-craft Crewmen: S.W.C.C

The all-stars. Especially the Wreckers, which could be equated to that of a Navy Seal. So when they have the lower ranked bots excited for the Wreckers, treating them like celebrities. It’s actually a fairly accurate representation. These are the soldiers with the strongest wills and best skill sets to carry out a mission. They still have to adhere to rank, same as the enlisted soldiers, but they are given their own specific commander. And when an enlisted soldier meets one, even if it’s only for a few minutes, it’s all that soldier will talk about for the next several weeks. (Not an exaggeration)

Then you have the HUMINT agents, the ones who gather the intelligence and spy. Though the army wouldn’t actually call it spying. Though they cybertronian equivalent would likely be called CYBINT. As this stands for cybertronian intelligence gathering. Meaning they get up close and personal with the enemy. Their identities are often not known. Though even an agent with a blown cover can still be useful. Especially if they have the unique ability to become invisible or create holograms.


Now, if there are any questions regarding this, mun is free to answer them. This wasn’t overly detailed, as there are special nuances to each rank, within that rank. Such as rates. Which seem cybertronians seem to differentiate from conventional norms on that front. There is no “science” rate. Though the officer’s positions being mostly political outside times of war they got spot on.

Transformers things you may have forgotten about

- Carbombia

- “Give me your face”

- the fact that Brains exists

- Starscream being voiced by Spongebob at one point

- That time Rattrap kicked Waspinator in the dick

- Spider nipples

- “GARBAGE!!!!”

- The fact that Wheelie was voiced by Spongebob at one point

- G1 Orion Pax being an actual fucking DWEEB

- The fact that there is a deleted scene in the G1 movie where Megatron is running around literally killing EVERY SINGLE AUTOBOT that were in the first two seasons

- Elita having the ability to FREEZE TIME

- G1 Wrek-Gar had a girlfriend and her name was literally just “Nancy”

- Those fucking Dr.Smoov videos oh my GOD

- The fact that Elita One, Chromnia, and Arcee were in the second Transformers movie

- Mudflap and Skids

- Cybertronians start off as children in Bayverse??? (although its kinda hard to tell for sure with all the plot holes those movies have)

- Those friggin Unsolved Mysteries videos

- That one time in G1 where Spike was turned into a transformer and had NO CHILL

- When you saw the trailer for Dark of the Moon for the first time you thought Sentinel Prime was Alpha Trion didn’t you?

- That??? Weird pet thing Megatron had in in Dark of the Moon???

- The Oreo commercial


- that time in G1 when Commander Cobra from GI Joe made a cameo

- that time in TFA where Bumblebee got his fucking feet sawed off and was shoved in a locker

- “Push, Punch, Press, Release!”

- That one commercial where Optimus Prime tries to order a whopper

- Orion Pax’s friend Dion


- That fucking scene in G1 where Hound is massaging Spike’s back

- “I’m like a fat ballerina”

- Yeager program

- Not having to sell your house in order to afford a TFA figure

And last but not least:

-Megatron the perv

A lot of people find it implausible and out of character for Rodimus to have warmed up to Megatron enough to save his life, but they forget who Rodimus best friend (possibly amica) is The horrifying, atrocious creature that was Deadlock, who slaughtered countless Autobots, and was chosen by Megatron himself and was a merciless Deception through nearly all of the 4 million years that the war went on. Sure, now he’s Drift and has chosen a different path, but that doesn’t bring back the Autobots he killed. And yet, Rodimus genuinely cares about Drift and calls him his best friend. Rodimus has been proven to be very forgiving and willing to give people a chance at redemption (except for Getaway, but throwing he and his closest friends to thousands of deceptions, including the sadistic DJD would make him pretty hard to forgive). He’s clearly still not fully trusting of Megatron, but he respects him, in his own immature way, and I think Rodimus genuinely wants Megatron to prove that he’s worthy of a second chance.

Cyclonus:  *Kills dozens of Autobots during the attack on Kimia*

Rodimus:  Whatever man, just don’t do it again, alright?

Drift:  *”allegedly” smuggles Overlord on board the Lost Light*

Rodimus:  Sorry bro, but you can’t hang with us anymore

Brainstorm:  *Nearly destroys an entire timeline*

Rodimus:  Okay pal, but you can’t be a Decepticon no more, got it?

