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One thing is certain. The druids, Kilgarrah and the followers of the Old Religion drove Arthur to his death, using Merlin as the domino to set things in motion.

They claimed to be seeking the time of Arthur, the time of the Once and Future King, when magic would be free and restored. But the actions they took, the ‘wisdom’ they imparted, were directly involved in sealing his doom.

Merlin and Arthur would have been fine on their own, would probably have lived happily ever after, had kilgarah not poisoned his mind against Mordred and Morgana, when they were both still innocent and inclined towards good.

Morgana would not have learned of her true heritage had it not been for the seer pressuring a reluctant Merlin into gazing into the crystals at the Crystal Cave, and therefore ensuring that he would cause the future they had shown him.

Merlin is used as the instrument in ensuring Arthur’s downfall.

And I can’t think of a crueler fate than a man who was devoted to his king so completely, having eternity to come to the realization that it was those who were supposed to help him, his mentors in magic and his destiny, that made him an instrument in killing his dearest friend.


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Tim Burton’s Merlin

Geoffrey's Granddaughter (Merlin X Reader)

(You are the Granddaughter of Geoffrey of Monmouth, Court Genealogist and the keeper of the Royal Library. You are a noblewoman. Lady (Y/N), who came to Camelot to follow Geoffrey’s footsteps as an apprentice. You were introduced by Geoffrey to Arthur and Merlin when Arthur was called by Uther to meet you in person.)

(Also I do not own the entire production of the Merlin series. or even bbc

(3′rd’s POV)

Her name was Lady Y/N of Monmouth.

She was riding her horse, (horse’s name), riding on a path that leads to Camelot. Her cloak hood hides her face. She was personally asked by your Grandfather, Geoffrey of Monmouth, Camelot’s royal Court Genealogist and Keeper of the Royal Library, to be his apprentice.

She was an orphan. Her mother had passed away from childbirth and her father has recently died from sickness. She was currently living with her Aunt until one day she received a letter from her Grandfather Geoffrey.

He wrote of how he missed her so and wanted to offer her a position as his apprentice.

She took the offer and left the household of Monmouth the next day. She bid farewell to her Aunt and the servants that worked there. Y/N always believed in equality between commoners and nobles that the servants were like a second family to her. 

She only wished that she wasn’t the only noble who believes in equality.

After a sennight of traveling, she finally arrived at the lower town of Camelot and slowed (horse’s name) by pulling gently on her/his reins and strut on the road, carefully passing through the busy crowd of working commoners and laughing children.

She suddenly pulled (horse’s name) to stop when she spotted a dirty young boy, who was staring hungrily at a pile of apples that was placed on a market stand. And judging by the state of the child, he seems to be a homeless orphan.

She got off of (horse’s name) and went to the merchant.

“Four apples and two pears please.” She asked.

“That’ll be 5 gold pieces miss.” the merchant grumbled.

Y/N gave him the money and grabbed a cleaned piece of cloth from her satchel to wrap the fruits in.

She then walks to the hungry boy and kneels down to his height.

“Hello, what’s your name?” She asked kindly.

“Allen.” He squeaked out. Clearly nervous by her. 

She couldn’t blame him, an older stranger came to you and asked for your name seemed to be very intimidating for a child his age.

“Hello Allen, my name is Y/N is your mother or father around?”

“No.” He muttered.

“Where are they?”

“Dead.” He simply said.

She sighed sympathetically. “Do you have a place to live?”

Fortunately, he nodded. “With Uncle Morty. But he’s barely at home.”


“He works hard to provide us. But sometimes we don’t have enough gold to buy food.”

Y/N lifts his head gently by his chin and looks at him in the eyes. “Are you happy?”

“Yes, when uncle Morty comes back from work, we would play knights.”

“Do you want to become a knight when you grow up?”

“Yes, but I can’t.”

She frowns playfully. “And why not?”

“Because I’m not brave enough.”

Y/N thinks for a moment and then sparked an idea and leaned closer to Allen.

“Can I tell you a secret?”


“You see my horse there?” She pointed at (horse’s name), who was standing behind her by a few meters the entire time she was talking to Allen.


“Well you see young Allen, his/her name is (horse’s name) and he/she was actually a gift from a kind witch.” She whispered the last part to his ear.

“But magic is band from Camelot.” He said and she covered his mouth and shushed at him.

“I know.” She whispered. “That’s why I am asking you to keep it as a secret.”

He then nodded and Y/N slowly put her hand away from his mouth.

