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There will be another DUAL stream this afternoon after I get work done. @kiki-kit and I will get a few things done that we promised for @ask-tiesthatbind and then while I draw Underwood family shenanigans and Murphy sibs and more, she’ll be recording her colouring techniques so people can check out her ways of “arting”. X)

In the meantime, Have this! @spatziline and I will be trying out a neat collab idea, so hopefully this works out! Woo!

@kiki-kit introduced me to VanossGaming in late 2014, early 2015, when I was going through a really really rough spot.  It’s nothing but laughter and goofing off with friends in his videos, and that’s a purity I love seeing. Just friends being… friends, and having a great time doing it.

Will colour soon. Gotta still finish two pics of Milo March before continuing the final episodes of this month!


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“we’re all counting on you, kid. good luck.”

I wanna dedicate this peice to the following amazing friends: @dog-gone-it, @artmishap, @lightlybow, @lionettea, @whitechococat, @turning-the-tides@kiki-kit, @cartoonnachos.

Ya’ll were my Undertale Squad, and you guys helped me make some great memories with this game. <3