Axis Romano and Prussia reacting to their s/o using snapchat filters on them during a meeting

Germany : He would be annoyed. He wouldn’t say anything about it until you disturbed the meeting he would then politely ask you to stop.

Italy: He would play along with it not really caring about the meetings anyway. He would probably do some on you as well.

Japan: Like Germany he would probably be annoyed but not as much. He would politely ask you to stop so it wouldn’t distract him or the other nations.

Romano: Him and Italy are more alike than different so he would play along with you and take some as well but je would be more responsible and have you stop after a while.

Prussia: He would lose his shit! He would be playing around with you not thinkin to take his own but making the best faces for the snaps. He wouldn’t think of telling you to stop until Germany scolded him about being a distraction.

~Admin Gil

Your Hetalia boyfriend:

Aries: America

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Taurus: France

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Gemini: China

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Cancer: Estonia

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Leo: Germany

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Virgo: England

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Libra: Finland

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Scorpio: Russia

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Sagittarius: Spain

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Capricorn: Italy

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Aquarius: Denmark

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Pisces: Japan

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