Getaway:  *Convinces Tailgate to inject Megatron*

Rodimus:  WHAT THE FUQ?!!?1!?  WHAT THE FUQQUIN?!11?!?1!?!  D:<

can i just say how much i loved TFP starscream? like, really his only flaw was his egotism. thats it

When megatron was in charge, his game plan was always some wackadoo bullshit like “raise people from the grave” and “defeat optimus in close range combat because of some really obscure prophecy that nobody except me believes”

When starscream was in charge. his gameplan was like

  1. get energon
  2. kill autobots
  3. win war
  4. all hail me

as much as he annoyed everyone on the nemisis, if megatron had stayed dead, starscream probably would have led the decepticons to victory before season one had even gotten halfway through


Drift was once a Decepticon named Deadlock.

Deadlock has killed millions of Autobots, even some without being ordered because he found it fun.

Deadlock was almost at the same level as Overlord.

So please think about this when you write Drift as being afraid of everything. He knows how to defend himself. He knows how to fight. He fought at Megatron’s side.

Drift is very scary.

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Hiya, do u have any headcanons of any kind about starscream/skyfire (tbh i keep forgetting their ship name!)

I use skyscream, but I’ve seen starsky as a popular one too! So here’s some shit about gay birds

  • They were kinda…bad at telling the other one they liked them back in their science academy days. Like, terrible. They didn’t realize it for damn years, the amount of unreciprocated gay was unbearable to work with, which is why they remained lab partners for so fucking long
  • and then starscream just randomly decided nah fuck this and went in for the kill
  • Back then it was subtle flirting, really shitty jokes, and accidentally standing too close
  • Nowadays it’s extremely obvious flirting across a battlefield, even shittier jokes, and Skyfire getting “accidentally” captured for a few days ohhh noo
  • Fire in the sky actual dialogue: “you know what would be like, really hot? If you killed these autobots right now. I’d absolutely suck ur dick if you did that. Im hot and bothered just thinking about it whew” 
  • Even if you arent thinking G1 with these losers? Fucking Jetfire in the WFC/FOC universe was literally at his side in the beginning. Starscream probably gave him that shitty australian voice tho it was a gag birthday present that he regrets someone remove that voice chip pls
  • AU where Skyfire stays a decepticon ONLY so that “fly-entist” line can be “fly-entists”
  • Skyfire ends the war in G1 by picking up optimus and megatron with his big ol yaoi hands, shoving them together and telling them to kiss, then grabs starscream and goes to the moon to spend a weekend with his husband away from everyone

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MegaWave for the meme thing?? ^-^

How do much do I ship it?: Never heard of it/ Notp / Dislike / used to ship / maybe / ship it / aww / otp / IS IT CANON YET?
I love them forever! Top tier ship right there!!! I ship them in every timeline! Even when it makes no sense! 

What non sexual activities do they like to do together?
Run the Decepticons and kill Autobots.

Who does chores around the house?
Soundwave, he feels such tasks are beneath Lord Megatron.

Who’s the better cook?
Soundwave. Has Megatron even made an energon cube?

Who’s the funniest drunk?
You tell me

Do they have kids?
Frenzy, Rumble, Ravage, Laserbeak, Ratbat… a few kiddos.

Do they have any traditions?
They probably do something for the start of the war, don’t know what though. 

What do they fight about?
Megatron becoming an autobot and traveling in space with a bunch of other autobots.

What would they do if they found their paring tag on tumblr? (If they have one)
Megatron would have better things to do. Soundwave might destroy the website.

Who cried at the end of Marley and me?
Neither. Who cares about dogs?

Who always wins at Mario kart?
Megatron. Soundwave let’s him win.

One thing I like about this ship?
They respect each other and Soundwave is so loyal and devoted to Megatron! And Megatron is proud of Soundwave and appreciates him!!!

One thing I don’t like about the ship?
MegaScream is more popular.

The song I would say fits them?
The Way We Were - Barbara Streisand Not really, but thanks to Megs and Unicron, I still associate them with this song. Also Up Where We Belong - Joe Cocker and Jennifer Warnes

Another headcanon about the paring? (Free space)
Every Decepticon but Starscream know these two are together. 


(Revenge Return of the FAllen)

Ruth is a senior in High School, with Barricade still as her guardian. In her first week a Autobot scout named Mudflap attacks the building, leading to the introduction of Ravage, who attacks and wins the confrontation. The Decepticon states she was sent by Soundwave as a guardian to Ruth and her friend Val, which makes Barricade jealous as fuck.

Turns out the Autobutts are trying to get a Star HArvester working, which would destroy the Sun, and by extension Earth.

Ruth finds a Allspark fragment in her jacket, which she gives to MEgatron, and he uses it to revive the FAllen, a lost Prime who served justice instead of Tyranny. The FAllen states that they would need the MAtrix of LEadership in order to activate it, but they don’t know where it is.

