Survey: LGBTQ Characters on the CW

Hi everyone! I’ve recently become curious about the CW’s inordinately low amount of LGBTQ characters on their shows. I really want Dean and Castiel to become canon, or even just for Dean to come out, and it concerns me that the CW is apparently unwilling to handle such a character story. If you could all take this survey about this and reblog the post, it would be greatly appreciated!  Note: Please only answer questions about LGBT characters if they have been canonically, with WORDS, established as LGBT.


Success! Idolon has officially launched!

Idolon is a weekly slice of life webcomic about personal obsessions, growing up, and punky lesbians. There’s still a few information pages that are coming soon until we get a few more pages in to the story, but the first six pages are up and ready!

I promise it will be great fun! If you have chance, check it out:



This is what happens when someone with actual editing skills creates something phenomenal.  I’m not usually into AU but I’m completely and utterly intrigued by this story line.

make this happen.  a movie.  a fanfic.  ANYTHING!!

So, I drew Deanna from Kikistiel’s webcomic Idolon…I cannot tell you how much I love Deanna…she is my all time favorite character thus far and I can’t wait to continue reading to learn more of Dee’s  story….

If you haven’t heard of Idolon I definitely recommend it 10/10. It’s about gay ladies and it’s very loosely based off of CW’s TV show Supernatural. Aka the show I absolutely live for.

Ps I honestly don’t know how to use tumblr so I don’t know how to tag both the artist of the comic and the comic itself….i’m a noob at tumblr i started late…but you can find them by type either in the search bar. :)

Is the CW Bigoted?

I’ve wondered for a long time now why they haven’t gone in this direction yet. Why haven’t they made this relationship actual fact? Regardless of romance, Dean loves Castiel, and Castiel loves Dean. They’ve sacrificed for each other countless times. They’ve saved each other, emotionally and actually. Dean prays, and Castiel listens. So why? Why haven’t the writers taken the plunge?

It only just occurred to me over the weekend that this may have nothing to do with the writers. I searched google for a list of LGBTQ characters on the CW, and here’s what I found- Wikipedia. If you go through the list, you’ll find that in the past five years, the CW has had maybe three main characters who are LGBTQ on their shows. 

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