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I want a rewriting of the Hobbit movies with Legolas taking Tauriel’s role.

Falling in love with Kili, bonding over archery and their grumpy royal male relatives

Tauriel encouraging Legolas to talk to Kili

Legolas defying his father to go save Kili.

Legolas being so heartbroken at Kili’s demise that he can’t go back to Mirkwood, instead taking his father’s advise to find this Strider.

Tauriel comforting her best friend

The day Legolas learns Strider’s real name Legolas opens up to him about Kili

Legolas keeping the stone Kili gave him throughout LOTR.

Gimli being one of the few people he shows the runestone to

Gimli shares stories of Kili growing up with Legolas.


one day you will be king and you will understand

“No matter what, I will still love you.”

You were in a daze, in and out of thought as you wandered the halls of Erebor, in shock. You couldn’t believe the news you had gotten, and it wasn’t fully received yet. You were in shock, unbelieving in what the healers has said, but Oín confirmed it.

And now you had to find your husband and tell him the news. How could you tell him this? How could you tell him that you…

You pushed that thought out of your mind, as you throat clenched. How could you do this to him? He deserved better. He deserved more than you and your…deformation.

“Y/N? Are you alright?” His mother. Oh god, his mother would never forgive you.

“Y/N, what’s wrong?” His mother was standing in front of you, staring you down, and you couldn’t even speak.

Every time you tried to speak, you couldn’t form the words, make the sounds. You could barely think straight.

“Y/N, talk to me. What’s wrong?” Everyone would hate you.

“Y/N!” You couldn’t breathe. You felt like your breath was getting stolen from you.

You heard a gasping, slow whining, and never realized it was coming from you, until you felt s pair of arms wrapping around you, holding you to a chest.

“Amad what happened?” Their voices were distant, fuzzy. You stared straight ahead, hyperventilating as the words that were spoken no longer than an hour ago, came back to you.

I’m sorry, Lady Y/N. I’m so deeply sorry, but you will never be able to have children.” Children. You would never be able to have children.

“Amrâlimê, look at me. Look at me. Breathe…” Brown eyes. A warm smile and brown eyes. Kili.

Kili was in front of you, his hands on your cheeks as he stared you down, his eyes full of concern and worry.

“What’s wrong amrâlimê? What happened?” You could never have children.

“Oín…I went to see Oín…” Your voice was raspy and hoarse. You couldn’t think straight and didn’t want to face Kili or his mother. Not with this news.

“And you are expecting?” You shook your head and pushed yourself back against the hallway wall, your heart pounding loudly in your chest.

“I’m sorry Kili! I’m so sorry! I’m so so sorry!” You started crying, unable to hold anything back anymore.

Your heartbreaking sobs filled the hallway as your felt the loss. You could never have children of your own. You could never make Kili a Father.

“I don’t understand..”

“I can never have children, Kili! Never! I am barren!” You turned your head and hid your face in your hands.

You felt ashamed, horribly ashamed. How could you do this to Kili? It’s all you talked about. It’s all you wanted and now it would never happen.

“Amrâlimê, I’m so sorry.” Kili gathered you into his arms, your head tucked into the crook of his neck.

He held you tightly, never letting go as you cried on his shoulder. He would whisper how much he loved you in your ear, but never let go.

“I’m a horrible wife. How could I do this to you?” When you felt Kili pull away, and look at you, his own eyes started to get watery.

“You are not a horrible wife. I love you, and I always will. You did nothing. I do not hate you, I will not hate you. I will always love you, no matter what. Amrâlimê, if we were not meant to have children, than that is what Mahal wanted.” You felt his hands on your cheeks brushing your tears from your eyes.

“I could never hate you, ever. I love you so much. Never think that I could hate you. It’s impossible.” He leaned in and brushed his lips against your forehead.

“You’re my wife and we made vows. I will never leave your side. Ever.” He pulled back and looked at you, smile growing on his face.

