I love every single one of you! (including the huge amount of other blogs that aren’t mentioned)

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Can I ask one more anon questions? :D ♥ Tell me 5 people from Tumblr you like the most!

Sure xD Uhm just 5? That’s difficult.. There are soo many people on tumblr I really like and I’m not sure if I can pick five but I’ll try :DD

okay uhm..

1) b1ackhayate because he’s my best friend and omg all the stuff we went through XDD

2) sparklinggayspider because uhm she’s the Sherlock to my Lestrade and so much stuff and argh XD <3

3) mycasebook because we just met last weekend and she’s sooo cute and nice and awww and soo ridiculously lovely and.. and  we are canon too XDD <3

4) afterthemasquerade because like the same reasons I picked mycasebook xDD and omg freaking canon and sooo majestic XD and I loved sneaking into her bed in the morning.. that’s was sooo comfy <3 xDDD

5) uhm that’S really difficult because there are soo many nice people on tumblr and I love all my followers so much but I think I pick kilisbeard, because I think I had the most exciting journeys with her and she’s such an amazing person.. <3 You with your luck… GOD! XDD 

And I have to add, that if you are not one of them.. it doesn’t mean I don’t like you.. actually I love you! so much <3 So once again! I LOVE YOU!!

Actually I have to add one more person because she’s such an amazing being and her skills and everything.. God I don’t know how I could possibly forget to add her.. SHAME ON ME!! But ya’ know bro.. I love ya skipthatalready

Choosing was difficult. All the places were cool. But one time I was in Leipzig it was just shitty. People were assholes, trains were assholes.. I HAD TO CHOOSE ONE PLACE, MATE

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3, 7, 10, 15 and 16 !!! Please :D

At your service, darling! :D

3. 5 things that made me laugh recently

  1. The gif “conversation” you and I had yesterday
  2. My dog being silly
  3. Kili making funny faces on tinychat
  4. This
  5. Reading crazy horoscopes with my friends: my sister, my dear Necromancer and my Thranduil.

7. 5 dream cosplays

  1. Euphemia li Britannia from Code Geass
  2. Ryoumou Shimei from Ikkitousen
  3. Madam Red from Kuroshitsuji
  4. Lady Loki
  5. Nakano Yamato from Loveless (the blonde one… but I’d need a partner for that x_x)

10. 5 recent surprises

Uhm… I can’t say any, sorry, I didn’t have any surprises or even surprising things recently…

15. 5 fics I want to write

I’m not that much of a fanfic writer, actually, but I’ll try my best…

  1. One with child Fili and Kili
  2. A Loveless one (Soubi/Ritsuka)
  3. A Junjou Romantica one (Akihiko/Misaki)
  4. A Kaze to Ki no Uta one (August/Gilbert)
  5. … and maybe a Thorki one

16. 5 reaction gifs

That will be a hard choice… I like these ones, for example: