I did this last week to test out a possibility for easy commissions but idk people might not pay for this?? (also I forgot her wings but i cant be bothered redoing it)

dunno if my hands could handle it either unless I did them very very slowly but yeah mostly just a style test in my current hand state cos I needed something “quick and easy” if I were to do digital poni commissions since using the tablet is still awkward and a tad painful for me


So watching my American Dad boxsets a lot lately gave me this random idea…What if Francine and Stan attended the same highschool?

And from that one question an entire Highschool AU (that I put way too much thought into) was born, where I chose selected characters and de-aged them to be roughly the same age in highschool. Stan here probably around 16 and Francine 15, though I haven’t really set that aspect in stone.

I decided to make Francine brunette because it’s occasionally hinted that she’s not a natural blonde, so I felt it’d be interesting to work with that idea.

(Linda Mamari is the third person, since I can’t imagine it’s too obvious)

I grabbed a cheap canvas and started painting again recently- to my delight I found it’s actually pretty easy on my hands!

So here’s a WIP of something I’ve been working on the past few days

((I plan to put it up for sale but I’m gonna wait til I finish it before I think about that properly))