“Do you want to know what makes (horse’s name) so special?”

He nodded hesitantly.

“You see if you touch him his/her nose and doesn’t back up, it means you are brave enough to ride him.”

“And if he does back up?”

“Then. . . we’ll see what’s happens, just don’t scream, It’ll scare him/her more.”

Allen gulped and stared at the horse with scared eyes. “Do you think I’m brave enough?”

Y?N chuckled.“Young Allen, I have the privileged to meet a lot of brave men on my journey to Camelot. And every one of them has only one thing in common. Their eyes.”

“Eyes?” Allen frowned.

“Mhmm.” Y/N nodded. “The human eyes are made to show straight to your soul. And every man I met has the same bravery they had in them, all by a single glance in their eyes. And I must say you have the most courageous eyes to show all of Camelot and the kingdoms of the realm one day.”


“You just need to see that no matter how dark the world is, there is light, There will always be light. You just need to believe that you can find it.”

Allen then lifts his chin high and march gently to (horse’s name). He then stops midway and looks back at me.

Y/N nodded and signaled him to continue.

He took a deep breath and then continues until he was in front of (horse’s name) and carefully lift his hand and bows his head down. Fearing of what would happen.

(horse’s name) then bows his/her head down to the child and pressed his/her nose to the boy’s trembling hand.

Allen opened his eyes in surprise and looks up. His smile appeared and looks back at Y/N in excitement.

“I did it! I did it Miss Y/N! I did it!” He said with enthusiasm.

Y/N smiled. “Of course you did. I told you, your eyes held courage. You want to ride him/her?”

“Can I?” He asked.

“Or course. Here.” She leads Allen to (horse’s name)’s side and lifts him by the waist to settle him on the saddle and then mount up so that she was behind him. Allen is secure in between her arms and she asked him to hold the bag of fruits.

Y/N  made a noise with her mouth to signal (horse’s name) to walk and asked where Allen lives.

(At The Castle)

“So Geoffrey has a granddaughter?” Merlin asked.

“Yes, Merlin.” Arthur said in annoyance. “How many times do I have to tell you to make you understand with that pea brain of yours?”

“I’m just saying, Gaius has never mentioned anything about Geoffrey having a granddaughter. And that old man mentions a lot of things.”

“You know, now that you mentioned it. My father has never even mentioned about a Lady Y/N of Monmouth. Until now.”

“Maybe he had his reasons.” Merlin stated as he patted Arthur’s bed clean.

“Probably.” Arthur muttered.

Suddenly there was knocking at the door.

“Enter.” Arthur called.

A castle guard opened the door. He bowed then rise. “My Lord.”

“What is it?”

“The King had asked me to inform you that Lady Y/N of Monmouth has arrived.”

Arthur and Merlin shared a look and then looks back at the servant.

“I’ll be there in a moment.”

Arthur and Merlin walked down the hall that leads to the Royal Library where King Uther had asked to meet.

“Wouldn’t be better if we meet the Lady of Monmouth in the Council Hall?” Merlin asked.

“Geoffrey personally asked my father if the Lady Y/N could visit the Library as soon as she reached to Camelot.”


“I don’t know Merlin, why don’t you asked the granddaughter of the Keeper of the Royal Library?” Arthur said sarcastically.

“Never mind.” Merlin muttered.

The two individuals reached to where the main doors of the Royal Library. Merlin opened the door and the two enter.

They immediately found King Uther, Geoffrey, Morgana and two men from the council, talking to each other in hushed voices around Geoffrey’s study desk.

Merlin spotted Gaius at the end of the table and frowned. It was unusual for Gaius to be here when in the early morning he mentioned that he was gonna have a busy day.

“Father.” Arthur greeted Uther.

“Arthur, so nice for you to come.”

“Well, I don’t exactly have a choice do I?” Arthur joked.

“Yes well,” Geoffrey started. “Prince Arthur I do hope you know why you are here.”

“Of course Geoffrey,” Arthur said. “Where is Lady Y/N?” He asked kindly.

“She is just browsing around the library. She was hoping to find a book that’s based on a certain level of herbalism.” Geoffrey then turns to one of the sections of the library.

“Is she a herbalist?” Merlin thought but accidentally said it out loud.

“Don’t be foolish Merlin,” Arthur gave him a look. “She’s a Lady, of course she isn’t.”

“Actually,” Gaius said. “My Lord, the Lady Y/N was actually hoping if there is a herbalist in Camelot so that she would learn more about healing.”

