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Dating 1P italy list

  1. feliciano vargas
  2. The happy cheer boy
  3. Always scared
  4. Makes pasta everyday
  5. He cooks italian foods
  6. Fridays can be pasta or pizza night
  7. He doesn’t like to do work
  8. Forces to be trained with Germany
  9. Germany , Japan and him train every day.
  10. Mostly Germany trains italy
  11. His brother picks on him
  12. Italy is scared of angry Germany or Russia
  13. He loves to do what you want to do
  14. He’ll give you the cute things or flowers.
  15. feliciano runs like it’s nothing.
  16. He likes to cuddle
  17. Does get nightmares about his friends or you.
  18. He’s scared of thunder and will crawl into your bed to feel safe.
  19. He’s a mob boss like his brother but both don’t seem serious about it but they are serious.

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Bra shopping with the axis?

Germany: “Alright. Good priced and good fitting. We can do this, ja?”
Ludwig wouldn’t want to spend a fortune on bras, but if they were good quality and they did help, then he would allow it. He would do a lot of research to find the best store, the best bra, the best fit before looking for ways to save money so they aren’t spending unnecessarily. He would feel a little uncomfortable being in the store, but if they wanted him there, then he would just wait for them by the door or the counter. Ludwig wouldn’t want to be there super long, as he would be nervous that he would make some of the women uncomfortable. 

Italy: “Oooh! I can go get you some pretty bows!”
Feli would love to go bra shopping with his s/o/daughter, especially if they let him pick out some cute bras. He would love to flirt with all the ladies in the store, but also help everyone find cute and flattering bras. Feli wouldn’t really care about the cost, he would just want them to have good bras that would last them awhile. 

Japan: “Is it alright for me to go with you?”
Kiku would look at them as they asked and turn bright red. He would feel so awkward going into the store with them and would never look up from the floor. He would feel like he didn’t belong in there since he wasn’t a woman, but if his s/o/daughter really wanted him to go with them, he would suck it up and go. Though if the option was there, he would hide in a corner or outside the store as he tried to find coupons for them so they don’t spend too much money.

When I attended an international program in the past,

I don’t really know other people there but I just remembered that student from America was struggling drawing the flag. 🇺🇸




Hetalia ~ In the New World ~ (Osaka)


Its always good to have somebody that you can compete with haha



It was for washing your hands XD

I really thought it was some American culture thing so I thought everybody knew how to use it, I was wrong. 



Oh God™
  • Matthew: oh no
  • Arthur: what
  • Francis: oh god
  • Yao: End my suffering
  • Kiku: I await the sweet release of death
  • Ludwig: Feliciano cover your ears
  • Feliciano: ???
  • Lovino: Antonio cover your ears
  • Antonio: ???
  • Gilbert: dissolve me again
  • Ivan: Yee....Yeet?
  • Alfred: YEET