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But can you imagine Professor X visiting SHIELD and then, amidst all these voices thinking about work and and files and se, there's this one voice that goes 'I wonder if I could make one of the surrounding buildings if I jumped from the roof of the triskelion and had a running start. probably not. ok what if i had a motorcycle start. what if i rode my motorcyle and then JUMPED OFF IT IN MIDAIR' and charles peeks in and steve is in a meeting, standing rimrod straight, looking super serious

oh my fucking god

The next time he comes in Steve’s thoughts veer off into the first few lines of Starspangled Man With A Plan, which is immediately followed by an impressive string of swears because HE KEEPS THINKING HE’S GOT THE FUCKING SONG OUT OF HIS HEAD AND THEN IT JUST CREEPS BACK UP ON HIM WHAT THE FUCK. Trying to dislodge it, he starts reciting some modern pop song about milkshakes and boys in your yard

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*whispers* how do you feel about one-sided shikanaru (on shikamaru's side)

whispers I feel like everyone is just a little bit in love with Naruto

Shikamaru and Naruto’s relationship is one that I think is one that is somewhat underrated. Maybe it’s an extension of being an author favourite, but Shikamaru has managed to worm his way into a lot of great moments with Naruto!

He’s not his teammate, or a rival, or someone he was forced to associate with? And yet they hung out together as the class losers in the academy. Even at that age Shikamaru recognised and questioned why Naruto was treated differently. Their interaction is uncomplicated and natural. Shikamaru can look exasperated and moan because Naruto’s being a pain and they can call each other morons, but when it counts they can always rely on each other. Shikamaru’s there when Naruto hits a low after Jiraiya’s death, and he can understand what it’s like to lose a mentor but reminds Naruto that they died to protect the next generation. They’re just such good bros?? That one moment during the war when Shikamaru almost dies and then realises he wants to be by Naruto’s side as his advisor. “When I’m with Naruto… he makes me want to follow him.” Yeah.

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BROOKLYN ACCENT STEVE IS SO IMPORTANT TO ME can you imagine when bucky's back with them, Steve'll just be talking very professionally about a mission to the rest of the team and then Bucky says something from afar and Steve turns around and just yells something obscene back with his Brooklyn accent and Natasha's just like :D and Sam makes an OOOOHHHH face while Tony is like o-o *simultaneously shocked, slightly offended that nobody ever told him, and inexplicably aroused*

Christ now I’m back to thinking about how they’re a couple'a Abbott and Costello fanboys

Steve getting Bucky’s attention by yelling “HEY AB-BEEEHHTT” from across the room and Bucky yelling back “HEY AB-BEEEEEHHTTTT” like fucking children god, GOD

but no oh my god you’re dead on the money that’s exactly what would happen. Sam would fuel that shit like a motherfucker too. The three of them are a trio of shitlords no one can convince me otherwise

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at some point there's a mind-reading villain or something and they threaten to reveal all of the avengers' dark secrets to the world. steve is like [sweats] turns out he secretly has a record of 153 stolen vehicles, most of them cars and motorcycles, some big trucks and once, a crane


Steve: I, um… Was going to return them eventually…

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i'm just imagining tony being handed a baby and utterly panicking BECAUSE NO HE CANNOT DEAL WITH LIVING BABY HUMANS. HE IS TONY STARK NOT A BABYSITTER. TONY STARK. YOU KNOW??? EX-MERCHANT OF DEATH?? DASHING RECKLESS ROGUE??? ASSHOLEISH PHILISTINE? WHY WOULD YOU GIVE HIM A BABY. and the rest of the team is just laughing while he enumerates all his character flaws. then steve approaches him giving him hope but just claps him on the shoulder 'i know you'll do great' and tony is just like 'FUCK U'

OK so clearly this must be some sort of Plotty Plot Plot Baby, like, the infant version of one of the Avengers who traveled through time or an alternate universe version of Tony’s baby or something because he is not not not not having a baby on purpose in our universe.

So the baby is a Plotty Plot Plot Baby and Tony avoids it for a full three days and then turns up with this elaborate plush device that can bounce a baby and burp a baby and change a baby’s diaper and he’s like, “SEE I SOLVED IT.”

But, no, the baby still cries for no reason sometimes and then there’s a Plot Point reason for the rest of the team to be in absentia and Tony is alone with the baby and seriously freaking out and so is JARVIS, JARVIS is just reciting things he’s finding on the internet in real time which means he’s speaking waaaaay too fast and getting weirdly high-pitched and DUM-E is spinning in a corner, that’s it, just spinning

And then it turns out that if Tony holds the baby and talks the baby doesn’t cry. So he starts making a chart with JARVIS about this phenomenon and the baby likes the holograms so he lets the baby play with some of it. It’s like, he crumples a bit of it and puts it in the baby’s hands and the baby makes it bigger and smaller and then puts a baby fist right through it and giggles and, yeah, Tony likes the giggling and he keeps talking

and the talking is about the baby for a long time, just like, “oh did you like that? JARVIS, make another note” and “audible response to light stimulae, does someone like the light stimulae, yes she does” and similar. But then the baby starts dropping off to sleep and Tony tries to put her down but she cries so he picks her back up and keeps talking

only she’s asleep now but his hands are full, it makes his thoughts turn inwards and he’s just telling this baby all sorts of shit