“We can always adopt.” You sniffled and wiped your tears on your sleeves and nodded.

“Don’t think I hate you, because I never could.” Kili stood and grabbed your hand, pulling you up with him.

“Let’s go back to our room. You need to rest.” You leaned against Kili, your head on his shoulder, and his arm around your waist.

“Mahal, I love you.”

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get to know me meme
favourite relationships [5/5]: thorin oakenshield, fili, and kili, “the hobbit”

“We grew up on tales of the Mountain. Tales you told us.”

Imagine Fili and Kili fighting over who gets to court you, and you courting Bard in secret

As the two princes stood in front of each other, arms crossed over their chests, you rolled your eyes and sat back.

You had been with them, and the company since Rivendell, despite Thorin’s complaints, and had grown very fond and close to the two. They were your best friends and you loved them.

You loved them as brothers. But at some point, they decided they would fight and argue over who rightfully deserved to court you.

The thought of two princes fighting over you would’ve made you flush and feel giddy, but you were already courting someone. Your heart had already been taken, and not by a dwarf.

“She deserves someone who can actually grow facial hair!” You pursed your lips together to stifle a laugh at how ridiculous they were being.

“I can choose to, I just don’t want to!” You sighed and stood, ignoring the two quarreling Dwarves.

“I’m going to Dale.” You rolled your eyes once more as they merely nodded at your voice.

You turned away from them and walked through the ever growing forest, towards the city of Dale. Each step you took, made your body come alive at the thought of seeing the Dragon Slayer once more.

“Bard…” You sighed and smiled widely. That man, the dragon slayer was the one you would, did, and always would choose.

“Good morning.” You greeted humans as you passed them, making your way through the winding city to the heart of Dale.

“Good morning, miss Y/N!” Tilda and Sigrid walked out of their new home, arm in arm, carrying a basket in their hands.

“Good morning, Sigrid. If you see Fili or Kili, would you do me a couple of favours?” You saw the way the older child of Bard looked at the blonde prince.

You also knew Fili was sometimes a stupid and stubborn dwarf who didn’t see what was right in front of him.

“Of course.” You grinned and stepped towards them.

“Tell Fili and Kili I’m visiting your father. And tell Fili to get his head out of his ass and tell him to court you.” As the older daughter flushed and stuttered, you winked at Tilda and walked up the steps to their front door.

“Thanks Sigrid!” You opened the door and stepped inside, feeling relaxed.

“Bard?” You locked the door and listened for any sign of him at home.

“Y/N. I wasn’t expecting you today.” You walked towards and placed your hands on his cheeks before pulling him into a warm kiss.

“I missed you.” The dragons slayers arms wrapped around your waist and pulled you tighter against him.

“I missed you too.” Your hands shamelessly worked their way under his tunic, stretching across his warm chest and stomach.

“I need you.” The words fell on eager ears. Bard jerked you closer and then turned, pushing you against the counter.

His hands grasped your breasts through the outer layer of your dress, making you whimper against his mouth. Your hands trailed down his body, fingers dancing across his warm skin, dipping lower.

“And we will be intimate in the kitchen? That is new.” You felt his lips dusting over your neck and cheeks, melting into him.

“Adventurous. We’re being adventurous.” You tossed your head back as he ripped the outer layer of your dress, kissing his way down to your corset.

He pressed kisses against your heated skin, dusting his lips across the top of your heaving chest. You wrapped your legs around his waist and rubbed your lower body against him, further awakening his.

“You are beautiful.” You pushes yourself back against the counter, and knowing your dress was already ripped, ripped the rest.

“Makes it easier.” Besides, you left clothes here from before.

“When will you tell the princes you are taken?” You places your hand against the back of his head as his mouth took your right breast in his mouth, suckling on the hard nub.

“Soon.” Your plan, not that you would ever tell Bard, was for them to get a peak at you being intimate.

