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Kikwang, Aegyo, and Ice Cream

(a/n: Yaaaaayyy, my first oneshot upload! This is a cute little semi-fluffy thing I wrote a few months ago. I love Kikwang, he’s so cute. Also, the photo’s not mine…credit to the owner. :3)

“Can you put this on me, Oppa? I forgot to put it on before I left the house,” Kae asked her boyfriend Kikwang, holding out the simple silver bracelet. He held out a palm and she dropped the bracelet into it.

They were standing on the edge of the sidewalk in downtown Seoul on this warm summer day.

Kikwang wrapped the delicate chain around the overside of her wrist, which was facing downward, and tried to clip the hook into the clasp. But his fingers slipped, causing him to completely drop the bracelet. Of course, his luck allowed the bracelet to drop into the drain that they didn’t notice they were standing over until that moment.

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anonymous asked:

How would Gikwang react if you told him that he was your first boyfriend?

Kikwang would love that. He would be happy that he will be your first in everything and because of that he would be even more romantic than he already is. He would want you to have the best of the best. Whenever he can he would show you how much he cares about you and when you get nervous because of something like your first time having sex or something like that he would comfort you and tell you that you dont have to be nervous because you have the most adorable boyfriend ever who will take care of you whatever happens.

Kikwang: When You Catch Him Cheating On You

                You walked into your house and immediately noticed something was off.  The smell was one, but you just felt dirty.  Setting your purse down and removing your scarf, you noticed a thin black mark on your linoleum.  What is this?  You knew you didn’t wear heels, and Kikwang’s shoes never do this.  Something was wrong, you knew it.

                Taking a few more steps into the house, you noticed that your chairs were arranged in a different way and that there was a slight smudge of lipstick on your mirror, as if someone had been checking their makeup but had gotten too close.

                “Kikwang!” you called, now utterly furious.  You could put two and two together.  You knew what was going on.  “Kikwang I know you’re home now come here!” you call, anger showing in your voice.  You couldn’t fathom the thought of your boyfriend seeing another woman, but you couldn’t deny the plentiful evidence.  Anger and hate were boiling in your veins, but you couldn’t let out those emotions.  Not with a dear idol.

                “______-ah, you are home early!” he says, his voice changing in octaves, undoubtedly concerned.

                You immediately point at the mirror and the furniture, then pausing at the mark on the linoleum.  “What is this, huh?”  You tilted your head to the side to let him know that you knew what was going on.  “I’m not stupid!”

                “Kiki?” a voice cried, “Who are you talking to?”  Within seconds, a small woman with thick lips and small eyes was at the doorframe.  “Why is this strange woman in your house?”

                “This is my house, thank you very much.  So please get your stuff and leave, I’m sorry you had to see this.”  You replied, eyebrows raised; voice cold.  You had nothing against the girl, she looked harmless.

                “No.  Stay.”  Kikwang said coolly.  “Eunkyung, this is my girlfriend ______.”

                “Ohhh, okay.  Hi!” she told you, obviously unaware of your irritation.

                “Why are you in my house?” you ask, growing more and more agitated.

                “I just wanted to sleep with Oppa, but it seems like you’re doing that already,” she giggled, severing your last straw.


                “______-ah…” Kikwang starts, rushing over to touch your arm.

                “No,” you said sternly, “pack your shit and get out.”

                And they did.

This was a request from Anon.  I really don’t like angsty stuff but I tried my best ^^

Kikwang- Red Carpet Anxiety

“I have something really important to ask you,” Kikwang said smiling his famous eye smile. You shifted a little in your seat across the table. The pink cup of coffee shaking as he reached out to grab your hand. He knew you had become more anxious in public since having your relationship exposed and he had assured you that everything would be okay, but the comments you saw online were still burned into your memory. Ugh, we should kill her for stealing our Oppa. She’s not even that pretty, I don’t know why he’s with her. “_____-ah?” He asked pulling you out of your memories. “Yes?” You replied, glancing down at your coffee cup before pulling your gaze back to his eyes. Kikwang’s chocolate brown orbs were full of worry and you could feel them piercing your soul. The tension in the room rose as you both stared at each other. Heart pounding, he moved closer to your face. “Jagi, will you go to the movie premiere with me?”

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Kikwang: Shopping

                You were walking down a shopping district in Seoul when your boyfriend, Kikwang, suddenly stopped and pulled you back as well.

                “Jagi,” he said with a tone you couldn’t quite recognize.  “Do you like those?”  He lifted the index finger of the hand that wasn’t holding yours, and pointed to a store just to the left of the one in front of you.  Couple pants.  Sweatpants. 

