kilik runge

I know Tsubaki is the person that comes to mind when it comes to who’s the mom friend of Spartoi, but


Kilik is your mom friend people. He’s been caring for the twins for some time, and essentially he is a single parent. He’s got to fill the mom role and the dad role for them and all that parenting carries over into his daily life even when the twins aren’t around. 

On a long mission? Kilik brings sandwiches for everyone with their favorite stuff on it. 

Out with the guys, playing video games? Kilik makes sure everyone has a chance to play.

Meeting with Spartoi? He doesn’t let the meeting end until he feels like everyone has said what they wanted, and was heard by all. 

Somebody feeling sick? Kilik comes over with soup, a recipe that’s been passed down in his family for several generations that sure to nurse you back to health. He doesn’t leave until he’s assured that you’ll be okay.

Kilik Rung, the one we all know and love, is your mom friend.