kilika sending

@lill-black-raincloud as Yuna from Final Fantasy X
Photos and edits by Pixiscene Photography
Location: Auckland Domain, Auckland NZ

I couldn’t choose the optimal location (open beach with wharf), didn’t have assist and tripod for flowing clothes and hair but ONCE I CAN/DO you can bet I’m ready to shoot the Kilika Port sending scene to my full extent. It has been one of my cosplay photography goals.


People die, and Yuna dances. When will she stop dancing? When will it stop? Yuna won’t stop dancing, not until Sin is gone.

I’ve talked about this scene a lot. But I want to again.

It’s one of my favorite scenes in FF X, and indeed one of the best in any game I’ve played. There’s just such beauty and emotion packed into it. It’s wonderful and it’s tragic and it perfectly illustrates the entire theme of the game.

Yuna does a beautiful dance that shows off Square’s typically great FMVs. An yet, she’s dancing for people who died in a tragic attack by Sin. And entire town is devastated. People are killed. All by the thing you’re out to defeat. The sending is, in a way, a funeral. And its beauty doesn’t weaken to sadness of this event, but serves to enhance such feelings.

The entire game is filled with such emotionally charged scenes. The sphere Jecht left with a message for Tidus. Tidus’s determination to stop Yuna and Seymour’s wedding. Tidus and Yuna’s night in the Macalania Woods. Yuna’s sphere saying goodbye. Yuna’s and Auron’s speeches before the fight against Yunalesca. Tidus and Yuna atop the airship at the very end. The list goes on and on. But this one has always stood out.