“i’ve directly and indirectly killed more people than I’ve slept with and do you know how many people i’ve slept with it’s a lot, ok”


“god, you’re so tiny, i’m probably going to drop you, we need contingency plans if I drop you”


“why on earth are you wandering around with such a soft spot in your skull, that’s really bad tactical thinking”


“just in case nobody else says it to you: you’re super awesome and i think probably everybody loves you and if they don’t they should, it’s not your fault if they don’t”

and he doesn’t notice when Steve comes back from his Plot Point until he comes around him and leans over the sleeping baby and says in the quietest, gentlest whisper,

“you’re not doing so bad”

and Tony wakes the baby up by how loudly he shouts, “FUCK YOU, ROGERS.”

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so I went to watch X-men dofp yesterday and then I couldn't stop thinking about crossover things (obviously). but then i thought of the x-men and the avengers being in the same room during an Important Meeting or something, and then charles xavier being the only one to hear steve's thoughts. and discovering that captain america indeed swears a lot, inside his own head. and his thoughts in daily life are usually 30% fuck you and 70% wtf. IT'S JUST, SOMEONE WHO COULD KNOW STEVE'S THOUGHTS ;-;


oh my god yes oh my god

oh my god what a perfect use for him Dr. X and Jean just exchanging glances every time Steve thinks something especially clever and/or vulgar, rolling their eyes every time someone misses the double-meaning in what Steve just said or makes a comment that clearly shows they’ve misread his character

Both of them being extra polite to Steve and kinda feeling bad that they’re technically being terrible people by eavesdropping on his special thoughts but its not their fault he’s interesting and has great mental commentary! these meetings get boring!


(( ahhh thank s everyone ;A; i was feeling a bit self conscious because i cut it a little shorter than normal as i felt like being a bit braver, so this is so nice to hear aaahh 
thank you ;o;

also i decided to put this all in one post so i don’t clog up peoples dash ahhh 

alsooo, dreamystar12, i’ve never played ib : o i wanna, but i’ve just not got around to it yet.. someday i shall~! ))

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lmfao we met in third grade

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chalk that down to powers i would really want when my hairdresser fucks up my hair 

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Imagine the team being forced to babysit for some reason. Hiei holding the baby upside down by the ankle. and sort of shaking it a bit. They're like Hiei no. Kuwabara's face scares the babies. They rely on Kurama who's decent and they think, well of course Kurama can do it. Kurama can do anything. It's ok if I can't do it because it's Kurama, I mean people like us suck at this anyway. But then they find out that yusuke is actually really good with kids and they're like nO IMPOSSIBLE


I imagine that as soon as they realize Yusuke can take care of the baby and the baby is enjoying itself with Yusuke they’re going to try to one up him. Hiei because of his pride and Kuwabara because of his rivalry. If /Yusuke can do it/, they sure as hell can.

No I love this I’m going to write this one day holy crap.

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You know, I've recently realized than rather than being that cliché teenager sobbing NOBODY UNDERSTANDS MY PAIN, I'm screaming NOBODY IN THIS FICTIONAL UNIVERSE UNDERSTANDS STEVE'S PAIN. Apparently secondhand everything is a thing

Once again we mirror each others emotions

because fucking god if I don’t do this too

(but I’d be lying if I said the lack of support, sam excluded, wasn’t part of the appeal)

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you know... how does the dying --> spirit world thing even work?? like, it's another world and there are people who work and live there right?? are the people like koenma, botan, and the sdf just the spirits of dead people? that wouldn't make sense for koenma so. so is there like a 'native' spirit world thing. because otherwise, if everyone is a spirit, and with the whole 'people can cross between worlds now' thing, then couldn't you just go visit your dead friends or relatives over the weekend

*tries to remember canon* i dont think they’re spirits of dead people per se but like just like other worldly beings (I AM THE WORST PERSON TO ASK ABOUT THIS STUFF OMG I CANT WORDS), but im sure they have rules against crossing over to see your dead relatives so probs not ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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[sweats] HEY DON'T PUT ME IN THE SPOTLIGHT IT'S EMBARRASSING. Okay okay umm ummmm copperbadge and Zelus on ao3 have great fics in general. One I absolutely recommend is The man on the bridge by boopboop (GREATEST USERNAME). Other favorites are fellowship and spectrum by irnan and.... *shifty eyes* All My Heroes by aforementioned Zelos (Zelus) (that's his username, Zelos (Zelus) ) which is basically a gr8 piece of Steve angst which contributed a lot to how I see Steve now.

Okay I will have to check out All My Heroes then cuz I know I like your interpretation of Steve 

Thank you bb <3<3 I only put you in the spotlight because you volunteered y'doof