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Do you know any Zutara fanfics?

Yeah! I haven’t read a whole lot of them though. It’s in my bookmarks to do one day lol. But the ones I’ve read that I really liked (mostly M rated sorry if that’s not what you want lol):

and that’s it!


~ * Star Hairpins *~


  • Felt (in color of your choice)
  • scissors
  • Hot glue
  • Glitter paint
  • Bobby pins

1- Cut out 2 stars and 1 small circle from felt.

2- Hot glue together the two stars (if you used the thicker kind of felt you can skip this step).

3- Place the circle through the bobby pin as pictured.

4- Hot glue the felt circle with the bobby pin to the back of the star.

5- Paint the star with the glitter paint. Make multiple coats for extra sparkle!

Let the paint dry for about 4 hours (or overnight). The glitter will adhere to the felt, but if you see some falling just add a coat of Mod Podge to seal it. Make as many as you want in any color and shape you like! =)


~ * Kirby Charm Tutorial * ~


  • Oven-baked clay in colors pink and red
  • Toothpick
  • Headpin
  • Acrylic paint in colors black, white, red, blue, and magenta

1. Make 3 balls of pink clay (2 small for the arms 1 big for the body) and 2 red ovals (shoes).

2. Attach the arms to the body. Smooth out the edges with a toothpick, this is going to help connect the clay and looks nicer.

3. Attach the shoes to the body, these you don’t have to smooth out.

4. Put a headpin all the way through. I like to start from one hand to the opposite shoe, this way it looks like he’s hanging on to something ^-^   Bake! Bake according to the directions of your clay. 

5. After the charm cools down start painting. Have a picture on hand to use as a reference. Start with the mouth (to help keep symmetry) then add the eyes. Without the twinkles in his eyes he looks really creepy! Lol

6- Add the details. Kirby has a white twinkle and a little bit of blue on each eye. I like to gradually add the cheeks using a Q-Tip.

Done! You can glaze the charm and place it anywhere you want. I made mine into a necklace by attaching my Kirby charm to one of my cake charms  He doesn’t want to let go of that cake! lol

Hope you guys liked this tutorial! =) 


~*Picture frame earring holder *~


  • Wood frame (mine is a 5x7 laser cut frame)
  • Plastic canvas
  • Acrylic paint
  • Hot glue
  • Scissors
  • Paintbrush. 

1-Cut the plastic canvas so it fits the frame nicely.

2-Hot glue the plastic canvas to the frame. Add an extra layer of hot glue on top of the plastic canvas and in between the little squares to reinforce.

3-Turn over the frame and paint it. Using a big fluffy brush helps get rid of any paint streaks.

4-Let it dry and add another layer of paint if necessary.

5-Done! Now you can hang it on the wall and keep your earrings organized =)

*********Side Notes***********

Right now Michaels is having a sale on the laser cut frames, mine was only $2! Plastic canvas come in many colors, pick the one that will match your paint. Even a small frame can hold a good amount of earrings. I have a small frame 4"x5" that holds about 12 pairs (8 studs & 4 dangly earrings or 20 studs). If you don’t want to hang it on the wall you can buy a frame/ canvas stand to use on a flat surface.