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Braiding Means Marriage? {Fili}

Based on: Imagine Fili braiding your hair without you knowing that it’s a Dwarven courting custom.

Notes: I really did just write this since posting the imagine 15 minutes ago but I wanted to write it. It’s short and maybe not great but hey ho, fluffy Fili is great.

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Always You- Kili (Part Three)

Pairing: Kili/OC

Prompt: sango-hentaitenshi asked:
Can I request a Kili x Reader where Kili thinks she’s into Fili and it takes someone pointing it out to him that it’s KILI the reader is really crazy for? Bonus points if Fili knows this and uses it to wind Kili up and flirts hella hard with Reader. Thank you!

A/N: Last part! Eek!

Part One  Part Two

I had known there was an entire world beyond my front door, but never had I imagined a place as beautiful as Rivendell. The word paradise had come to mind the moment we had stepped out from the cliffs to see the city waiting below us. Waterfalls, trees that twisted toward the sky, lush gardens, buildings beautifully crafted from stone. Almost as beautiful as the elves who resided there.

I sat curled up on the stone floor, my back resting against the wicker chair Kili was lounging on. The warg riders felt like a distant nightmare, now that I was safe and fed. 

“There’s part of me that wishes I could stay here forever.” I admitted, glancing up at Kili.

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Even the Playing Field

Title: Even the Playing Field

 Summary: Nobody messes with Fili, not with you around. Kili is about to learn that lesson first hand though.

 Warnings: Language. Slight Embarrassment. Hilarity. Pranks.

Masterlist of Fan Fiction  

Originally posted by ghisborne

 It was little things you had noticed at first.  When you would be talking with Fili, Kili would walk up and there was a shift in his behavior.  Fili would suddenly tense up, giving a look to Kili, almost in warning before he would get up and move away.  It was as if they were arguing about something, but you weren’t sure.  So you decided to confront him about it.

You waited until after dinner, going to his room, knocking lightly as you waited for him to answer.  

“Y/n!  What do I owe this pleasure?”  Fili was quick to ask with a big smile on his face.  

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Until the end starts

Originally posted by avengers-of-mirkwood

Fandom: The Hobbit
Pairing: Thorin x (human)reader
Genres: angst, fluff
Words: 1.304
Summary: While imprisoned in Mirkwood, reader is on the verge of breaking down. Thorin is there to console her, which leads to confessions - requested by Anonymous

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Portrait of a King

Words: 1325

Characters/Pairings:Reader, Thorin, Thorin x Reader

Summary: Reader is an artist, struggling to draw Thorin 

Notes: based on this prompt from @imaginexhobbit 

If you weren’t covered in orc-blood - or your own, for that matter - you were usually covered in dirt from your trek with the Company of Thorin Oakenshield. And, if you weren’t covered in dirt, blood, sweat, or any other grime, you seemed to be covered in charcoal dust up to your elbows.

You weren’t sure how the packet of parchment had survived this long, or how you had managed to draw twelve dwarves and a hobbit and save them.

Tonight, by the fire, you were working on two separate portraits. One was of the youngest dwarf, Kili. You had managed to draw his brother three days ago on another rest, and now, you were finishing up that damned smirk Kili wore at all times, smudging the charcoal with your fingers to render the correct shadows and highlights.

Shuffling the papers as you got more comfortable, your thumbs left little prints in the corner as you packed Kili’s portrait away. The new parchment sitting before you had a handful of studies on it, all from different moments of the journey. All of them, of your leader, Thorin.

For some odd reason, you could not draw the King Under the Mountain. You had studied his gait, the way he stood, the way he held the weight of all those he cared for on his shoulders, but his eyes.

The line of his nose, the way his mouth curved just slightly on the right when he tried not to smile … you could draw  every speck of personality Thorin possessed, but his eyes was where you drew the metaphorical line.

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The Tale of A Jealous Dwarf. [Kili x Reader.]

Part 1: here (PART TWO TO: Imagine: Kili getting jealous when he see’s an elf, - in Rivendell-, flirting with you.)

Originally posted by anunexpectedhotdwarf

Not my gif. Gif credit goes to the amazing creators!

Requested by: Anonymous.

