kikuri hime


The goddess of life in Shinto myth. She once mediated between Izanagi and Izanami during their confrontation in Yomi, the land of the dead.

Arcana: Priestess

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-Kazuma Kaneko’s depiction of Kikurihime/Shirayamahime and traditional depictions

Kikurihime is the dragon goddess worshipped at Shirayama shrine (along with Izanami and Izanagi) located in Hakusan (Ishikawa).
She is also a goddess of agriculture, harvest, love and marriage.
Kikuri means “to bring together, bind fates together” which associates her with negotiation and mediation or it could be translated as “hearing” and “truth”.
The name Kiku connects her to the chrysanthemum flower which is the emblem of the Imperial family (mediator symbolism) and she is also associated with life.
Shirayama means white mountain and is an alternative writing of Hakusan.

Kikurihime is said to have acted as a mediator between Izanagi and Izanami at Yomotsuhirasaka so she is also associated with Yomi and death/rebirth.