kili's father

Fili and Kili’s father--fanon vs. canon

It occurred to me just now…what we THINK  we know about Fili and Kili’s father is pure FANON, unless there is a snippet somewhere in Tolkien’s vast writings that actually mentions him.  We know Dis’ name only because Gimli wrote out the Durin family tree for Aragorn, but at least we do have a name. We have FANON to thank for any name he was given, and I’ve seen several, though Vili seems to be a favorite. We also have FANON to thank for the notion that he is dead, presumably when the lads were young…but once again, no hard evidence. He could be alive and well still,just for whatever reason unable or maybe unwilling to go on the quest.  He could have been disabled, or just thought it was a truly stupid idea (which if you get right down to it, it really was).

And we don’t even know for sure that Dis was actually MARRIED to the father of her sons, or that they even had the SAME father. Yes, I know Tolkien prattled on about finding your One and all that, but I’ve said in another post how illogical that is on several levels. And she was a princess, after all – chances are good it was an arranged marriage anyway. And there is at least one fanon going around that postulates Ori, Dori, and Nori all had different fathers. No one seems to have a problem with that. So who’s to say Dis didn’t have children by more than one Dwarf? As many an ancient culture found, you could prove who the mother was, but it was a lot more difficult to prove who the father was back in the day. And I’m pretty sure the Dwarves didn’t utilize DNA testing. I am certain, no matter the circumstances of the births, the lads were much loved, as Dwarven children appeared to be at a premium.

Anyway, we truly know nothing about the father(s) of the princes. I’d love to hear what others think about it.

It was almost frightening how much she resembled her mother. With the exception of her unruly curls, the features were almost indistinguishable. Tauriel never agreed however, always claiming that Freya was a carbon copy of her father. Kili, of course, begged to differ. 

“Steady,” Tauriel whispered, her fingers lightly gripping the bow in her daughter’s hands. “You mustn’t quiver, the arrow will be offset." 

"Uncle Thorin promised to teach me how to fight with a sword,” the young girl exclaimed. “A real one. Not like the sticks Da uses.”

“I never saw anything wrong with sticks,” Kili shrugged, watching his wife and daughter from the side. “I always preferred losing an eye to an entire arm.”

“Kili,” Tauriel warned. “That’s quite enough.”

The dwarf snickered, but listened to his wife’s chide. Slowly, Tauriel helped Freya level her weapon, eyes fixated on the small spot she had marked on the tree. 

“Ready?” she whispered. “Release.”

The arrow flew a good few feet before landing on the ground. Freya sighed, staring at the staff as it pointed from the earth. Kili stepped forward, placing his hand on his daughter’s shoulder.

“I think that’s enough of that today,” he mused. “Might I convince you in a dual of swordsmanship? That is, if wood isn’t too boring for the princess of Erebor." 

Freya grinned, taking her father’s hand as he pulled her away. Tauriel watched, retrieving the arrow from the ground with a smile. Freya, whether Kili agreed with her or not, was definitely a carbon copy of him. 

The Fathers Durin: Imagine the Durins changing their newborn sons' diapers for the first time.


“On your mark,” you say, staring into your husband’s determined eyes.

“Get set,” you continue, flicking over to your brother-in-law’s resolute gaze.


They turn their attentions downward to the babies in front of them, the poor things sitting with full diapers and still-learning fathers who only seemed willing to change them on their own if it meant one of them could beat the other out for bragging rights. It was something you were willing to concede to, if only to see Fili do this on his own; the baby was not but a month and a half old and he hasn’t been able to stomach changing him without your help. If he makes it through the race, whether victorious or shamed by his younger brother, you would consider yourself a winner and be saved from shouldering the responsibility on your own from this point on.

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Head cannon : the reason Kili was Thorins favorite was because Kili was his son …. Thorin got a young human pregnant (( which is why Kili has undwarf like appearance ))) …Thorin loves this women but couldn’t be together because she was an a servant and he an Dwarf king without a kingdom… she left but died during childbirth .. which left Thorin not only extremely sad to have lost the one he loved but with a son …. Balin suggested to let Dis raise him as her own son so scandal won’t erupted over their king having a child outta of wedlock AND with a human.
So Kili grew up believing that Thorin was his uncle and his favorite although he didn’t know why. Which pissed Fili off when Kili got extra hugs or more present on his birthday.

Than on the night before they left Lake town Thorin pulled Kili aside and told him everything , for he believed in his heart that the quest would take his life and he couldn’t go without telling his son the truth .

/// credit to the artists of these wonderful drawings

If any are your drawing I will gladly put credit on them …I just found them via Google

“(…)at one point Dwalin decided to be the gentleman Dis had never believed he could be and take a step back when she met Fili and Kili’s father, and then when he was no longer in the picture, Dwalin continued to be a gentleman and has been taking care of them all this time in his own right” (x)

Excuse me while I cry a little about Dis and Dwalin in Bilboo’s LII AU