“I need you Bard.” He pulled himself free with one one hand, as the other started rubbing your clit, furthering your passion for him.

“And you shall have me, little elf.” You were a shorter elf than most, never understand why until you met bard. Clearly the gods wanted you to be a perfect match for him.

“I’m ready for you.” You gasped as he pushed himself inside of you, filling you.

You rocked your hips against his, your hands grasping at his back. He always made you feel so complete, so wanted. It was unlike anything you had felt before.

“I love you.” You we’re not the first to say the words, but when you did, you couldn’t stop saying them.

“I love you too.” He grunted as he worked against you, groaning your name.

When you heard footsteps coming up the stairs, heavy and unlike Sigrid’s, you knew it was Fili and Kili. You pulled bard closer to yourself and placed your lips against his ear.

“Don’t be mad at me…” The door was opened and you heard their voices.

“Y/N…Oh! Sorry! Shit! Sorry! Sigrid don’t look!” You looked over bards shoulder, smirking as Fili pulled Sigrid into his embrace and angled his body to hide her from view.

“Point received. Carry on!” When the door closed again, You started giggling to yourself, unable to forget the look of horror on Fili’s face.

“Now they’ll leave me alone.”

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Imagine: Being pregnant and having Kili kiss and rub your belly as he talks to the growing baby inside of it

Requested by  sarahcrystalheart

Gif Credit: Goes to the original creators

Request -  Being pregnant and having Kili kiss and rub your belly as he talks to the growing baby inside of it

“I still can’t believe it. I’m going to be a father!”

You smiled as Kili slowly and gently rubbed his hand in small circles over your baby bump.

Both of you had been very surprised and shocked when you first discovered that you were pregnant. But that shock quickly melted away into joy and excitement.

Ever since that day, it had become a sort of ritual when Kili returned home, to find you and rub small soothing circles over your belly, as he talked to the child growing inside of you.

His child.

That never failed to make him smile.

You watched fondly as he pressed a kiss to your swollen belly and continued to talk about everything your child is going to experience in the world.

“Oh! And I just know you’re going to love when your mother sings to you. I fall in love with her again every time I hear her beautiful voice~” He shot you his signature smirk and you couldn’t help but blush at his words.

“You’re going to be a great mother, (Y/N)…” He murmured and kissed your stomach once more.

You smiled and ran your fingers affectionately through his hair.

“And you will be a wonderful father, Kili”

He grinned and gently rested his head against your swollen stomach, a warm and happy expression on his face. One that was equally matched by your own.

You had no doubt in your mind that Kili and you would love this child with every inch of your hearts.



A/N: This prompt was so amazingly cute! I hope this is as you imagined it! Gah, now I want to have adorable Durin babies…

Also, it’s incredibly hard to find cute pregnancy gifs! (There’s so many pregnancy porn out there I had to wade through!)

You rubbed your round stomach as you watched the snowflakes slowly covering the towers of Dale. Winter was knocking rapidly on your door, and you knew it wouldn’t be long until your child was born. You just hoped its father, Kili, would return before you went into labour. He had joined his uncle and brother for one last quest. Of course, the word quest sounded too epic for what they were doing: They were accompanying Bilbo, the brave Hobbit burglar who had been essential in regaining Erebor, to your home. It was only fair that he got to see the fruit of his hard labour: the newly blossomed kingdom of Durin.

The men had left about a moon ago. Their return was expected any day now. Since they were gone, you and Dis had spent every waking moment in worry. The roads were traitorous in the cold season, and even though the orcs had been defeated in the Battle of the Five Armies, there were still many of them roaming through the surrounding lands. But your kin was strong, and the past days of worry and battle had made them even stronger. In your heart you knew you had nothing to worry about.

A soft knock on the door interrupted your thoughts. You turned around and called out for your visitor to enter. A panting dwarf-maiden stood in the door, her face alight with joy.

