Last week I was so busy with work that I did not have a chance to put pencil to paper - which is kinda ironic given that my job is illustration. Anyway, I found a spare couple of hours yesterday to sketch one of the biggest babes I don’t know, Kiko Mizuhara. xx

Season Five Theory

I am going to go out on a limb here and say that this hand belongs to Allison.

  It would make sense because this shot focuses on Lydia (her best friend) gasping while the other two girls just stand behind looking confused. This implies that whoever’s hand this is has a strong connection to Lydia

We also hear the following dialogue…

Scott: “which means things are gonna get really good again”

Stiles: “or really bad”

I find this fascinating because of course Scott would interpret Allison coming back, as life getting really good again while his best friend brings him back down to earth. Stiles knows that something is seriously wrong when someone who has been deceased for over a year rises from the dead (this could very well be the reason that the doctors are there…to reanimate the dead). 

Annnnnddd this scene also emphasizes the mystery person’s hand. Whose hand was also zoomed in on right after she died? Oh that’s right Allison.

 This could also explain why Crystal was at Paley fest. Also Jeff said that humans often don’t come back from the dead which is why it could be such a big deal.

Anyways, I know this is very far fetched but I just wanted to put it out there. Maybe it’s just wishful thinking :)  

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My Turn to Rant: I’m so effing appalled by the people who are complaining about episode 3x06.

For everyone who is saying these rude things like “you can just tell this show is written by men” are just irresponsible in their word use and completely ignorant. As women we find it so easy to point the finger at men when they are being stereotypical but when we ourselves do it, it’s something different – it’s feminism or standing up for women’s rights. However, there’s a thin line between bringing awareness to an issue and adding to an issue and words like those are just adding to the issue. 

For two full seasons leading up to this phenomenally written third season we have praised the screenwriters of orphan black for their well written scripts that allow women to take lead in a prime time action packed drama while also creating a space were they can feel empowered by not only their own physical strengths but their beauty (flaws and all), their ability to be vulnerable and above all their intellect. Episode after episode we watch these women fall and rise; cry and laugh; love and breakup; the evolution of these women from the beginning to now is completely amazing and it has never been seen on TV before, but, for the first time out of 26 episodes there happens to be one episode were the man is the “hero” and we are quick to go in an uproar; that’s outlandish to me. Paul didn’t even die the hero to be frank, Paul died a man trying to right his wrongs for the woman he loved and the only person who will ever know of his good is Sarah (not the world) which is all he wanted. 

Lastly, just because we saw Delphine hurting over Cosima doesn’t mean she is jealous. The hasn’t been enough information told about Delphine since their breakup to even say such a thing. To be honest, my theory is that delphine hired shay as a distraction for cosima because she didn’t want her to realize that she is still her monitor and all she is doing is the job she was assigned by Cosima herself – Love all the Leda seestras! 

And the thought that the writers are using stereotypical lesbian themes to describe Delphine’s emotion in this episode is so lame because, once again, there to is a difference stereotypical and cliche.People are looking way to into this. To me Delphine drinking scotch after seeing the love of her life with a different women is well.. a necessary cliche. I mean shit… let’s be honest if any person knew that they were losing the person they loved to someone else they would do just about anything to get them back. This isn’t a lesbian thing, this is a love thing and anyone who has ever loved and lost knows how that feels. It feels like betrayal.


title: the hands that pulled me from the earth
artist: pocketlass
author: fandom-madnessess
rating: pg-13
word count: 10819
other pairings: (background only) derek/stiles, scott/kira
warnings: temporary character death, weapons


Allison is resurrected by Lydia, but she doesn’t remember anything about her former live. They move away, to start over. But memories can’t be erased, they can only be suppressed.

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