Happy Fursuit Friday! Just got around to compiling all of the costumes I made for 2014! The last three were finished the first week of this year but since the majority of their work was done in December, they count as 2014 suits :)
This is a new annual record for me, as I made 26 suits, the most I’ve ever made in one year! A lot of awesome designs, fun characters, and unique species.
I think I can count: 16 canines, 4 felines, 2 deer, 1 red panda, 1 bear, 1 coati-marten and 1 crux!
I can’t wait to see what 2015 brings!

Finally got around to posing for some proper pics of Polly! I actually finished this suit in early January in time for FC 2015. This is a personal suit, and my first foray into digitigrade padding! Polly has lightweight pillow-style pads in her legs, calves and bum. I still feel like my digi needs work to look exactly how I want it to, so won’t be offering this as an option on future costumes just yet. She is a feral pig, basically a shaggy cousin of domestic pigs, but I also took some artistic license. Polly also has 3d eyes, vinyl tusks, floppy weighted ears, a hidden chest-zipper and poseable curly tail!

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