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Milky way and Large Magellanic Cloud panorama over Mount Kilimanjaro, Tanzania


Cat Grant Appreciation Week // Day 1: Favorite Scene

That was mean and horrible… What I did to you, Ms. Grant.
Oh, please. I’ve base jumped Mount Kilimanjaro. Do you really think you scared me? Well, okay, yes, you did scare me.
I know I scared the whole city. And now I’m so afraid that I’m never gonna win them back.


Wispy clouds over the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro, Tanzania

Mount Kilimanjaro- Tanzania

Mt Kilimanjaro, an inactive volcano in Tanzania, near the border of Kenya, is the highest point in Africa. 

It is one of the most sought after trekking destinations in the world.

Though the mountain itself does not boast a great number of animals, buffaloes, elephants, and leopards can be seen in certain areas of the mountain.


Here is my submission for the #trollhuntersfanartcontest !(submitted on instagram)! Meet Kundara, the Defender. Originally hailing from the caves beneath Mount Kilimanjaro, she single-handedly defended the newly-settled Troll Market from an invading army. Kundara is friendly and kind, but also fierce. And while Blinky encourages her more scholarly Trollhunter pursuits, Kundara would rather be training in The Forge.
I approached this design as if I were designing at @headlessstudio-blog (they did the concept art for the show), and really tried to keep it in their style (sort of like a character test). Along with the final paint, I’ve included a rough pose sheet (to show how she moves wearing the armor and wielding the sword), as well as my original rough design (just for fun).



been a while since i’ve spent more than 10 minutes on this site but some life updates in case anyone was wondering:

  • spent the summer working in kenya but now im back in canada
  • i climbed mount fucking kilimanjaro!!!
  • got 2 part-time jobs for the school year to keep myself busy
  • its the last year of my masters, im fucking excited to be done school after this year
  • watched ozark, friends after college, and rupauls drag race this summer. all good shows. i wanna start watching glow, has anyone seen it??
  • SUPER LATE but i wanna try to make some fake subs from bv2 can anyone can suggest a few episodes that are fake-sub quality?

Giant groundsel - Dendrosenecio kilimanjari

The giant groundsels are an interesting plant genus, only growing on mountain ridges in Africa: D. kilimanjari is only known to grow on Mount Kilimanjaro (Tanzania). 

Every species in the Dendrosenecio genus has its own isolated habitat and show signs of adaptation to their own environment; they are a perfect example of Adaptive Speciation. The “flying islands” of these mountain ridges are extremely cold and very dry (since the actually grow above the clouds), so the plants have invested in some adaptations like:

  • Natural anti-freeze components
  • Thick succulent-like leaves
  • Isolation by retaining dead leaves on their stem

Plantae - Angiosperms - Eudicots - Asteraceae - Senecioneae - Dendrosenecio - D. kilimanjari

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what’s the tallest mountain on earth? depends on your definition:

  • Mount Everest is the tallest mountain from sea level, at ~8.8 km
  • Mauna Kea is one of the volcanoes that makes up the island of Hawaii, and from the ocean floor to its peak, measures ~10 km 
  • The Earth’s rotation means that the equator bulges out 22 miles more compared to the poles, so if tallest mountain is defined as ‘distance from the Earth’s core’, Mount Kilimanjaro is the tallest. 

It doesn’t register until after he hits solid ground, scrabbling to his knees and clutching a heaving chest as he cries out Sam’s name. And then Castiel remembers: a woman. Blood dripping from her fingers. An insidiously chirpy accent. A blinding burst of pure white.

A banishing sigil.

Slowly, he stands on his own two feet, pawing at the walls and squinting at the iridescent glare of lights along what appears to be an empty corridor, every bit as cold and sterile as the angels inhabiting this place.

He’s back in heaven.

Castiel isn’t certain how he ended up here—he expected the Mojave Desert; the inside of Mount Kilimanjaro, perhaps—or more importantly, why. But that doesn’t stop him from immediately making his next move, a flurry of trench coat behind him as he calls up the intra-celestial transit for the residential district.

He visits the D sector.

There are other plaques with the name Dean Winchester, although none display the birthdate belonging to his Dean. For a brief moment, Castiel can feel his heart begin to sink into his stomach, but he squares his shoulders and steels himself. There could be other explanations: maybe Dean hasn’t made it through processing yet. Yes, that must be it. Amara had left a massacre in her wake; even with the few reapers that stuck around after Death’s passing, there could be an entire backlog of souls waiting to cross over. Dean could still be in limbo; Dean could be—

“Not on the list,” the head of Intake Operations says pointedly, barely glancing over her monitor to look Castiel in the eye.

Were he human and in need of a functioning cardiovascular system, his heart skips so many beats that he’d be pronounced clinically dead. “What do you mean?” His knuckles whiten, insides churning. “How is that possible?”

“I mean he’s not on the list,” she repeats, slower this time, as if Castiel’s brain were made of dried dung. “A man with his track record…surely you’ve considered there’s a reason for that.”

Darkness creeps up along the edge of his sight, his fists clenching and head spinning. No. No, that—she’s wrong. She has to be wrong. Because that means…

“Dean Winchester"—he’s shaking so hard, he’s nearly spewing at her through gritted teeth, tunnel vision turning from black to red—"is a better man than you. Better than…than all of you!” He gestures wildly to the rest of the room as everyone freezes, all eyes on him, and let them stare—let them. “You were all willing to just…give up, and he—”

His hands fall to his sides, the tears bitter on his lips. He couldn’t teach fish to read poetry.

What could fish possibly know about love?

Castiel exits—less than gracefully, he’ll admit—but he thinks that if he stays one moment longer, they’ll have to drag him away after testing his right swing on any angel within a ten-foot radius. Because now he gets it; he gets the anger and the fear and why Dean was always so quick to throw himself into the fray. He gets what it feels like to be used as a punching bag and what it feels like finally want to punch back. He gets why Dean always fought tooth and nail for everything he wanted and—

Oh, Dean.

But instead of that deep, unrequited ache, suddenly, a surge of warmth blooms in the hollow of his chest, a familiar longing calling out to him.

There’s someone you’re gonna wanna meet, Mom. He’s a little dorky, but I think you’ll like him. ‘Cause you were right all along.

An angel really has been watching over me.