“A messenger just arrived. Our king and his parties are to arrive today. They send up a boy from laketown, where they are currently having a small meal.”

Excitement surged through your veins and you smiled. But you restrained yourself from laughing in relief, knowing that you, as the wife of a prince of Erebor, had to be dignified in all situations. Dis had repeated this lesson over and over again, making sure that you would follow her instructions.

You thanked the lass and let out a sigh as she left with a courteous bow. Sometimes you thought this was all too much. Before you had caught Kili’s attention, you had been just a normal dwarf. Your family were ordinary toymakers from the blue mountains, and you had worked as a servant girl in a tavern, when Kili had met you. Since then your life had changed radically. But you just couldn’t get used to all the bows and ‘milady’s’.

Luckily Kili was not very fond of these courtesies either, so you could at least vent to him when it all got too much for you to bear. But now he had been gone for a long time, and you started to feel overwhelmed without his help. Still, you knew that only your best behaviour was expected from you, especially today. You would have to dress up in your best garments and wait for their return with Dis.

This was exactly what you did a few hours later, when you and your mother in law were standing at the front gate with the rest of the aristocrats. It was cold and you were shivering, which earned you a disapproving look from the matriarch. So far there was no sight of the royal company.

“Remember” Dis hissed at you from the corner of her mouth. “Your best behaviour is needed today. The people will be watching. So control yourself.”

You nodded, resting your hand on your stomach. Dis gaze softened.

“If you are too cold or not feel well, just say a word. Everybody will understand.”

With a grateful smile you shook your head.

“I would not miss their return for anything.”

A small grin appeared on Dis’ face, before she quickly regained control over her features.

“Then let us hope you will not go into labour.” She muttered, giving you a discret wink.

You returned your gaze to the mountain pass with a small smile. Even though Dis was strict and controlling her heart was in the right place. She liked you from the beginning, and the rules she put into place were there to protect you, you knew. Still, sometimes you wished she would be a bit more forgiving towards small slipups.

That was the exact moment when the royal banner appeared on the horizon. Soon you could distinguish individuals, including a majestic Thorin who was marching towards the gate with a hurrying Bilbo next to him. They seemed to be lost in conversation. To their left and right were the royal brothers, trying to keep up with their quick pace. As soon as they reached the other side of the keep, you couldn’t help yourself anymore.

You had spotted Kili a long time ago, but now you could see him smiling at you with sparkling eyes. And oh, he was so close, after he had been so far away for so long. You had missed him so much, and now that your reunion was so close all the love and yearning welled up in you. Dis’ numerous lessons were forgotten as you yanked forward, running towards your husband.

To others it must have looked ridiculous: You, a heavily pregnant woman, trying to run as fast as you could, but ultimately failing. You could only waddle a bit quicker than usual, but Kili got the drift. He left his assigned place and ran towards you, coming to a full stop in front of you. You had only seconds to admire the goofy grin he greeted you with, before his lips found yours.

When you parted, he pushed a lock of your hair behind your ear.

“I missed you, my love.” He whispered, causing you to smile.

Then he dropped to his knees and kissed your swollen belly.

“And I missed you, too, little one.”

He said this in the most earnest and serious tone imaginable. You giggled, pulling him to his feet.

“I –“

You were about to answer, when an amused cough interrupted you. Kili turned around, and hurriedly pulled you aside, as his uncle stared at the two of you with an entertained grin.

“Are you finished? I would rather like to get inside and take a bath, if you don’t mind.”

Bilbo at least tried to hide his laughter with a cough, but Fili was openly showing his amusement. You blushed, suddenly finding the ground in front of you very interesting. This only seemed to spur him on, though. But one stern look from Thorin was enough to make him stop.

“This is true love, Fili. There is nothing funny about it.” Thorin scolded. “It makes them forget the rules they ought to follow, and that is the most beautiful thing this world has to offer, if you ask me. The best thing I could wish for you would be that you find it, too. Don’t make fun of your brother’s happiness.”