Merlin looked a little smug whilst Arthur seemed a bit shocked.

“Is there a reason why she would want to know how?” Arthur asked after he awkwardly coughed, trying to loosen up the air.

“As a matter of fact yes,” Uther said with his usual emotionless stare. “She wanted to prepare if Camelot were ever to be in a worse condition.”

Smart. Merlin thought.

“Confounded! where is that girl?” Geoffrey muttered to himself. “Y/N! Y/N!”

Suddenly a figure came out from behind of one of the bookshelves. Head down with a book in hands.

Merlin, Arthur and practically everyone in the reading area spotted the figure and knew right away that it was the Lady Y/N.

Y/N then pulled your eyes away from the page that she was reading and saw a couple of gentlemen.

Merlin and Arthur couldn’t help but stare at her with equal stares of their eyes widened in shock. Though Merlin had his mouth slightly opened as Arthur let out a small breathy gasp. 

But there was no doubt that they were both enchanted by her beauty.

Her (enthusiast your skin color) reflects perfectly by the light from the sunbeam from the windows. Her eyes sparkled with glee as she smiled shyly at the new arrivals.

She then deducted that the blond one was Prince Arthur. Since his attire was more formal than the dark haired one. Although you couldn’t deny. The dark haired one was more dashing than the Prince. No matter how ordinary his clothes were.

“Y/N!” Geoffrey said with a smile on his face. “There you are, I thought that you might’ve been lost.”

Y/N chuckled and bookmarked the page that you were reading with her finger as she walks to stand next to Geoffrey.

“Sire,” Geoffrey began. “May I introduce to you my granddaughter. Y/N.”

She smiled and did a curtsy. “My lord.” She raises. 

“How quaint it is to finally meet you.” Her gentle voice bounced the ears of Arthur and Merlin. Even her voice sounded angelic as much as her looks.

“P-Please, the pleasure is mine.“ Arthur stuttered out after remembering why he came to the library.

He took her other hand instead of the one that wasn’t holding the book and looks at her straight in the eyes.

“It is my honor to formally welcome you to Camelot, my Lady.” He then kissed her hand and she gave him a sweet smile.

“How kind of you.” Y/N said then looks behind the Prince to see the dark hair gentlemen.

“And who is this?” She asked.

Arthur turned and looks back at her. 

“No one of importance.” He smiled.

“I don’t believe that.” She confessed casually.

Arthur frowned. “You don’t?”

“You don’t?” Uther repeated.

“You don’t?” The dark hair gentlemen said.

Y/N shooks her head no and smiled kindly. “I don’t. I believe that everyone in the kingdom, may they be noble or commoner has an important role in their own special way. How else will Camelot can cope without the hard work of the commoners? Or without the order and sacrifices from the nobles and council?”

Uther and Arthur stares at her in surprise whilst Morgana looks at her with admiration along with Merlin and Gaius.

“So may I asked?” She said as she smoothly walk around Arthur to stand in front of the dark haired young man behind him.

“What is your name?”

He coughs a bit then answered. “Merlin. My Lady.”

“Merlin.” She muttered. “What an unusual name. Yet unique.”

He smiled awkwardly. “My mother picked it.”

Y/N smiled sweetly at him. “I’m sure she sounds like a lovely woman.”

“She is.” Merlin smiled shyly. Feeling nervous around the noble woman.

In all of Y/N years, she has a way to see the light and goodness in people.

And just as she told Allen, the young boy she met earlier.

‘There will always be light, you just need to believe that you can find it.’

Someone then coughs and they both turn to see Geoffrey walking towards Y/N and place his hands on her shoulders.

“My child, I believe it’s time that we catch up on the years I’ve missed. Now tell me how fair is your Aunt?”

Geoffrey leads her to somewhere in the library. Not while sneaking a glance to Merlin, who was smiling like an idiot. 

She smiled back and turns her attention to Geoffrey.

Arthur, who was still confused about why would on earth the Lady Y/N speaks to Merlin as if he was her equal, frowned and turned to Merlin. 

Merlin quickly flashed an innocent smile.

Arthur rolled his eyes and then signals him to follow as he marched out of the library.

This is will be interesting. The Lady Morgana thought smugly.


“Let it be known that shall come the day when the greatest among us are no more but one. Only stone shall remain. Into that time, among our small-boned kin shall be borne the last of his kind, a lord who shall bear our mark. Upon his ready arm will rest our likeness and through him shall come about the time of our greatest peace.”
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