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How would the Axis react to a random smol bean coming in to the U.N. meeting room while playing Pokémon GO and them just bein like "I'm sorry my dudes but there is a fucking Charizard here and I'm not losing this opportunity."

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Japan, Prussia and Italy would have one of those “oh shit waddup” moments. He would whip out his phone to see if there was one there. Yes, he is a giant pokemon nerd, what do you expect. Romano thinks everyone is crazy, but secretly checks it out for himself

“Now, about the global warming issue…” Germany started with, this meeting was crucial. Well, he was about to introduce the topic when a human walked in.

“You may have the wrong room.” Germany states.

“Oh, I’m not lost, there’s a Charizard in here.” The person replies back, swiping at their phone to try to catch a virtual dragon. Germany just kinda…watches. He sees many other countries pick up their phones to check if Charizard was indeed in that room. Ugh, the meeting is done for now, he’ll have to re-address the issue another time.


If Kiku saw Hatsune Miku irl XD requested edit.

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