                “Oddly enough, yes, I do like them.  Do you?”  They were simple grey sweatpants which were identical, except for the fact that one said “hers” and one said “his” across the butt, and “I ♥ my girlfriend/boyfriend” down the leg.

                “I do, too.”  Looking into your eyes, he asked you if you wanted him to buy them for the two of you.  You nodded quickly and squeezed his hand.  He pecked you on the cheek and you could feel him smile against your skin.  “Let’s go.”


            “Thank you very much, you two be good now, ya hear?” the ajumma behind the counter said, sporting a kind smile but an odd look in her eyes.

            “Oppa, could you ever see me doing something like that?” you ask, looking Kikwang in the eyes.

            Looking at you up and down, and then staring into your eyes for a brief moment, he cooly replied: “Yes.”

            “Whaaa? Oppa, you are kidding me right?”

            “Of course~ you are way too beautiful for that kind of job.  Now let’s go get some lunch.”

anonymous asked:

What would Kikwang do if you told him that his lips sexually frustrate you because they're so sexy?

Blush and get really shy until he realizes what he can do to you with just his lips. When he sees you staring at his lips he’d playfully pout and lick his lips. Everytime youre near him he would lightly place his lips on your neck, forehead, cheeks but never actually kiss you. I can see him teasing you quite a lot before you get what you want. He would be really playfull with it. 

- Lex

Reaction: being unfollowed.

Feeling like you’re on top of the world on your blog .

stage 1. logs on the computer.

Stage 2. noticing someone unfollowed.

(must be an error or a delay) 

Stage 3.(starts to refresh and nothings change.)

stage 4.  they’ll miss me (Denial and Isolation) i don’t need them.

Stage 5. (anger) why did you unfollow me huh !!!!!!!! 

stage 5. Bargaining.

come back i’ll do all my request and update my blog.

Stage 6. Depression.

stage 7. Acceptance

 i still have my other followers.

Kikwang: Sleeping In

                “Noon?!” you roll over to your left and see your boyfriend sleeping peacefully, one arm still curled around you, the other, crooked and under his head.  He sure did look like an angel when he was sleeping.  Debating about whether or not you wanted to wake him, you bit your lower lip and concentrated on the portrait of you two just to the right of the window, as you always did when making a decision involving him. 

                “Oppa,” you call softly, gently shaking him gently.  “Please wake up.”  It was noon already and you had so many things planed that you wanted to do with him on your free day together.

                His eyes fluttered open, and you saw them searching until they found you.  “______-ah, we have nothing to do today.  I’m exhausted.  Please, sleep with me.”  Pulling you closer, he wrapped a leg over you.  “No escaping now, all right?”  You had to admit his tone was drop dead sexy when he was half asleep.

                You chuckle more to yourself than to him, and peck his nose softly.  “Okay, Oppa.  Goodnight.”

                And you sleep the rest of the day away. ♥

Destined Series: Finally (Part 3)

You finally remember him. Lee Kikwang, your best friend. He lives in the same building as you and is 2 years older than you which made him your Oppa. Though you never called him Oppa because since both of you were uncomfortable with the word. He knows you like the back of his hand, 6 years ago you moved in next door to him and his mother knew you just moved in with your Oppa and his wife. She wanted you two to be friends so she sent him over with side dishes as a welcoming. It was extremely awkward for you since you haven’t been social with others since your parents.


His smile was mesmerizing, it made you feel all warm inside. You studied really hard for up until your 8th year  and asked the school to give you permission to take the 9th year finals. They laughed saying you weren’t smart enough but they said if you got in the top 5 scores they’d graduate you so you can go to high school. When it came to finals you took them and awaited the results. Kikwang went to your school with you to see if you made it.

“I made it…”

“What place?” He moves you aside and is dumbfounded, He turns to face you. “__-ah, you got first, you got first place! You get to graduate on time!”  He embraces you tightly.

“Let’s go eat! I’ll treat you!” He grabs a hold of your hand and drags you along.

You guys end up at a local cafe and you order your favorite ice cream and he gets a smoothie. You guys are just sitting there laughing when a employee comes up to you two.

“Can I take a picture of you two. We’re just doing a special couple service today.” You begin to open your mouth to tell her you two aren’t a couple when Kikwang moves closer to you and puts his arm around you.

“You can take it now.” Kikwang smiles, you scold him.

”__-ah, it’s just a picture.” He nudges you. The lady takes 2 photos and hands you both one then leaves.

“Yah! I think I came out good.” He laughs, your phone then rings.