Based OnHi. I just read that jealous Kili imagine you wrote and I was wondering if you could please do a follow up where maybe you see him walk off distressed as he does at the end of the first one and follows him to see if he’s okay and he confesses.

A/N: Sure, lovely! Thank you for requesting and I hope that you enjoy what I’ve come up with. Sorry that I changed some of your request, my imagination just started going full speed and I couldn’t stop myself from creating this piece as it is. Nevertheless, please enjoy, anon! - Kat

Part 1: here

Pairing’s: Kili x Reader.

Word Count: 1,916. (oops.)

Warning’s: Jealous Kili, angry Kili, possessive Kili, sweet Kili, fluffy Kili. Kili being rude to the reader. (Let me know if I forgot anything.)

Disclaimer: Kili and any other characters from the LOTR and The Hobbit universe do not belong to me, but they do belong to Tolkien.

Irked and irate, Kili, the Prince of Erebor, traipsed and trudged from his company’s sleeping quarters with a fierce expression dormant upon his complexion. He wandered with blazing anger through the city of Rivendell, content upon avoiding you at all costs.

A permanent scowl was carved upon his complexion, darkening his gorgeous brown eyes substantially. He rounded the corner harshly, his cloak giving a stridulous hiss behind him as it flapped and fanned with his feverish pace. Suddenly he froze in place, becoming as rigid as the frozen stone in Erebor’s ruined halls.

Your orbs caught a glimmer of hasty movements from the corner of your eye, to which caused you to avert your (e/c) orbs from the handsome elf. Distracted and astonished, your gaze found itself upon a fuming dwarf. The rage within Kili’s eyes were inferno’s, scorching hot, broiling you to a vibrant lobster red. Though before you were able to utter a single word, the prince had whipped around and began stalking at full speed away from you. He would rather much take his brothers unrelented teasing than have you witness his outburst.

“Excuse me, kind sir; but it seems as though I have to deal with a temperamental dwarf.” You sighed tiredly, sending an apologetic gaze the elf’s way.

“Not a problem at all,” the elf began, his brows furrowed, “dwarves are definitely a handful.” There was disdain within the elf’s voice, contempt for the dark haired prince who had rudely interrupted the two of you.

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Honestly tho one of my nightmares, as both of Hobbit fan and a doll collector is like…. lets just say they make a Thorin, Fili and Kili doll. And that’s just super amazing….




Somebody may have written something like this already but I want a modern au where both Erebor and the Woodland Realm are small, neighboring constitutional monarchies who have been traditional rivals for centuries (but haven’t actually gone to war against each other for like two or three generations).

Tauriel is one of Legolas’s bodyguards, and he’s attracted to her but knows it’s not going to go anywhere because (a) she doesn’t care for him like that (b) professional boundaries yo. And Legolas takes it with good grace because he knows how hard Tauriel has worked to get where she is and wouldn’t ruin that for her for the world.

And King Thorin comes for an official state visit and brings his two nephews/heirs with him. (Thorin btw has always depended heavily on his sister Dis and is working to grandfather in laws where the succession isn’t given to men first.)

They’re having a photo op in some national forest when Kili accidentally falls off a bridge into the river, breaking his leg. Tauriel is the closest so she immediately jumps in and drags him out. Kili then declares his love while high on painkillers.

Legolas is taken aback (and ok maybe his ego is slightly bruised) when Tauriel and Kili actually start dating, but he ends up going out of his way to help their long distance relationship. Like he convinces/insists Tauriel to use her vacation time when Kili has a bit of free time, and even starts taking on visits to Erebor himself so she can go with him.

Somehow this translates to Legolas unexpectedly becoming genuine friends with both Fili and Kili. Fili and Legolas, as the heirs, have a lot in common, and Kili is such a ridiculous puppy in his adoration for Tauriel Legolas can’t help but appreciate it.

And then, on one of these state visits, Kili and Fili introduce him to their cousin Gimli.

About half an hour after meeting this rising young officer in Erebor’s army and heir to a duke, Legolas takes a nice long drink of wine and whispers, “Oh shit.”

  • Kili: Aren't you going to search me? I could have anything down my trousers.
  • Tauriel: Or nothing.
  • Inner Kili: She sassed me. Time to fall in love.
9 January 2015

For the first day of Fic Rec Days, I’m making yet another Kiliel fics list. This one has old and new favorites. 

