Photos of the early Nintendo based prototypes of the PlayStation emerge

Way back in 1991, when Nintendo announced at CES that they would be ditching Sony for Phillips for developing their CD technology, Sony decided it would continue building off of the tech they had already been working on for Nintendo since 1988, which would eventually lead to the invention of the PlayStation.

The console would go through many design iterations before its launch a few years later, but the above images show what could be the very earliest examples of a PlayStation concept, still fit with very SNES inspired joypad, console box and even cartridges (which may have stored CD’s inside given that was the basis of the console).  

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I’d check out your livestream if you do it, i intend to do it myself too though i am new to doing livestreaming myself.

Cool, thanks! Yeah livestreaming is much more difficult than I thought LOL. My friends had to help me set up my channel and had to go to my channel to make sure all of the audio and video was working correctly. I’m mostly going to be aiming at people who might be on the fence about buying the game or people who have only heard about the game and want to see what it’s about. My purpose with making a livestream will be to help people make an educated decision about the game and also to share my passion for it haha. I will probably be commentating as I play also.


One to Watch #22 - Things you need to know about Trove

by Abdul Rob

What is Trove? Trove is a game that takes inspiration from as well as combined some of the best elements from blockbuster hit Minecraft and the more recently released Cube World. Yes, It’s another voxel based multiplayer title but there’s more to it then one may assume.

I was initially apprehensive about this, it had a very Cube World like visual style but the more I learned and saw about it, the more I was intrigued. So what is it about the game which has me so interested?

A number of thing’s beyond though including it being free to play (with cosmetic cash shop) and having the support of Trion Worlds,as it’s being developed by them. Continue reading for the full low down on why you should be interested in this title too.

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(Exclusive) One to Watch #20 - Elliot Quest

by Abdul Rob

The folk’s over at Ansimuz Games were kind enough to give us early access to their work in progress and currently in Kickstarter title Elliot Quest (Windows/Mac/Linux/OUYA). The game is inspired the Zelda 2: The Adventure of Link, the side scrolling NES classic.

Going by their comparatively small funding goal (4000 CAD) as well as project inspiration, I was curious about what the game play and overall experience would be like, which turned out to be surprisingly good, continue reading for the details (and the public demo).

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League of Legends Cinematic: A Twist of Fate

The all new cinematic for Riot Games Inc’s League of Legends. The video features a host of champions facing off against each other, starting off with Twisted Fate vs Fiddlesicks then moving onto Ryze vs Nocturne to then go on to a Garen vs Katarina fight which turn into a Garen vs Tryndamere fight before it becomes an Annie vs Tryndamere fight, to conclude with the appearance of Baron.

The animation is slick as ever, featuring clearly recognizable skill use but spiced up to look more impressive, all accompanied by epic orchestral  music.


Now Playing : Starbound

by Abdul Rob

Some of my early adventures in Starbound. I was a little confused about the controls at first, mainly interacting with objects and using my own items but eventually you get the hang of it.

What’s really apparent immediately is just the scale and potential of the game, so much of the environment is collectible and interactive, with you being able to then make new items from the stuff you’ve collected. Since this is only the early days I;’m sure as I get better tools along the way the degree of variety will only increase.

One of the mistakes I made along the way was accidentally using my sword on a bird person (I forget the races name currently) which caused them to flee in terror when they were just having a friendly chat with me earlier.

Also I’ve been fortunate enough to stumble across a few treasure chests to already upgrade some of my items such as my weapon, which is now an axe , or at least looks like it.

Adventuring at night has been particularly terrifying as my current torchlight only reveals so much of the surrounding, but this is something that’s welcome as I would prefer there to be an element of danger and unknown, especially with the darkness of night.

I’m looking forward to eventually being able to craft my own structures to call a base of operations.

Kilabytes hits 100,000 followers!

Earlier today we hit another mile stone by reaching 100,000 followers! So we felt it would be appropriate to thank all the followers, editors, tumblr staff, and anyone else involved in helping us get here! Going into the future, we’re preparing to expand outside of tumblr (which will be discussed in more depth soon), while focusing in bringing you more  exclusives, more interviews, more articles, more art and of course news.

Also you can keep up with us on various other social media, links below.

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DEAD SPACE: Chase to Death Live Action Video Game Trailer

Looking back at 2013 and forward to 2014

by Abdul Rob

I was going to write a lengthy in depth look at major developments (tech, titles, our consumption of them) for video games over the last year and what those developments could translate to, going forward into the next year. I had a change of heart though, and have decided to just write down the thoughts going through my head right now, on new years eve.

2013 was a big year for the blog, it saw massive growth and support from the Tumblr community throughout this period, from the silent followers to those who do interact with the posts to editors and games industry professional on the site, This was a long way from when I just started this blog as a place to keyboard slap my erratic video game related thoughts on, and I’m greatly appreciative of all of it.