“Oppa, what happened? I’ll be right there!” You hang up the phone.

“I have to go mianhae.” You run out and grab a taxi to the hospital. There’s a lot of traffic that it’s be faster to run. You get out the taxi and pay him and sprint, your running as fast as you when your knocked out cold onto the ground. Your mind is spinning, you don’t know what just happened you just hear yelling. You try to move but barely manage to lift up your arm and it’s covered in blood.

”___-ah!” You feel as if you’re seeing things, kikwang is right in front of you,crying. You lift up your hand towards him and he holds it.

“You’re gonna be okay, don’t worry __-ah.”

“Don’t cry, I’m okay.” You manage to say before you black out. You wake up in a hospital room, your head hurts like crazy. You see the doctor walk in.

“What happened?”

“You were hit by a car. I’ll call your family in.”

“Oppa, Unnie!”

”___-ah! Thank god you’re alright.” They hug you.

“I’m glad you’re awake ___-ah.” He smiles at you.

“Hmm? Who are you? Do I know you?”

”__-ah, that isn’t funny he’s been worried sick about you.” Your Oppa says.

“I’m not being funny, who is he?!”

”__-ah…” He reaches for your hand and you pull away. He then walks out the room and your Oppa goes after him.

”__-ah, do you really not know him?” Your sister-in-law asks.

“Unnie, who is he to me? I don’t know him but looking at him makes my heart hurt." 

You get a CT Scan, The doctors says there’s nothing wrong with your head and that maybe its just temporary amnesia. He finds it strange that you only forgotten about specific people. You don’t remember how your parents died and you don’t remember that guy. You walk out the bathroom and see that guy standing in the door way.

"Is she ever going to remember?” Your Oppa asks

“If she doesn’t remember its because she forced herself to forget those people for her own good. They probably caused her a lot of suffering.” The doctor says. The guy then slams the door and you run after him. Its pouring rain and you finally caught a hold of him.

"Who are you?”

“Why don’t you remember me!” He grabs onto your shoulders

“I don’t know, but when I look at you my heart aches and my head begins to hurt! Isn’t it better if I forget?!” You yell at him 

“then I’ll force you to remember!”  He then brings you closer to him and kisses you. You push him off and slap him then run inside. 

Flashback finish~~~~

Since then you haven’t seen him, you avoided him for the next 3 years of your high school life. You made new friends and got into music then formed a band. You guys play every weekend in Hongdae and at ceremonies/weddings.  It wasn’t until recently that he started coming into your life. You’ve seen him around but ignored him and now you’ve awaken so to say. The memories you forgot 3 years ago were shot at you all at once.

“Oppa, mianhae for making you come back from china and worrying you. Unnie i’m sorry too and Kikwang you waited the longest for me, komawo.”
You’re discharged from the hospital and you all go home together. Your Oppa and Unnie through a little celebration by cooking a feast. You and Kikwang are chasing eachother when you both slip an he lands on top of you. You remember when he kissed you 3 years ago.



“Just because I remember you again doesn’t mean that I forgot what happened 3 years ago.”

“What?” He begins to turn red and looks away.

“Yah! Do you think I’m going to let you get away with kissing me just because I forgot you for a moment?!”

“Yah! A momen-” As soon as he turns back to look at you, you kiss him.

“Now we’re even.” You push him off and get up to run to the kitchen when he grabs you and holds you against the wall.

“Yah! What are you doing..” You look away because he’s staring right at you.

“Even? You think we’re even?! I’ve waited 6 years for you.”

“It wasn’t my fault I couldn’t remember you..” You pout and look at him.

“Stop looking adorable, you can make up for it by being my girlfriend.”


“I was going to confess to you the day you passed your finals but then you got into an accident.. you couldn’t remember me.”

“I promise to never forget you as long as you stay by my side.”

You two laugh then kiss again before going into the kitchen holding hands.

“Hyung” Kikwang calls your Oppa and he looks up at you.

“Wae. Why are you two holding hands!”

“Oppa, can’t you see that they love eachother.” Your unnie says

“ Jagiya, Love? They don’t know what love is!”

“Oppa we were they’re age when we met and look at us. We got married!”

“Hyung, I waited 6 years for ___-ah. I love her.”

“Oppa..” You plead.

“I don’t thin-” Your sister-in-law scolds him. “ Arasso,arasso just stop holding hands it’s making me uncomfortable.”

Kikwang and you dated for 4 years before getting married since you still needed to graduate college. You two have a beautiful home and a beautiful  boy. You’re 4 months pregnant with your daughter. You two couldn’t be any happier.