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Hello! Can I request the 1p axis holding their newborn child for the first time? (In need of fluff bc things are not going well with family and I don’t have many friends left to where I can go over to their house so they can help me try to cheer up/vent with them. Btw the admins look hella nice and I hope both of you had a good time! The only thing that comes close to Coldstone in Texas is Braums. Lucky humans!)

Braums? Sounds cool! Also both Admins are such dorks we thought of Braum from League of Legends…. Also, if you ever need to vent, we are here for you! You can message our personal blogs and talk with us at anytime! And that goes for everyone here! -Admin Jay and Sarah

Germany: “I won’t break them, right?”
Ludwig would be more nervous that he may hurt the baby or drop it. Though once he calms down, he would sit down and just gently poke the chubby cheeks and tummy as he smiled softly and whispered to the baby in German. He would love to play with their fingers and see how tight their grip is though. 

Italy: “Oh look at your little fingers!”
Feli would be quiet for once as he just smiles brightly down at his baby and plays with their chubby cheeks and tiny fingers. He would be whispering to them softly in Italian as he nuzzles and kisses their cheeks before babbling back to them if they ever babbled at him. Though he would love to just sit there and hold them as he tells them what a lucky man he is to have such a wonderful bambino(a). 

Japan: “You are quite small…but cute…”
Kiku would just be stunned that he had a kid. He would just hold them carefully, but would be terrified he would drop them or scare them. Kiku would just need a gentle reminder that he can breathe while holding a baby and that the baby would be fine. He wouldn’t want to talk to loudly, but he would be whispering to the baby and squishing their little tummy. 

When I attended an international program in the past,

I don’t really know other people there but I just remembered that student from America was struggling drawing the flag. 🇺🇸



It was for washing your hands XD

I really thought it was some American culture thing so I thought everybody knew how to use it, I was wrong. 



Oh God™
  • Matthew: oh no
  • Arthur: what
  • Francis: oh god
  • Yao: End my suffering
  • Kiku: I await the sweet release of death
  • Ludwig: Feliciano cover your ears
  • Feliciano: ???
  • Lovino: Antonio cover your ears
  • Antonio: ???
  • Gilbert: dissolve me again
  • Ivan: Yee....Yeet?
  • Alfred: YEET