The revived Optimus Prime (from pieces of JAzz) kidnaps Ruth and  the Autobots kill MEgatron.

In a mad dash to find a Decepticon, they discover Jetfire, a former Autobot who ground bridges Ruth, Val, Barricade, Ravage and crazy conspirators dude to the middle of nowhere.

The B-Team finds the MAtrix(but it’s a sock now), and calls in the Military and Decepticons. Mudflap and Skids attack the group, but they’re saved by Devastator, who tells them to get over to a village.

Fighting. Ironhide defects over to the Decepticons (I CAN’T  MAKE IRONHIDE EVIL I’M SORRY), and Ruth almost dies. But some random old PRimes who weren’t evil say ‘Nah brah, use the sock to revive Megatron’ and she does that.

Optimus kills the Fallen, and MEgatron uses Jetfire’s parts to defeat his enemy and stop the Star HArvester for good.

Colonel Lennox is like ‘Hey you’re cool now dude.’ and Ironhide agrees. The Autobots spilt before they all die, and Starscream hugs MEgatron and gives the ‘NEVER DO THAT AGAIN’ speech. It’s super gay.

Roll credits. 

(After credits scene: Val and her new robot cat going grocery shopping. Ravage eats a pack of batteries.)

    The Decepticon gasped, dodging every shot handed to her. This was bad- this was really really bad. She didn’t want to fight the Autobot in front of her, which was rich coming from someone who bore the Decepticon badge. But she was true to her word, she didn’t fight back. She actively tried to stay as non-lethal as possible. Despite popular belief, she didn’t believe in the Decepticon cause or what they strove for. She wanted to change sides, she wanted to be branded an Autobot and shed away every allegiance she had to Megatron.

    The smaller bot tripped, falling on her back as she was faced with a blaster. She panicked, quickly holding up her arms and pleading.

Wait- wait wait wait wait wait. I wasn’t here to fight you- I never intended to fight you! I-I may look like a Decepticon, I mean I don’t blame you. I have the symbol and everything but I do not wear it with pride. I want to change sides- I want to be an Autobot. I’m being completely serious- please don’t shoot. ❞ - @yourxguardian

I really feel sorry for Starscream, we all know that he will not suceed because is a Kid’s show, so I guess this is not spoiler (I will not say what happen)

but really this part, this scene, I really feel sorry because he is mentally broke, he is traumatized because of all that happen in Prime, even knowing that he doesn’t have a chance he clings in his will to live and have his vengeance. 

In the first episodes of Prime we saw a deadly Starscram, an Starscream to fear about (he even kill an Autobot!) but then he was a nearly comic relief and suffer all kind of abuse (mental and psychical) from Megatron and the decepticons.

And after all he really thought that he finally can have his vengeance after all.But he failed, again.and now he is forever in shock.


He wasn’t sure just HOW it had happened; he had done EVERYTHING that he knew to avoid being captured && yet, here he was. Bee glared at Barricade from over his shoulder as said Decepticon had his arms behind his back, face first to the ground.

AGAIN he attempted to break the mech’s hold on him, digging his peds into the ground &&even trying to buck him off { to no avail } as best he could. His engine growled as did he, “Let me the frag go, DECEPTI-CREEP!”


What Barricade’s new form lacked in traditional Deception aesthetic it made up for with strength and durability. The disguise has been necessary, after all – he’d adopted a more Autobot-like appearance more than a year ago in defense against the human agencies out to kill them when it became somewhat obvious that the TRF wasn’t killing Autobots as frequently. The hope has always been that if he’s seen on some grainy nightvision image, the fleshbags would choose not to fire based on his smoother look.

Sure, he hates it, but fuck it. It works.

“Now, now,” he chides with a snarl. “You know better than to let me get anywhere near you, Bumblebrat. But here we are.” 

The enforcer plants his knee in the center of the Camaro’s back, transferring both of his wrists to one hand so he can access the cuffs he keeps. “This can go one of two ways: you tell me what I want to know, and you leave alive. Or, you do as you do and remain belligerent, and I end our rivalry once and for all.”

