I've been thinking over what you said hdhfife it's fine

This honestly hasn’t been the first time someone has told me that I’m too nice, or that I have weak defenses. And I have to say, had you known me, eh, three years ago I’m sure I remember getting into many fights (verbal, ofc) but the thing is… I just got really tired of yelling sense into people who wouldn’t listen anyways and just… yeah. I don’t want to scream at people anymore when it can be avoided. Oh yeah, there were also those times where I wished to be violent, where I seriously wanted to physically hurt others in ways worse than I myself had been hurt. Especially my mom like wow. It’s a place and time I never want to go back to, and I never actually got to hurt anyone either because every time I’d become all hypersensitive about the other person’s feelings. Surely they would feel the same as I felt: hurt, shocked, betrayed. It’s pretty sappy but I never wish for people to feel those feelings and I sure don’t now.

But yes, there are times when I remember how to hurt people, when I’ve hurt people, and now I think that you’re right, when you say it’s hard for me to be anything but friendly. It really is, haha.

Does anyone else ever mix up their tags because I feel like every now and then I mix up “animals”, “food”, and homestuck.

I’ll tag food as homestuck or animals as food and I’m like no that’s not what I meant at all I’m sorry OTL

What if schools didn’t expect anything from their students like doing homework or passing tests? Maybe then we could actually explore and learn things as we discover them for ourselves. Maybe we could do something great and unexpected on our own. So much creativity is wasted because we focus too much on passing exams and its really disappointing.