Super special KiliChat tonight!

I’ll be doing a special KiliChat tonight! It’ll start around 10 pm GMT.

I’ll be doing a Mitchell Cosplay mainly. (I could change to Kili too, if you guys want that. It all depends on you guys, if you want to come, and all.)

It would be awesome, if you guys could all either like or reblog this post for me to see, how many are going to come. Please also answer with either “Kili” or “Mitchell” which Cosplay you mainly want to see tonight!

You’re all wonderful people. Pls answer for me to see?

Poems by Guesst

The following poems were written by Guesst in the KiliChat, I promised he/she that I would share them all with you.


Oranges oranges

Sweet juicy oranges

Guesst is not oranges

Oranges is Kili oranges


Splashy eat fishy

Splashy why

Why are you eat fishy

Splashy, you are lovely


Splashy splashy

Tinychat it’s splahsy

She is the best splashy

She its fishy

Splashy splashy


Kili Kili

He is Kili

Kilis silence

Kili Fili


She I think

He is dwarf

Nope nope gollum

There are no she dwarf




ALSO VERY IMPORTANT MESSAGE: I’M NOT TAGGING PEOPLE SPECIFICALLY ANYMORE. PLEASE TRACK THE “kili chat” OR “kilichat” tag and you should be fine to get your notifications!
KiliChat tonight at 6:30 GMT!

If you want to be tagged for my next KiliChat, please send me a message, saying so, or just talk to me on the next KiliChat. Easy as that!

I’m tracking the tag “kili chat” and my url, don’t be shy! 
You can also suggest themes for a themed KiliChat for example!

For more infos, please contact me, I’m always at your service!