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Sorry this is a day late, but I was really preoccupied XD.  Anyway, here’s my pic to celebrate the one year anniversary of the Gravity Falls Finale.  It still pulls at my heart strings when I watch that episode.  Like I said then, thank you Alex Hirsch for blessing us with this amazing show.  You created characters I love dearly and a fandom that is never going to fade away.  This show is what helped give me inspiration to draw and animate and write.  Thank you again Gravity Falls! I hope you guys like this! ENJOY!

Just a sneak peak of the lyric comic I’m doing. A very basic, sketchy outline. Best believe it’s going to be angsty and sad. Huehuehue. Didn’t want to put down the lyrics because I want it to be a surprise.1/45? parts sorta done. 

“we’re all counting on you, kid. good luck.”

I wanna dedicate this peice to the following amazing friends: @dog-gone-it, @artmishap, @lightlybow, @lionettea, @whitechococat, @turning-the-tides@kiki-kit, @cartoonnachos.

Ya’ll were my Undertale Squad, and you guys helped me make some great memories with this game. <3

so last night i was watching random shit on youtube and it ended up landing me on a video of people accidentally breaking their stuff and holy shit, there was this one clip of a guy who, in a bout of drunken stupidity, managed to completely destroy his phone. after his glorious reaction, he had a look of just utter regret and disbelief on his face. it was so perfect that i had to draw it. so i did. with ford.


DAY 2, Entry #1 "INTO THE BUNKER" ✂ - kiki-kit
“We're here to solve the number one mystery in Gravity Falls; 
who wrote this journal?! 
Thirty years ago the author vanished without a trace."
DAY 2, Entry #2 ✂ - laur-rants
“You think you're so clever don't you, Dipper? 
But you have no idea what you're up against. 
You will never find the author. If you keep digging, 
you'll meet a fate worse than you can imagine."
“15-11-8-6-9-8-19-6 3-5-19 9-18 11-23-21-16-15-10-19-6-25 21-9-3-12-20 12-19-23-20 4-9 3-4-4-19-6 21-23-4-23-5-4-6-9-8-16-19”

Did you see?! This is awesome! The effects are so cool *-*

Art by Kiki-kitʖ-please-dont-tag-as-stancest-o


Phew, a lyric comic over a month in the making!

Inspired by @kiki-kit ‘s amazing one, hope you guys like this!

Thank you gravity falls, it was a fun ride :)