kain character description!

his name’s kain adams. he was kicked out by his parents and forced to move away. he stumbled on meowtown on accident and nook convinced him to move in. he’s kind of unapproachable and brash but likes to socialize even though he’s not very good at it. he likes the ocean and going out at night. he doesnt have the best luck so he trips a lot. he likes to think he’s ~cool but really he’s a dork. he loves his jacket and refuses to take it off even when it’s hot. he likes creepy and nautical memorabilia. he gets along well with fuchsia because he respects her sense of style.

kain shares a mutual respect for nico. they both like to go out at night and kain likes to talk to him since he doesn’t say much. kain prides himself in being nico’s self-proclaimed role model.

kain likes kiki well enough but she tends to get on his nerves, sometimes. they bicker a lot about nonsense things, but underneath it all, they care for each other. kain doesnt like how kiki dotes on nico and is often jealous of their relationship and he’s awful at hiding his feelings on the matter.

I did this last week to test out a possibility for easy commissions but idk people might not pay for this?? (also I forgot her wings but i cant be bothered redoing it)

dunno if my hands could handle it either unless I did them very very slowly but yeah mostly just a style test in my current hand state cos I needed something “quick and easy” if I were to do digital poni commissions since using the tablet is still awkward and a tad painful for me


So watching my American Dad boxsets a lot lately gave me this random idea…What if Francine and Stan attended the same highschool?

And from that one question an entire Highschool AU (that I put way too much thought into) was born, where I chose selected characters and de-aged them to be roughly the same age in highschool. Stan here probably around 16 and Francine 15, though I haven’t really set that aspect in stone.

I decided to make Francine brunette because it’s occasionally hinted that she’s not a natural blonde, so I felt it’d be interesting to work with that idea.

(Linda Mamari is the third person, since I can’t imagine it’s too obvious)

I grabbed a cheap canvas and started painting again recently- to my delight I found it’s actually pretty easy on my hands!

So here’s a WIP of something I’ve been working on the past few days

((I plan to put it up for sale but I’m gonna wait til I finish it before I think about that properly))