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One of my new year’s resolutions is the old “draw something every day” thing, except my version is one layer only, 30 min max, with history turned off so I can’t erase. Even if I don’t always upload my daily sketches, I’m going to do my damndest to at least keep this resolution.

I decided to start off easy with some fem!Dean! Happy new year’s everyone.


I thought that the most requests I would get for genderswapped SPN would have been Crowley, Destiel, Wincest, etc. But nope! I have 30+ messages in my inbox requesting fem!Garth. You guys really love Garth; and that makes me happy because I do too. (Let’s be real, anyone who would name their kid Garth would name them that be they a girl or boy.)

In other news I hate art sometimes.


“Are you sure you can carry me Deanna? You’re hurt pretty bad.”

“I’ve carried your sasquatch ass around my entire life, I think I can manage here.”

Did I make it for Femslash feb?? I was thinking I really needed to draw a lot of femslash for this month to celebrate but damn i was just so swamped with class and work. But then I remembered that all i draw is mostly femslash anyways so it’s OK.

So have some super quick fem!wincest! 


Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Today I finally got to shoot a few pictures with my completed Fem!Benny cosplay.

As with every SPN genderswap design I do, I put a lot of thought into her hair. Benny died sometime in the 1960s and even though victory curls came about at the end of WWII, they remained popular well in to the fifties, especially abroad and probably with women who spent most of their time out at sea and not up to date with the most current fashion trends. I love how Benny in the series wears such anachronistic clothes and styles and wanted that for fem!Benny too. I slept in the curls overnight to make them look untidy, and the rest of the outfit was based off the original cajun cuddly vampirate himself. The teeth are fake drugstore nails filed down and cut and denture cream. :P

Thank you to everyone who always asked to see more of her design and supported her; I know she’s not to everyone’s taste. So thank you!!

All of my art for fem!Benny can be found in my genderswap au tag.

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So this was cold as balls.

I was excited to go shoot some photos of my completed fem!Cas cosplay, only to look outside that morning and realize we’d gotten oh… four or five inches of snow. Overnight. But the show must go on, and now I can’t feel my fingers. I’d like to do more photos when the snow clears up, but for now, winter themed fem!Cas!

My designs for fem!Cas, plus all of my other genderswap designs, can be found in my genderswap au art tag.

My other cosplays: Fem!Benny, Fem!Dean


I know you guys are probably tired of seeing my face, but I wanted to upload a couple shots I never got to put in my original cosplay posts in one big genderswapped medley, dating all the way back to fem!Dean. Fem!Benny is still the one I have the most fun wearing, but seriously bloody fem!Sam is never gonna get old (and I apologize that most of my fem!Sam photos are demon blood in nature).

If you’re interested in observing how completely obsessed I am with turning the SPN boys in to girls, it’s all compiled in to one big tag here!


Sam sam sam sam sam!! I have been so excited to finish my fem!Sam cosplay, she was the one I was looking forward to the absolute most. Because who doesn’t want to smear fake blood all over themselves?! Plus PIGTAILS. I was recovering from a debilitating bout of flu that kept me in bed for the last week or so while taking these, so I hope I don’t look too sick.

And so with Sam my cosplay plans come to an open end, as I’ve done all the designs I wanted to so far.

My designs for fem!Sam, plus all of my other genderswap designs, can be found in my genderswap au art tag.

My other cosplays: Fem!Benny, Fem!Dean, Fem!Castiel

anonymous asked:

Hey, I know this is kinda stupid, but for fem!dean, or maybe punk!fem!dean, what is her clothing style, like, other than what you show in the pics. Or maybe clothing headcannons for fem!dean/punk!fem!dean? Whenever you get around to it. :)

Ahh all I can really show you visually is some small rough concepts I’ve been doing since I’m making the comic about punk!deanna, and I only have a couple right now, but I have this ENTIRE wardrobe in my head for punk!dean and punk!deanna both!! Like winter clothes, PJs, etc etc

it involves a lot of skimpy clothes and holes/tears for some reason

I’m trying to think how to explain it exactly, but I’m not really good at it so I think I just have to draw it?? D:

(also that’s not stupid at all nonnie, don’t be silly, i love when people ask me headcanons for punk!dean/deanna)