Having said that, it’s been at times a tiring year for myself personally. Behind the scenes, along with whatever you may have seen on this blog, was also a lot of trial and error into content and initiatives that didn’t materialize or are taking a lot longer to do so, due to real world priorities. As a result, while I am appreciative of everyone’s reception of the blog, I am also some what disappointed in what I did manage to get done - as I feel there were many a missed opportunity and definitely delayed schedules and missed deadlines, resulting in not as optimal coverage for followers. Then at the same time, I am also settling with the progress made after taking circumstances into consideration.

This is still very much an enthusiast blog, but there is definitely an interest and effort being put into transitioning from a sole enthusiast blog to a more established source of news, opinions and discussion of gaming, and to do so via a variety of platforms beyond a sole blog. This transition would of course, also result in an increased breadth and depth of coverage.

In 2014, I’m hoping to make this closer to becoming a reality, with as big or small a stride as possible. So for 2014, I would hope for a healthier, more successful year, for myself and anyone reading this.

Back soon

by Abdul Rob

I’ve been away for awhile, mainly due to some non blog related real life things I need to deal with, but I’m now working on getting regular content back on track. I also want to state in this post that in future opinion posts I’m going to endeavor to be more thorough in my explanation of my view points, so that my viewpoints are not misunderstood, such as when I may be calling for assessment of video games in propagating social divides and prejudice but may be misunderstood as me demanding for everyone to be subject to a particular social philosophy due to hastily posting a poorly written post.

Having said that, there are particular areas of gaming I’m hoping to focus on more, and others less so then before, so you may see changes in what areas of gaming exactly that is spotlighted.

Kilabytes open for donations!

Kilabytes will now be accepting donations to help maintain and grow the blog. These are optional payment’s intended for the support of our currently purely enthusiast blog, but a blog which is steadily growing, both in terms of reach and coverage and one that the team behind it intend to keep pushing further. If you like what we do, you can support us with a small donation.

Find the donate button at the very top of the blog.

Gaming in the holiday season

It’s that time of year again, that time where - if you’re like me - you look back and think “wow that went faster then I would have liked”. There’s still plenty of gaming to be had however. This may be the time you bring out your personal favourite older titles or perhaps its the time you decide to finally try one of those games you’ve been hoarding over the years. You could also just be waiting for the sales to hit.

For me personally, I’ve decided that this is the time I start playing more adventure games. My reasons being that I feel that when being busy with non gaming things, a game that’s convenient, novel, entertaining and not too demanding would be ideal, and adventure games pretty much fit the bill perfectly, plus I like a good story.

Assuming you’re reading this as a fellow gaming enthusiast, I’m sure we all have our preferences and tastes when it comes to gaming, so how will you - in single, multi or massively multiplayer - be gaming as the year draws to an end?

Some Bad & Some Good News

by Abdul Rob

The focus of the blog will be shifting, rather drastically but not so dramatically as the shift will occur over a period of time.

The focus will still be gaming related (with a dash of tech) on the whole, but we will be focusing more on certain types of games more. That’s not to say other genres won’t be covered, but it will be selective, like we’ve always been except that which types or particular games we spotlight will be changing.

Due to time constraints, I need to focus my energies on the inevitable, as a result I’ve had to actually cancel, change or put on hold upcoming projects related to the blog.

This included cancelling interviews with non indie developers - which I will more specifically address once the correspondence between myself and the studio on this is over and i’m clear to do so. It also included the cancellation of certain videos and streams (they’re scheduled to start around the corner).

At the very end of 2013, I wrote a post regarding the past year [link], the current one, and my vision and hopes for Kilabytes going forward. The changes that will be coming come as part of efforts for a realization of this vision, one where Kilabytes addresses relevant gaming news and information that you could really do with, as well as opinion and analysis on various aspects of gaming.

As mentioned earlier, time is a price that’s I'm required pay to bring about these changes, so on top of cancelling content I will also be cancelling regular coverage of certain titles whilst increasing the coverage of others.

The titles that are subject to these changes have been selected based on how well or poorly they fit with the new focus as well as time constraints not permitting thorough enough coverage of elements of those titles - which could be relevant to the regular experience of players - for the blog. You haven’t seen these elements - such as in game lore -,mentioned before as a result of unwillingness to half-cover something only to have our stance or opinion on topics be misconstrued.

I’ll announce some more specific information about the changes soon, though info on the biggest changes will come a little later.

working on the new site, hoping to be here by early 2015, long time coming but changes in direction occurred on the way, which while having delayed the next “stage”, were still for the best. Regular blogging to recommence soon.


Sacred Citadel - Launch Trailer