Middle Earth's dirty little secrets (smut)

chapter 1: what’s a Kili? (Kili x Legolas)

(ps everything typed like this is elvish)

“so you are the dwarf Tauriel likes?” Legolas asks Kili who was standing in front of him. Legolas found him wondering around in the forest, when the dwarf notices the presence of the elf, he fell into the water. So offering him to go to the palace and give him some of his own clothes, so Kili’s clothes could dry was the least he could do. Legolas made sure no one saw them entering the palace and going towards his chambers.

“she does like me?” Kili answered excited but the excitement immediately vanished when the elf prince turned his head and looked stern at the tall dwarf.

“So tell me dwarf, what is it that you like about us elves? And do not give me that innocent look. I have heard about Rivendell” the elfling said while he walked around Kili tabbing his shoulders.

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Fili and Kili’s father--fanon vs. canon

It occurred to me just now…what we THINK  we know about Fili and Kili’s father is pure FANON, unless there is a snippet somewhere in Tolkien’s vast writings that actually mentions him.  We know Dis’ name only because Gimli wrote out the Durin family tree for Aragorn, but at least we do have a name. We have FANON to thank for any name he was given, and I’ve seen several, though Vili seems to be a favorite. We also have FANON to thank for the notion that he is dead, presumably when the lads were young…but once again, no hard evidence. He could be alive and well still,just for whatever reason unable or maybe unwilling to go on the quest.  He could have been disabled, or just thought it was a truly stupid idea (which if you get right down to it, it really was).

And we don’t even know for sure that Dis was actually MARRIED to the father of her sons, or that they even had the SAME father. Yes, I know Tolkien prattled on about finding your One and all that, but I’ve said in another post how illogical that is on several levels. And she was a princess, after all – chances are good it was an arranged marriage anyway. And there is at least one fanon going around that postulates Ori, Dori, and Nori all had different fathers. No one seems to have a problem with that. So who’s to say Dis didn’t have children by more than one Dwarf? As many an ancient culture found, you could prove who the mother was, but it was a lot more difficult to prove who the father was back in the day. And I’m pretty sure the Dwarves didn’t utilize DNA testing. I am certain, no matter the circumstances of the births, the lads were much loved, as Dwarven children appeared to be at a premium.

Anyway, we truly know nothing about the father(s) of the princes. I’d love to hear what others think about it.


Pairing: Kili x daughter (family imagine)

Genre: Fluff

Word count: 465

Request: based on this imagine

Notes: Finally some Kili love! Thank you alicemoonwonderland and tokkaph for being awesome and helping me out! Also to the anon who saw I linked the wrong imagine! If you feel like requesting then send me a message (in my ask box) and please do remember to read my rules!

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Kiliel Month Day 7: Favorite AU

Modern AU

Fili is next in line to inherit both the Durin family fortune and Uncle Thorin’s company, Arkenstone Co.

His younger brother, Kili has fallen for Tauriel, the adopted daughter of Thranduil, CEO of Arkenstone’s rival, Green Leaf Inc.

Tauriel is beautiful as she is dangerous, and she has both herself and Kili convinced of one thing: their love is real, no matter what her father says.

"Imagine the Look on Fili's Face When He Holds Your Child for the First Time."

supercoolkitty || imagine

Author’s Note: I first wrote this on my blog (Fili’s Newborn Son) and then TwilaRose3333’s beautiful imagine was posted! :)

The moment finally arrives when the healers leave and Fili is alone with you and the son your love created in the now-quiet room, where just an hour before, your seismic screams nearly reduced mighty Erebor to a molehill.

Your husband watches you feed the swaddled child, whose cerulean eyes look up in awe at you, then slowly turn to his smiling father.

The child soon falls asleep, full from his first meal. Fili bends down and kisses you, whispering how much he loves you, then with gentle hands reaches for the slumbering infant for the first time.

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