I just love how none of us Hobbit fans are ready to accept the ending of BOTFA XD

Coz we all know that Thorin became the King of Erebor, and Kili got married to Tauriel, and Fili remained the next in line for the thrown. WE ALL KNOW.

"What death scene you talkin’ about man? Did you even watch the right movie? O_o"  - Us

Imagine Kili kissing your tears away.


The battle was over as quickly as it began. The screams, the shouts, the sound of steel on steel - suddenly it was gone, and in its wake, the loudest silence you have ever heard rang over the battlefield.

Slowly, sounds did begin again. The groans of the wounded drowned out the cheers of the victorious. People began moving, seeking companions, looking for friends, dragging the dead and dying to higher ground. You looked down at your blood-soaked shirt, the truth of it sinking in.

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"We came all this way
But now comes the day
To bid you farewell

I bid you all a very fond farewell

Imagine the company finding a baby and taking care of it

For momoxbear :)


Thorin, Balin, Fili, Kili, Ori, Gloin and Dwalin were travelling back from Dale after discussing business plans with Bard and helping a while with the rebuilding of the town. They’d only been away from Erebor about a week but they were extremely happy to be getting back, the openness of human towns just didn’t suit Dwarves.

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