kilig much!!!


hindi ko alam kung paano sisimulan to pero all i want to say is that wala talaga akong ibang magawa kanina kundi pagmasdan siya at mapangiti nalang.

he’s busy on his work e kaya di ko siya masyadong makausap kaya pinag mamasdan ko nalang siya at di ko talaga maiwasang mapangiti. May time na nahuli niya akong naka titig sa kaniya tapos tinanong niya ko, “ba’t ka nakangiti?” and i answered him wala lang.

just a simple look at you gives me so much kilig feeling na. Sobrang nagba blush na ata ako kanina. Pakiramdam ko tumitigil yung ikot ng mundo pag pinag mamasdan kita.

I dont know pero habang pinag mamasdan kita, wala nang kulang pa.
you are amazing just the way you are, babe. I really can’t explain this feeling of i dont know e. Di ko maipaliwanag yung nararamdaman ko kapag kasama o kausap kita. The butterflies in my stomach are not on riot but at peace. You are a moment of peace in this chaotic world. you make me forget the things that hurts. you brought me out of my fantasies and showed me the reality and there i realized that the reality is way better than my dreams.

wala lang, ang sarap sarap mo lang pag masdan, babe. And i could stare at you all day.

i just captured these kasi ang busy nya talaga kanina tapos ina-annoy ko siya kaso walang epekto kasi hindi naman siya naba bother. Nagpapa qt lang talaga ako sa kaniya hahaha!

hi babe. Alam ko wala na ‘to but i just want you to know that i love you!

A Throwback to my Tumblr Life

Since Tumblr throwback is trending in facebook thanks to buzzfeed, here is my fair share of my personal experiences here in the early years of Tumblr. I have been using tumblr since 2009 but looking at my archives, my blog started in june 2010. Well it has a story behind it and to make the story short, my blog was hacked and got deleted, that’s why I restarted it from 0 in june 2010.

Let’s move on with my throwback stories in my young tumblr years. Since it’s December and I started being active in Tumblr in December 2009, this post is also an anniversary post. Cheers to 6 years of my Tumblr life!

TYPO/ TYPOGRAPHY - With all the “hugot” lines, “banats” and quotes we can get and add some shit Photoshop skills, your post will be a trending one! Bonus points if you post your own photography and add some epic heart breaking quotes everyone can relate. Relate Much Bro.

Banat muna bago  next topic. haha

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If we are so heartbroken by the past week’s episodes, RaStro are definitely making it up to us by doing so much fanservice! Like seriously, stop! You are gonna give kill us rebels with heart attacks!

Rhian: Oh my, My morning is truly beautiful Glaiza, while looking at the tagged photos on IG.

*Attached a screencap of Glaiza’s message to her*

Glaiza: Good morning lovey-dovey nyaha

Glaiza: That’s it! There’s actually a message before that but it’s a secret #RastroisReal

Rhian: You’re more beautiful than the morning, Glaiza

Glaiza: I’m just beautiful but you’re….a goddess, Rhian

Glaiza: Hey, Rhian, #RastroisReal is trending, in real life you know what I feel *flower*

Rhian: What would I do with being a goddess, when I only want one person to look at me

Fan: it took you 47 mins. to answer! #RastroisReal

Rhian: I replied to her in private 

Rhian: What. No one believes. Where else do you want to go after the show, G? #RastroisReal

*Attached a pic of their private conversation*

Rhian: Florida?

Glaiza: Japan

Rhian: I like that!

Glaiza: That’s it! So happyyyy

Rhian: It won’t be long til we become travel buddies.


Kathniel’s first KFC TVC!

So short, but so good!
Theme = 👫 Forever holding hands except when they have to eat! Kath’s cute “Break muna ha?” when they finally let go hehe.

0:00 - 0:04 - Illustrating holding hands on-cam but the holding of hands continue off-cam as well even though cameras are no longer rolling.

0:05 - 0:07 - Holding hands while exercising together hehe. ❤️

0:07 - 0:11 - Holding hands even when changing in dressing rooms; Kath’s cute pull to make Dj come out and then helping him adjust his jean jacket

0:11 - Holding hands when entering KFC restaurant and looking at the menu to pick what to eat

0:15 - Holding hands while waiting for their food to be served to them.

0:16 - When food has arrived Kath quickly lets go and says “Break muna ha?”

0:19 - Dj’s full assistance with putting gravy on Kath’s food; Holding her tight with one hand while his other is laid on top of Kath’s as they both push down to put gravy on her food. Too sweet! 😍😍😍

0:21 - Kath munching away! Looks delicious! The cute lick of the fingers and the tongue sticking out! 👅

0:24 - Dj took a bite & has crumbs on the side of his mouth; Kath wiping it off for him X] so cute how she’s looking straight at his mouth to wipe it while he’s just staring at her as she does this

0:26 - Kath adding her standee next to Dj’s

0:28 - Striking a pose next to each other’s standee; Dj making a peace sign while Kath is pinching Dj’s standee’s cheeks!

Like I pointed out before KFC made a smart move in choosing Kath as their new endorser and partner for Dj 👌; and they definitely continued in making smart decisions when they thought of this concept for their TVC👍🙌👏. Way too cute, so much kilig in such short amount of time. Great introduction to Kath as a new endorser; for her first TVC with them. Bravo! 👏👏👏