These are my forever Kiliel favorites:

  • Stolen Heir by @kaotic312. This one is about Kili and his parentage and how that affects everyone. I also like how the elves of Rivendell and Lothlorien are very present in this story - I love Glorfindel!! This writer also writes my next favorite The Line of Durin. I would never be able to choose between this one and that one. I go back and forth depending on which one was updated last.
  • The Line of Durin by @kaotic312. I love the premise of this fic, and the storytelling is fantastic. Fili and Kili have faked their deaths, but Tauriel and Bofur are with them building new lives. This one hasn’t been updated in awhile, but I have no worries that it will be eventually.
  • Under the Mountain series by @magnoliamagic (maggiemaye). There are 11 fics in this series, and all of them are about Kili and Tauriel and their children. I love them all, but I have a soft spot for the first one in the series Native Tongue
  • The Heir Apparent by @chasingperfectiontomorrow​. This is one of the first Kiliel fics I read and still a favorite. Kili is king and his and Tauriel’s relationship is growing slowly, so slowly! The angst!!! I don’t know how much more I can take!
  • Innikh De by @eldritchmage. Completed fic. I know lots of people don’t like first person narrated fics, but this one and all the others in the series are incredible. Written from both Kili and Tauriel’s POV, the characters are on point, the writing is excellent, and the story is very satisfying.
  • Azhâr by @yubiwamonogatari. This isn’t a Kiliel-centric story, but whatever Kiliel there is is lovely. It’s about the rebuilding of Erebor, after Thorin returns from death. I know!!!
  • I’m Bound to You by @bookokells (Book_of_Kells). Completed fic. Modern AU where it’s like the Wild West except it’s in New Hampshire, they get around on motorcycles, and everyone carries a blade. The story is great fun and there’s quite a bit of angst, if that’s your thing.

The new additions to my Kiliel fic rec list:

  • Beneath Stone and Sky by @chasingperfectiontomorrow. Fair notice: I’m beta-ing this so I’m super biased. Smaug never came to Erebor, Tauriel is Thranduil’s adopted daughter, and Kili is the spare heir living a carefree life until… I’m not going to tell you because spoilers.
  • memories like bullets, fired from a gun by @chasingperfectiontomorrow. Set during World War II. Tauriel is a nurse, and Kili is a wounded soldier. It’s a short one, but very satisfying.
  • Queen under the mountain by starwalker. No Fili or Thorin and no Smaug (I think), and Kili is king. Tauriel is Thranduil’s daughter and there’s an arranged marriage. I think this is going to be added to my forever favorites list at some point.
  • So Comes Snow After Fire by @milesofkeeffe (Moonraykir). Originally, I found this fic and A Gift of Fire on, but it’s on AO3 now! This one is after BotFA. Tauriel spends the winter in Erebor, everyone lives and Kili and Tauriel’s relationship develops with some trouble (I’m looking at you, Thorin!) along the way.
  • we are stardust, we are golden by @magnoliamagic (maggiemaye). Loved this one! It’s set during Woodstock, so there’s Fili, Kili, and Tauriel listening to music in mud and a van.
  • If Only In My Dreams by @magnoliamagic​ (maggiemaye). This was a holiday season fic, and it’s very sweet. Tauriel goes home with Kili for the holidays.
  • Secrets by @torunwrites (Torun). This one just started, but I think there’s a ton of potential. It’s set in modern London, Tauriel just moved into a bedsit, and is working at a cafe.
  • Mistakes and Cakes by iscatterthemintimeandspace. This is part of a series called New York State of Mind, so don’t read it until you’ve read the first three fics. It’s set in modern NYC, and I appreciate that everything is geographically accurate.

(I’ve posted my Kiliel fanfic recs before here and here and here. In case you can’t tell, I really love Kiliel! )

So this actually started out as a wanting to draw a princess and her (female)knight which….is what it is, only I wasn’t planning on a fandom piece. But SOMEONES url (looking at you @lesbiankiliel​ !) got stuck in my head so now you’ve got lesbian kiliel being all happy and cuddly in the forest <3