Wee! Repostin' this.

Kiki kannibal is scamming youtube and not as famous as she’d like you to believe

Here is the first part of COSTFU’s major exposing project, “project KIKI GET A REAL JOB”. Before I begin I’d like to actually respond to a unecessary comment defineflaw made about us - assuming we dug up something irrelevant like naked baby bath tub pictures or some shit  saying we’ve “come out of the stalker closet”. All I have to say is, dream on kid. Dream on. 

I also want to say - Do not reblog this. Copy it and paste it into a word document and save it somehow. Hell even repost it under your own tumblr to drive kiki crazy. This secret is something that will damage her fantasy forever and quite frankly - we’re doing her a favor by exposing this finally. Kiki - you need this reality check, and yes I know you will have this taken off of tumblr within 24 hours but you know what? By the time you do it will be broadcasted everywhere. 

NOW. under the read more there is something people have joked about but have never had proof to show for it. The COSTFU team has finally gotten loads of undeniable evidence on how she scammed youtube to get a partnership and is furthering her delusion.  Ladies and gentlemen - Kiki kannibal has sock puppet accounts. Not a few - not a hundred at least 10k. These accounts posted below are only a few examples, but chosen to explain different points and behaviors.

 Before this post begins, I’d like to let you guys know I am a successful youtuber and I have a partnership. I know how youtube and gmail accounts correlate, the inside workings and surveillance of view counts, and how people cheat the system by buying - yes BUYING accounts - hundreds on craigslist and ebay. Many big/semi popular youtubbers have done it including ISHATONU, micfri, Onision, and even SXEphil (In fact - the ones I listed above are notorious for using these). If you want reference to people explaining this in more detail I implore you to check out thearchfiend. He is a very insightful, and articulate youtuber and one of my favorites. 

When I was reading through the whole emojackies scam I saw this comment and I figured to test it out on her youtube. Man, was I shocked when I saw just how freaking many she and her family have made/bought.

As I mentioned before I am a avid youtuber. Logically speaking - if you have over 30k subscribers you should get at least 30k or more on each video. Now, that usually doesn’t happen but I willing to let this slip for getting at least half of the count for reasons being either a. dead accounts or b. people just haven;’t logged on yet. Whats suspicious? The videos been up for a day and she is not even breaking 3k. This has never happened to me. Even when I was below 30k. You see there is always a balance between views on each video and the sub count. point is - there is a huge difference between 3k and 30k. She should at least be breaking 10k.

Lets be a little more fair on kiki now - here are her slightly older videos.

Now this is what is a tell tale to kikis scam - check out this pickle. The bvideo that has been up for 2 weeks got 12,418 views and the one made last week only has 12,178. This does not happen. My guess- she was viewing her own videos to much and youtube froze the views.  During the nightly hours - youtube updates the views and monitors different accounts. If they catch some one ESPECIALLY if they are a partner they freeze the view count at that number proximity. Why are their partnerships not taken? That can happen - but google will continue to collect revenue from new views - kiki will not. After awhile people tend to get stripped but that is only if and only if their audience drops dramatically.

Back to what I pointed out before - these views are not even half her subscriber account? The reason? Sock puppets.

Whats a sock puppet? Its an account some one makes to like their videos, comment, and favorite posing as some one else. Here are some tips for spotting one:

  • If its empty
  • If their feed shows them only interacting with one account
  • It was made recently or very old
  • Their feed is hidden
  • Ridiculous names like manic4643687578986564645546324535
  • and the easiest sign to spot kikis socks - a ridiculous “nobody has said that, ever” obvious, kiss ass comment like the ones you will see below. 

So yes, kiki does not only try to trick the system but also compliments herself in the process.

Here is a stream of caps from her most recent video I only took TODAY. Along with the comments.

“Oh my god! I bloody love you”

“You are so beautiful. I know you have been through alot and it has inspired me to carry on in life no matter what happens. YOU ARE AMAZING KIKI!!! -3”


This is also a top comment. People usually make their socks a top comment so the first thing people see in the thread is a compliment or a request to give the illusion the content creator is actually popular and decent. Another sign of behavior.

“Do you live in japan?”

^^ Why would any one ask her that? Tip - any time some one mentions japan - its most likely one of kiki’s socks.

If this one is not the most obvious

“ive been watching videos here on youtube for 5 years and ive honestly learned more beauty tricks from u in 4 weeks. keep up the awesome work!”

Kiki, no. You do not. Especially since your videos are to incoherent to sit through. Please stop trying. Please stop thinking up these compliments to say to yourself. Its sad, and its embarrassing. Even I am embarrassed for you. Really, I really do feel bad for you. 

“I ordered the cats wink mascara and the bunny lip gloss because of you :) shame about revlon. does this mean almay tests now too? I think they are owned by the same company. I really want some lime crime right now lol I have eye on all the eye palettes. You seriously make the best videos”.

This comment almost passed me but the last sentence made me at least look at the channel and HOLY SOCK PUPPET SHIT BALLS THIS IS A MAIN SOCK APPARENTLY.

Favorited only kikis videos?  3 of them actually? after over a year on youtube nothing else? seriously?

My guess is shes trying to hop on the nikki lipstick, audrey kitching, band wagon and get free stuff from lime crime. 

Nevermind the channel activity its all likes - CATHY IS THIS YOU? 

UMMMMM okay cathy…..

and heres one last sock. Favoriting and autoplaying kikis video to get more views. 

well played kiki - so not obvious.

Oh wait - I forgot my favorite. Ladies and gentlemen. We have saved the best for last!




Okay guys - I’m done here. Keep in mind, all these comments are from her most recent video. I’m not sure if this is sad, or funny, but the last sock had me in tears. These are only the accounts I collected today.  and the rest of the costfu crew have collected hundreds.  The proof is in the pudding guys. What do you have to say Cathy?

Okay, that about wraps it up [for now].  Follow us on twitter for updates at 

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