kiki kabuki


*exhausted sigh* Finally finished all the cat villagers found in new leaf (fun fact they happen to be the most popular species which means **a loT** of villagers to draw) The bottom image is *huge* and I highly suggest clicking it to see all the details.
I’m very happy with how this turned out overall owo
ps i’m going to start bell commissions soon! if you’re interested feel free to drop an ask ^^

I really wanted to draw these two together so I skipped around a bit.. hahaha;; my two Japan inspired babies!

In terms of cranky villagers, I actually really like Fang too, but Kabuki’s the one I have in town so www;; I think I made his eyes a bit too big this time, I’ll make them a bit smaller next time I draw him so he doesn’t look so young!!

Genji pls put your house in the right place.