ARTchipel Paris ART Meetup [5 beautiful Tumblr stories] - Tumblr Artist

Jean-Christophe Polgar | Kikothegnou [architect & photographer] - on Tumblr since Sep 2010

“iPhone mobile photographer, Tumblr allows me to share instantly my work, interact and discover new artists in the world, in the simplest way.”

• Why have you chosen Tumblr?
I find the way to post very simple and immediate, and the themes are various and likely customizable to get a nice display.
• Have you had beautiful encounters on Tumblr?
I’m always discovering stunning projects and artists on Tumblr, and sometimes I happen to meet photographers “in real world”. Nevertheless, shy by nature, I rather keep sober and respectful relationships with people on internet. One of the most beautiful encounter on Tumblr happened probably with Rery!

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