Palm Springs for the night!

My dad bought us tickets to go to a concert out here so we ended up just getting a room at the hotel as well. Family time is even more fun when you don’t live with them anymore lmao.

Also, for once my clothes aren’t all from Nordstrom!

Shirt: Forever21
Skirt: H&M
Belt: H&M
Booties: by Sam Edelman (from Nordstrom)
Wallet Thing: Target
My sunglasses are $5 from some random little street vendor in down town LA.

Ps it’s hot as shit out here.


my outfit for taco tuesday tonight :)

top: goodwill.

skirt: heavenly couture.

tights: forever 21.

studded combat boots (not pictured): some shoe store in soho.

stop watch necklace: also from some shop in soho.

scarf: forever 21.

this is one of my senior pictures from last year, just randomly found it and thought i would share :)

dress: forever 21 (it didn’t zip up all the way cause my boobs were too big, so i safety pinned it for the pictures and then took it back. shhhh! ;)

sweater: old navy (super, super old)

leggings: god only knows where i got them. probs target.

boots: cathy jean (i used to work there)