Heterotalia Appreciation Post

Don’t get me wrong. I LOVE MY YAOI. But there are SO MANY great characters and potential ships of all kinds in Hetalia, but all the hetero (and yuri) ships are always overshadowed by the yaoi! This is me paying my respects to some of the great hetero ships in Hetalia~!

(Nyotalia and Hetalia yuri are fantastic as well~!)

Deciding whether I like Giripan or KikuMei better…

In terms of Hetalia, I almost always like the yaoi pairing better. No questions asked. I just seem to have a big soft spot for KikuMei (Japan X Taiwan). >_<

I mean, just look at how freaking cute Mei is!

And look at how cute she is with Kiku!

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But at the same time, who doesn’t love Giripan?! (Don’t actually answer that, I don’t want to start a war.)

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Ughhhh I can’t decide~!!! So for now …

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