Caged Wolf

Summary: Working for Valentine, you watch a restrained Luke.

Pairing: Luke Garroway/Reader

Word Count: 1,059

Inspiration: @iorwen

(Cred to @twelvepercentt)

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Based on: this request by Anonymous (I hope you like it!!!) + this imagine from @imaginexhobbit.

Prequel: Not all of us

Warnings: self-esteem issues.

Originally posted by lehnshark

You are gathering and folding some clean clothes to help Óin taking care of the wounded: taking his orders and fetching him what he needs is all you can do. Your back aches and you are tired of standing but you must consider yourself lucky to be still alive. Many have died in this battle, many have been severely injured, first and foremost the King, who has not woken up yet; even Fili has been badly hurt, but he is quickly recovering.

You wipe your sweaty forehead with the back of your hand, ready to take the clothes to the infirmary set up in the newly reclaimed Erebor, when you hear unmistakable and hurried footsteps. Bilbo’s voice is calling your name: you look at the door and you see the Hobbit running in the corridor, then coming back and entering the door of the room where you are working.

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Rope Bridge- Fili

Originally posted by psicomana

Fili and Kili had roped you into joining them to go to the Shire, where they were to meet up with their uncle, your king, and the others of the company. You weren’t officially invited, being female and a dwarf was rare to come by meaning you were treated like one of the rarest jewels to lie in the halls of Erebor. However you didn’t want to be protected and you were more than willing to take your role as the Princess to travel alongside your prince and his brother and then on further to Erebor to reclaim your ancestor’s homeland.

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Picnic for Three

A/N: For @princess-of-erebor1992 to kickstart fic requests with a little fic exchange! Request was for Fili and Kili offering the reader comfort after the breakup. I hope you like it!

Description: Reader’s boyfriend calls it quits, Fili and Kili offer comfort (and a prank idea)

Word count: 682

Warnings: Break-up? Definitely some angst, but some fluff and laughs by the end.

You had selected the blanket carefully, assembled all of their favorite foods, and selected the perfect picnic spot. It had been too long since you had spent time with the three men. Fili and Kili had been so busy with their princely duties to Erebor, and your boyfriend had been hard at work in the forges since he had stepped into the mountain. You had cornered the three of them the other day, insisting that they put time aside for this picnic. Fili and Kili responded to the invitation with their usual enthusiasm, but it took some convincing to get your boyfriend to agree. But he had agreed, in the end, and you supposed that was what mattered.

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