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[little star:]
I was bored and feeling emotions, it was disgusting
but I made something for you. It’s a portrait. Of
you. With that ridiculous grin on your face.
[Status: unsent]
[little star:]
You’ve never called me Sideswipe’s brother. Why?
Even if we’re flirting and doing whatever it is
that we’re doing, you’re one of the few bots that
see Sideswipe and I as separate bots. Thank you.
[Status: unsent]
[little star:]
I’ve mercilessly killed Decepticons, tore them to
little pieces. I’ve killed Autobots too, without
so much as a second thought or an ounce of guilt.
Do you still like me?
[Status: unsent]
[little star:]
I don’t even recognise him. I don’t even feel him
in my spark. I’m alone and I hate it. Everything
feels wrong. Can you come and stay with me?
[Status: unsent]
[little star:]
There’s going to be a day when you leave. When you
realise that I’m dangerous, manipulative, everything
else that’s buried in my personnel file. You’re going
to leave. And I’m going to hate you for it.
[Status: unsent]
[little star:]
If you don’t come here right now, and save this pathetic
organic inventor, you’re going to be down one human ally.
[Status: sent]

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The way I see it, the Decepticons started out as the good guys. they stood up for what was right, and they succeeded in destroying the Senate. But then things began to change. Whether Megatron was corrupted by those around him, or if something inside him just snapped, I haven't been able to tell, but whatever the case, the Cons turned bad. Not all of them, and to varying degrees, but as a whole they did. The autobots formed in response, them now being very similar to the original Decepticons.

Marvel comics

“ The Autobot leader, Optimus Prime first appeared in issue #1 of Marvel’s 4-issue limited series in September 1984, which was extended into the main series. This comic series started with the history of the Autobots and Deceptions on Cybertron, two once peaceful factions that eventually came to war due to Megatron’s desire for conquest.”

IDW Publishing

“ Later, hard times follow, with the Autobots becoming a corrupt galactic police force. While shutting down an Energon-mining operation, they incite a riot by beating an outspoken miner to death. The riot is extinguished, resulting in the miners either dead or imprisoned. A surviving miner, Megatron, manages to take over a prison shuttle and hide it in Kaon, the seediest city on Cybertron.Megatron makes a name for himself in the underground gladiatorial matches, learning to enjoy the kill. He recruits the Seekers, Soundwave, and the future Cassetticons to perform acts of terrorism throughout Cybertron. Megatron rallies a large group of gladiators and proposes for them to unite under the same badge, but they are caught and arrested by Sentinel Prime’s police force. However, this is part of Megatron’s plan, as Starscream kills the Autobot Senate. Megatron kills Sentinel Prime, and the newly forged Decepticons take over the city-state of Kaon, heralding the beginning of the war.”

Unicron Trilogy

“ Originally, the Autobots were not a faction, but the name of a peacekeeping organization; under the command of Optimus Prime, they defended Cyber City. Their headquarters was adorned with the motto “Truth – Justice – Freedom”. They were unable to stop the Mini-Con-powered Decepticons from taking Cyber City, and for a million years they were reduced to a rebel organization desperately trying & failing to protect Cybertron. “

TF: War for Cybertron

“ The video game Transformers: War for Cybertron give a backstory to the Autobots days on Cybertron. The Autobots were led by Zeta Prime at the beginning of the game. Megatron betrays the Autobots and creates a splinter faction known as the Decepticons. “

tadah, there’s your answer..

however, megatron just ‘being evil wanting to take over the world’ is so fucking stupid it’s laughable to even consider it as a reference point when we’re talking about ethics and morals. IDW is one of the only verses to give a reasonable explanation as to why decepticons are what they are. The rest are pretty much generic “we’re evil lol take over the world!” which is not a good excuse nor a strong one for character traits. It’s weak af and one of the reasons why most people don’t consider Decepticons to be their favourite.


From Transformers Vol 3: Revenge of the Decepticons (Issues #13-19)

My favorite plan Megatron’s ever done in the IDW Canon of their Transformers Universe has to be this one.

He distributed hundreds of guns–Replicas of his Alt Mode, no less–that were made out of his body that was destroyed in All Hail Megatron, and then used Soundwave to brainwash the people who discovered them into wanting to murder the Autobots.

And it is a plan that both failed and succeeded. It failed, in that the only casualty to be shot was Bumblebee, because Prime figured out that the quickest way to stop the plan was to take out Soundwave.

But on the other hand, it caused enough chaos that Jazz ended up murdering a civilian because of a misunderstanding, more or less ruining the Autobot’s chances of ever really being in the people’s good graces again–which was the catalyst that set off some other misunderstandings.

I just love this plan, because it’s so spiteful. Megatron has this brand-new, near invincible frame that no one can lay a hand on (believe me, after this event, Prime tries—oh, does he try: “Why won’t you ever die!?”), but he decides he won’t kill Prime or his Autobots himself.

He’s going to make the Earthlings do it.

The new friends and people that Prime’s working so hard to befriend and protect. Megattron is going to make them do it. Because that’ll hurt Prime more.

It was so targeted, and just outlandish enough, that I can’t help but love it.