kilkenny races

the signs as set dances
  • Aries: The Hurling Boys/Three Sea Captains
  • Taurus: The White Blanket
  • Gemini: Kilkenny Races
  • Cancer: Bonaparte's Retreat
  • Leo: Rodney's Glory
  • Virgo: King of the Faeries/Job of Journeywork
  • Libra: The Drunken Gauger/Blue Eyed Rascal
  • Scorpio: Planxty Davis
  • Sagittarius: The Blackthorn Stick
  • Capricorn: The Hunt
  • Aquarius: The Rambling Rake/Humours of Bandon
  • Pisces: Miss Brown's Fancy

This is probs the cutest Kilkenny races ever


Kilkenny Races 76 


Aine McGill’s kilkenny races

some disclaimers- this video’s over 2 years old, on a slippery-looking floor and the person filming it doesn’t completely grasp that it’s all about the feet.  But the rhythm’s lovely!


Senior Ladies Champion from Mid-America dances her Kilkenny Races at the Saturday night dinner dance gala.